New Total Rewards 2015 Diamond Aspiration Rewards

The 2015 Total Rewards Diamond Aspiration Rewards are:

ASPIRATION Level 1: 40,000 Tier Credits

  • Four complimentary nights and $100 folio credit
  • 5,000 Tier Credits towards your 2016 Tier Score
  • Four Daytime or Nighttime tickets for the High Roller® in Las Vegas
  • $50 for use on in New Jersey

ASPIRATION Level 2: 80,000 Tier Credits

  • Retreat with four complimentary nights and $750 airfare credit
  • Companion Card to share your priority service benefits with a friend (valid through March 31, 2016)
  • 5,000 Tier Credits towards your 2016 Tier Score
  • Four Happy Half Hour tickets for the High Roller in Las Vegas

Diamond Aspiration levels are based on your 2015 Tier Score. The Aspiration offers are good through June 30, 2016.

6 thoughts on “New Total Rewards 2015 Diamond Aspiration Rewards”

  1. How is the airfare credit handled? I’m taking my retreat to Las Vegas. Do you still receive the folio credit as well as the airfare credit once the 80,000 level is reached? I’m currently at 110,000. Thanks!

    1. Hi.
      The folio credit is part of the Aspiration Level 1 Reward. You can use both the Aspiration Level 1 and Aspirations 2 Rewards (although not on the same trip). The airfare is handled through Passport Travel. I would suggest contacting your host or a Total Rewards rep for more details (including making sure that the Aspirations have been added to your account).

  2. Aspirations Level 1:

    “Four Daytime or Nighttime tickets for the High Roller® in Las Vegas”

    Can you get two day tickets and two night tickets?

    1. You will get a voucher that you can redeem for 4 tickets. That can be split into 2 daytime and 2 nighttime rides.

      1. Thanks – I assume from any Total Rewards desk in Las Vegas? Do you have to get the voucher on the same day you will be using it?

        1. Any TR desk in Las Vegas should be able to handle it. You don’t need to use the voucher the same day (although I suggest using it ASAP since it won’t be replaced once they print it). You do need to reserve all 4 High Roller tickets when you redeem the voucher.

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