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    1. I wouldn’t expect to see those until late November or possibly December.

  1. Do you know if you can book two rooms for the same stay if you have plenty of points .

    1. You cannot do that through myVEGAS since they only allow you to have a single Comp Room Reward at a time.

      1. Hi Mark. I managed to redeem and book a 2 night stay at Signature as well as a 1 night stay at NY on the same trip (I wasn’t aware that there was a limit of 1 comp hotel per trip). I called to confirm that both stays were indeed comp and I only need to pay the resort fees. Do you think this is ok? I just don’t want to show up and have them say I have to pay for the hotel stay

        1. Hi Angie.
          I’m intrigued, but if the system allowed you to do it, you should be fine,
          I just tried again to get 2 different comp room Rewards and myVEGAS would not allow me to buy the 2nd since I already had a comp reward in my wallet.
          Were both comps through myVEGAS?

          1. Hello Mark,

            I had reached out in March regarding this. I was messaging with Colin. I had asked: I’m so sorry. I think I just wanna make sure I’m really understanding.

            Night one I could use a comp room.
            Night two I could use a discount or exclusive rate.
            Night three I could use a discount or exclusive rate.

            Am I right?

            He responded yes. Is this not correct information? I was looking to use my points for February. If not does that mean you cannot combine more then one persons rewards?

            1. You can use a single discount or exclusive rate Reward for multiple nights (so in your example nights 2 and 3 would only be a single Reward).
              You should be able to combine that with a comp Reward.
              FYI, Anything you get right now will expire before February.

              Technically, you can’t combine Rewards from multiple people/accounts. If you are going with another player, they can get their own Rewards and you can pool them together (as long as the person who bought the Reward is present when it gets redeemed). This works well with things like 2-for-1 buffets and other dining and entertainment Rewards.

            1. I don’t know how that what would have happened, but if the system let you do it, you should be OK.
              Those will count as 2 Rewards of the 3 in 30 so you will only be able to use 1 more MGM Reward during your trip.

  2. Hey Mark! I stayed once at MGM using one comp night from myvegas and they charge me the resort fee and also a $100 deposit. Im booking a room at park mgm and the total is $84 from resort fees.. do you know if they also ask for any deposit?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi.
      All of the MGM properties do charge a resort fee. The amount varies a little by property.
      All Las Vegas resorts (and almost every hotel elsewhere that lets you charge things to your room) place a credit card hold when you check in. I have a list of current hotel credit card hold amounts here. The holds can be confusing since they are not an actual charge. They will show up as a pending charge if you check your credit card account and they do decrease your available credit on that card, but they are not an actual charge and the holds are usually released within a few days of checking out.

  3. This is AWESOME!! Do you happen to know if Beau Rivage rates have been released for the summer? Or maybe a general idea of when that’ll happen? Right now all expiration dates are June 30 🙁

    1. Hmm. I don’t tend to track non-Vegas Rewards. Everything I’m seeing for Beau Rivage says use by July 1. Same with Gold Strike, Borgata and many other non-Vegas casinos. I don’t know whether they usually cut it that close or if this is a sign of something else.

      1. I’m pretty sure the non-Vegas Rewards reset on June 30 or July 1. Hence the lack of a calendar.

        1. Looks like the discount rate Rewards have been refreshed through February 2019.

          1. And the Comp Rewards have been updated to Feb 2019 as well, now.

  4. Great page! Just wondering if you can provide me with the Aria comp calendars from September 2017? I just want to get an idea whar was available last year. Thanks!

    1. I will update it once those dates are released. My guess is that will be in May or June.

  5. Hey Mark,
    If I want to redeem a comped room in July can I redeem it now and book my room with it or do I have to wait? Also if none of the dates are available to use my reward can I get my points back? This is my first time doing this, I already called the Luxor and set up my MLife account but I order to see if I can use my voucher I need to give my redemption code
    Thank you!

    1. Hi.
      There are a couple different things to address here.
      First, if the dates are not available, you can cancel the Reward and get your LPs back. More details are in this post.
      Rewards used to specify Travel Dates that matched the Availability Calendars when they were released. This meant that a Reward would only be good for the dates on the calendar when you got the Reward. It would not be good for future calendars. Although I’m not seeing the Travel Dates listed anymore, I wouldn’t be surprised if that policy still holds true. If you have already purchased the Comp Room Reward, it might not be valid for anything after the end of June.

      You can’t use a Comp Room Reward for dates in July until they release the new calendars with those dates. My guess is those dates will be released in late May or early June.

  6. Just wondering about the month of October. Do you have a chart for Oct on 2017? When does Oct 2018 get released?

  7. I can still redeem more than one night correct? Last time I was able to use my rewards for three nights in a row

    1. You can use the fixed rate and 25% off rate Rewards for multiple nights.
      Comps are limited to the single Reward. You cannot combine multiple comp night Rewards.

      1. So it says you need to redeem within 60 days. Does that mean you just have to have the room booked by then? Or do you have to check in within 60 days?

        1. You just have to make the reservation within 60 days. The actual trip can be anytime in the Available Dates / Travel Dates range.

      2. Do you have the comp room calender for August 2017 so I have an idea what is available ?

        1. Which hotel did you want? The one for Aria is listed in the previous comment fwiw.

        2. I am just trying to see what all the hotels have had open the week of 8-13 to 8-17

  8. Hi Mark. I just was going to redeem some free play at Monte Carlo and it says I must use by 3/31/2018. That was yesterday. I’m going to Vegas in 2 weeks. Is it just a typo? I’d hate to lose this.

    1. Hi Randy.
      It is not a typo. The Monte Carlo is no more. As of today, it is PARK MGM (with a lot of construction still going on). Hotel reservations for the Monte Carlo / Park for stays after March 31st need to be done through the Park MGM (which has its own website now https://www.parkmgm.com/en.html )
      I expect more hotel, dining and Freeplay Rewards to be added under The Park soon. I’m a little surprised they still list some options under Monte Carlo (although some expire today).
      Take Care,

  9. Hi Mark. Love your site! I am going to Vegas in May and looks like the dates are available when I’m going for several of the comp/discounted rooms. I know you can’t combine two single night comp rooms back to back. But could I combine one comp room night at the MGM and a discounted ($59 a night) discount room at the MGM consecutively? We are looking to stay 3 nights total. If I use the discounted room night is it only for one night or can I use it on a couple nights in a row at that discounted rate?

    Also, I’ve read that you CAN combine a weekend comp night with a midweek comp, or a comp bonus and a regular comp room night back to back. However, I don’t currently see any bonus night or weekend comp rooms available. All the rewards I see just say comp room or weekday comp room. Is this a chance to the game or do these come and go?

    I have lots of LP and want to make the best use of them! Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi Gabby.
      The discount rate Reward can be used for multiple nights. You should also be able to combine that with a Comp Reward reservation.

      The info you saw about combining Comp Rewards and Bonus Comp Rewards is very outdated. The Bonus Comp Rewards no longer exist. Also, you are no longer allowed to have more than one Comp Room Reward (of any type) at a time. If you try to get one when you have a Comp Reward in your wallet or have made a reservation for a future trip using it, the system won’t let you get another Comp Reward.

      If you have a lot of LP’s, I highly recommend looking at some of the non-Mlife Rewards which do not count towards the 3 in 30 limitation.

      1. Hi Mark – thanks for the speedy reply! A couple quick follow up questions. If someone else in the group has a comp night on their MyVegas could we do those back to back and merge the reservation?

        Unrelated to rooms but have you ever used the dining credits? I was looking at $50 a bill of $100 or more at a couple restaurants and was curious if there a number to the limit of people who can eating for this reward.

        1. Hi.
          You can combine/merge reservations. You have to call their customer service number and there is a fee for that. Check this post for details: myVEGAS Reward Redemption Processes.
          There is no specification on the number of people for those dining rewards. As long as the meal totals over $100 (before taxes and typically not including beverages) you should be good to go.

  10. Hello Mark, Will the restrictions used within 90 days have been canceled? Can I book for free June now? Thanks

    1. Hi Belle.
      You can book for any date that is available on the calendar. So, yes, you can book now for June.
      I don’t understand your restrictions 90 days question. For rooms, the ‘use within 90 days’ disclaimer means that you have to make the reservation within 90 days. The actual stay can be further out as long as it is available on the calendar.

      1. Hi Mark,

        I have several questions. It’s been over 4 years since I last used MyVegas for comp rooms. I noticed it is now integrated with my Mlife account. Very cool. So here are some questions, hope you can help.

        1) I took a comp room deal through Mlife, booked a room. Then I purchased a comp room reward from MyVegas. When I went to use it, it wouldn’t even allow me to click a date. Forget the message why, but it sounded like I wasn’t eligible for anymore comp rooms since I got three through my Mlife account already. Is there really restrictions like this or was it just glitch? Was hoping to combine both Mlife comp rooms and get another room through MyVegas.

        2) If you want 3 nights at one resort, you can purchase a 2 night and a 1 night reward, correct? However, if you want a 4 night stay, you can’t purchase the same 2 night reward twice, correct?

        3) If you want to purchase two seperate room rewards for the same nights at differing resorts is that possible?

        I’m sure I will have more later, but thanks for any help you can offer on these. Sure wish the comp nights for July were released earlier than May.

        1. Hi.
          A lot has changed in those 4 years.
          The biggest change that is affecting you is that you cannot get more than one myVEGAS comp room Reward of any kind at a time. If there is a Comp Room Reward in your Wallet, you cannot get another until you cancel it or use it (and by use it, I mean take the trip that you are using the Comp Room Reward for). The system will prevent it if you try.
          That eliminates the possibility of getting multiple Comp Room Rewards and combining them (so the answer to questions 2 and 3 is No, you can no longer do that).
          With the tighter Mlife integration, that fine print of “cannot be combined with any other offer” is harder to evade. The message you received was not a glitch. I think you have to have at least 3 nights between Mlife comp and myVEGAS comp stays. It might be more.

          On the bright side, canceling Rewards is a whole lot easier now since you can do that in the app. Also, there are a lot of non-Mlife Rewards available which do not count towards the 3 in 30 days limitation.

          1. Thanks Mark, that helps a lot. I miss the good ol days now. Going to be hard to use these 800,000 points as I’m getting old old old. Will be fun trying though.

  11. Hello Mark, Just want to start off saying LOVE your page/website…AWESOME…and now for a question wanting or actually coming didnt realize using our MyVegas rewards were gonna be so hard to get a room but we are coming on 3/17/18 thru 3/20/18 leaving on 21st and ALL the calendars at ALL the Hotels are not available for our Two day Offer, is there anything or anyone to talk to about this and get them two days comped for free that you know off like can I call casino person or persons any HELP or advice you can give this Michigan girl. Also how about the Wingate are they sticklers on the resort fees any chance of getting them waived in your opinion. I am pretty bummed out can use none of our dates that we are gonna be there right now.

    1. Thank Kim.
      Unfortunately, if the days are not on the availability calendar, they are not available. Calling won’t change that.
      If you have a history of gambling and betting big, you may be able to call a casino host, but they will want proof before comping you anything up front.
      I’d suggest using the best discount rate that you can find for the hotel you want. The weekend dates you list are during March Madness so rates are going to be a little higher than usual (also part of why comps are hard to come by). You can check the casino’s website, Priceline, Expedia, etc. I have discounts on markslasvegasdeals.com too.

      As for resort fees, you can always ask, but don’t expect them to be waived. If you do ask for the resort fee to be waived, understand that anything that comes with it (like WiFi) won’t be available to you either.

    1. The calendar that includes July is not available. That doesn’t typically get released until late April or May.

  12. Can you have 4 to a room with the special weeknight or weekend night deals and is the 25% of standard room price just for one night or can it be used all yellow days if staying on all three yellow day?

    1. Hi.
      You can have 4 people to a room, but the hotel will add the same “additional person” fees that they do for non-discounted rates. Advertised rates are only good for up to 2 people per room.
      The special fixed rate Rewards and 25% discount Rewards can be used for multiple nights during the same trip (1 Reward can cover multiple nights).

  13. Hi Mark,

    I have look through the calendar for May 2018. I am wondering why only the weekend of the 19 isn’t on promotion? I try googling online but can’t seem to find any major events going on that weekend.

    1. Hi.
      Which Reward are you viewing? I’m not seeing any weekend in May available for most Rewards.

      1. I will be there from May 19-22. I understand 19th is on a Saturday and most likely not going to have a discount on this day. But I am trying to see why May 20-22 are not qualify for any discount at any hotel.


  14. Hi Mark and thanks for the information you’ve posted. Two quick questions.

    1. Do more yellow dates become available or once they’ve been posted that’s it?

    2. When will Sept 2018 room availability dates become available. I’m looking into the 2 room comp but might not bother spending $50 on chips if the dates i want in Sept will be greyed out

    1. Thanks!
      Once the calendars are posted, no additional dates are added.
      I wouldn’t expect to see new calendars until May at the earliest.

  15. Thanks for your post! I’m going with a group and we need 3 rooms. Can I exchange my LP for 3 discount room rates, then reserve 3 separate rooms using my Mlife?

    1. Hi!
      You can get multiple discount room rate Rewards. Each Reward is good for one room.
      You may run into a problem when trying to redeem them all for the same trip since you would need to make all 3 reservations in your name which (if they allow it) could lead to a lot of confusion at check-in. If possible, I’d suggest getting other members of your group to start playing myVegas. It shouldn’t take too long to get the LPs needed for a discount room rate Reward.

  16. I’m just wondering why when I click on the updated 2 night comp room calendar for Luxor it doesn’t open in a new screen bigger like the rest. Are these dates confirmed? I’m going April 9-15 and am trying to decide if I should buy coins to get the nights free. I was going to try to get two nights for free and so was my friend, but we both will have to start buying coins. Seems worth it. Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi.
      The dates are correct. The bigger screen issue has been fixed (for some reason, my default settings didn’t apply on that one). Should be back to normal now.
      Take Care,

  17. Hi Mark. Thanks for your kind posting !
    Seeing the Calendar, I have a question in regard to Two Comp Nights. If I intend to stay in NYNY for 2 nights from 1st May to 3rd May, then can I redeem the Two Comp Nights? I could see that only 1st May is Yellow-highlighted (2nd May is not) and my question is releated to how to read the Calender – “Yellow highlight” means a total period of stays ? or just check-in itself?

    1. Hi Lyn.
      Thank you.
      All nights of your stay would need to be highlighted/available. You would not be able to get both nights comped if only one of them is available. You can still use a single night comp and pay for the additional night in the same reservation, though. It is not ideal, but I mention that incase it is helpful.

  18. There are so many rewards gone after the new year…no shows and many other things. Do you know if they are planning on releasing new rewards in the near future?

  19. Hi Mark. Thanks for posting the calendars. I’m not seeing the 2 night reward on any of my myvegas apps. I can only see 1 night rewards. Am I looking in the wrong place?

      1. Hmmm curious. I have bought chips and have been playing for a couple years. It’s showing up on my mom’s MyVegas rewards on her Facebook, but not on mine 🙁 Wuh wuh. Should I email them?

        1. They use a number of factors to determine what Rewards show up (amount of chips bought and geographic location are big ones), but it is difficult to determine whether they should be appearing or not. I couldn’t hurt to email them.

  20. Hey I am planning to go to Vegas January 23-27. Any idea when the 3-night mid week comp deals will show up on MyVegas? currently the furthest out I can see is 1/2/18-1/4/18 with redeem date being the 2nd. So will they repopulate somewhere around there?

    1. I would expect the new ones to be released in January. I wouldn’t plan on them having dates in January, though. More likely they will have February, March and April dates.

  21. Hi there! Could you please confirm I can book a room today with my LP’s for my trip during next February?
    Many thanks!
    And happy new year in advance 🙂

    1. Yes. As long as those dates are showing as available in the Calendar for that Reward.
      Happy New Year!,

  22. On a two night comp redemption, do both nights you wanna stay have to be yellow on the calendar or just the first night of the stay? Thanks!

  23. Thanks for your work! The one night room rewards say: redeem within 30 days of purchase. Do they mean the actual stay has to be within 30 days, or just the reservation?
    Id est: can I book for April for example, or only till January 20 right now. The system allows it though…

    1. Thank you!
      The reservation needs to be made within 30 day of getting the Reward. The actual stay can be any time in the travel window / availability calendar.
      You can use the Reward right now for an April trip.

      Take Care,

  24. Hi Mark. Thanks for posting this. I’m going to be at the Mirage from January 12-14, 2018. It looks like there aren’t any discounts offered on rooms for those dates per your calendar. Am I reading this right?

    1. You are welcome. And yes, you are reading it correctly.
      Take Care,

    1. Yes. They stopped those quite a while ago. The only weekend room Rewards are the discounted rate rewards now.

  25. I see that the Spring 2018 Calendar was released today, but the rewards still say “Use by December 24 2017” (or 27th depending upon Hotel). Do we need to wait until we can book a 2018 date?

    1. Yes. While the calendars have been updated, the Rewards haven’t. This has been standard for myVEGAS.
      You will need to wait until the “Use by” date is updated for 2018 Rewards. That typically happens within a few days of the calendar updates.

    1. Thanks!
      I’ll try to get the page updated soon.
      And just a quick heads up. While the calendars have been updated, the Rewards have not, so the current Rewards still have to be used for a stay before the end of this December. Hopefully they will refresh the Rewards within a few days.
      – Mark

    1. You use your myVEGAS Loyalty Points (LP) to buy Rewards through the various myVEGAS apps and Facebook game.

  26. Does anyone know if the calendar for the two comp room calendar is the same as the two comp room: fall 2017?

    1. Um … I’m really not sure what your question is. I have the dates for the various Two Comp Nights: Fall 2017 Dates listed in the post you are commenting on. Those are the only current Two Comp Night Rewards.

      1. On my rewards it is showing two separate two night comp rooms for nyny. Fall 2017 for 75,000 and two comp rooms 64,000

        1. I am not seeing that. The only 2 night option I see is the Fall 2017 (75,000). I see the single night comp for 32,000, but not 2 for 64,000.

            1. There could be reasons I’m not seeing it. Would you mind posting a screen shot of the 64,000 LP 2 Comp Night Reward you are finding?

  27. I’m planning on going to Vegas in January 2018. Do you have an idea of when the room calendar will become available for 2018? At least for January.

  28. Does anyone know when the new buffet rewards will come out? I noticed most of them expire Dec 9.

  29. I’ve purchased a 2-night room reward this summer, but I’m curious can those rewards only be used for consecutive nights? Like what if there were two nights that landed say almost a week apart from each other. An example could be I’d be in Vegas for one night taking a flight somewhere else for a few days and then a night on the way back.

    1. Hi. The 2 night Rewards can only be used for consecutive nights.
      Even more important, though, is that they can only be used for a very limited number of dates. Those dates are shown in the Reward details as well as on my site. If you purchased a Summer Two Night Comp Room Reward, the last available date was September 7th. There are no more dates available for that Reward.

      1. I misworded some of my comment/question I purchased one and used one of the 2night reward nights last month and used it already. It sure would be be nice if they could be “broken up” like my example. Just to make sure, they absolutely don’t let you purchase two separate one night stays? I guess one could do what I’ve read on here before, a discounted night and one free.

        1. Years ago, when myVEGAS started, getting multiple single night Comps and stringing them together was possible. They realized what a good deal that was and stopped that.
          Now, once you use your LPs to get any Comp Room Reward, they won’t let you get another until you have either cancelled that Reward or you have used it and completed your stay.
          Combining with a discounted rate is still possible. A single discounted rate Reward can be used for multiple nights during the same trip, too.

  30. Anyone know when the fall 2-comp night days will be coming out? Trying to plan for October but I haven’t seen the dates yet.

    1. I’d expect those to come out in the next few weeks.
      You probably won’t have much time to plan if you are intending to go in early October.

    2. The Fall dates are out. I will get them posted soon. I am not seeing any dates available in October.

      1. Yes thank you. I think they came out the day after I posted on here lol. Yea we didn’t see any for October either . At least there’s still the one night comp that we will be able to use. Thank you for responding

  31. I’m a gold member and always go to Vegas the same week in November every year. I usually get 3 or 4 comp nights at Luxor/Excalibur and am usually booked by now. I have only received 2 comp nights so far. Do you know if they are cutting back on comps this year? Or are they late posting them and I should hold out booking for now?….Thanks!

    1. Hi.
      Timing might be part of it. Current statuses expire at the end of this month.
      If you know which dates you need, I would go ahead and make your reservation now. As long as you are booking them directly through Mlife, you can cancel and re-book with a better offer if one come along.
      I’d also suggest seeing what rates or comps show up when you are logged in to Mlife, but not using an offer. Comp rooms are not limited to offers. Some who plays enough for Gold Status should definitely see their action go a lot further towards comps and rooms at Luxor and Excalibur.

    1. I’d expect those to come out in the next few weeks and include dates for October through December.

  32. When will users be able to redeem comps post Sept. 2017? I’m going on 9/12 but all the deals currently just be used by 9/7.

    1. Hi.
      Can you be more specific? Where are you seeing that? I am not seeing that limitation.

      1. For example if today I wanted to use my points for a 2 night stay at the Mirage, it tells me in the details that the reward must be used by Sept 7. The name of the reward is Two Comp Nights – Summer. When you click on the reward for more details it says it must be used by 9/7. I’ve seen this before but have never actually paid attention enough to see when the dates change to non-summer rates/dates. I am assuming this is because it costs less rewards points for this reward in the off season. I have a screenshot. I’m thinking it might chnage on 9/1 but have been trying to figure out if anyone else knows. I should just call the Mirage. Haha. Thanks for your help!

        1. Hi.
          Rewards like that are very limited. The only future nights available for that Reward are August 22-23, 28-31 and September 4-7.
          The Mirage will not know. The actual hotels don’t have access to that type of info. They only know whether you have a reservation or not.
          myVEGAS may add Fall 2-Night Rewards in September, but those would be for dates starting in October. If you are looking for dates later in September, that’s it for the 2-Night Rewards.

          Single night Comps are currently available through December.

  33. Is the comp rooms specific to location of where I am? I’ve tried checking at least the past 6 months and haven’t seen even a single Comp rooms at the strip.

    1. The only geographic limitation I am aware of for comp room Rewards is that they are not available when you are in Clark County (Las Vegas).

  34. question, been playing for a few years but first time using points to get a comp room.. can I redeem a comp room for consecutive nights? I wanted to a comp night (sunday) then get the two nights offer (Monday-Tuesday) can that be possible.. thanks!

    1. Hi.
      You can only get one Comp Room Reward at a time (that includes the single night and 2-night Comp Rewards), so combining those would not be possible.
      You could still use the 2-night Comp for 2 nights and pay the standard rate for the additional, single night in the same reservation, though.

  35. What’s better for the Bellagio 25% off or $129 fixed rate. Going Labor Day 2017

    1. Right now, the $129 is slightly better, but the rates are similar and I would expect some fluctuation between now and then. It will also depend upon what nights you are actually staying.
      Labor Day weekend itself tends to be expensive. Standard rates for Sunday (Sept.3) are more expensive than Monday or Tuesday night due to the holiday.

        1. My guess is that the 25% discount will probably better since it applies to one more day during your trip than the $129 rate would. Either way, you will still be paying the regular rate for at least Friday and Saturday of the holiday weekend.
          My suggestion would be to get both Rewards and then see what prices the system gives you. You can always cancel whichever Reward you don’t end up using.

  36. Are you able to book a room and use any of the discount codes for Mandalay Bay even if they have not updated their calendar?

    1. Yes. And you can look at my listings for Mandalay Bay’s Comp and 25% Discount Rewards to see what dates are available even though they have not officially published a calendar.

  37. Sorry a little new to MyVegas – I was wondering if dates for Monte Carlo and Mandalay Bay are released for August yet? I have enough points to purchase either, but I’m afraid if I click “agree to terms & conditions” and “next” I will have purchased it without knowing the dates offered.

    1. Hi.
      The Comp Room and 25% Discount Rewards calendars both go through the end of this year and are on this page. The Mandalay Bay ones are in a slightly different format since I had to do screengrabs of them.
      The Fixed Rate Rewards have not been updated.
      You will have the option to cancel the Reward within 90 days as long as you have not used it to book a room.

  38. Can’t for the life of my find the 25% off mgm signature. Do they no longer offer that?

    1. It shows up for me on the second page of the MGM Grand Rewards. It is listed as “25% Off Signature at MGM”.

        1. Interesting. I’m seeing it on my iPad in the same place (technically the 3rd page on the iPad – it is the 7th Reward listed under MGM Grand). It is a little confusing, though, since the Reward still says MGM Grand LV and then 25% Off Signature at MGM.

  39. Hi
    Where can i find the dates of the com nights in mandalay bay hotel?
    It is not updated in the regular calender

    1. They are in the post that you just commented on. I have the Mandalay Bay Comp Room and 25% Discount Rewards calendars posted. They are between the MGM and Mirage calendars.

      1. Hi again.
        I see in this post the mandalay comp nights. Let me be clear- I meant that when I get into the specific reward through one of the apps-the calender there is not updeted, as opposed to other hotels.
        My question was how can I get to the calender through the app/ the official mgm website, like the other calenders
        Thanks in advance

        1. You can’t. They have not published a calendar for Mandalay Bay yet. That is part of the reason I started this page – to show availability calendars when myVEGAS wasn’t making it easy for you to see the dates. Right now, if you want to see what dates are available, you need to get the Reward and then use the link provided to redeem the Reward in order to see what dates are available. What I have posted are from the screen shots I took after doing that.

  40. I would like to know when two complementary night rewards are included on myVegas rewards! Thanks!

    1. I am on the lookout for those, but I do not know if/when they will be added again.

      1. When I go to book a room for a comp room it isn’t there, even though on the calendar it says that the date is available. Do comp rooms run out?

        1. Room availability is limited. It can be more difficult to get a room within a few weeks of your travel date.

  41. How come the two complementary night rewards aren’t included here? Excalibur, Luxor, Monte Carlo, New York New York, MGM Grand, Mirage, and Vdara all have a 2 comp nights reward for the ‘Spring’, are they not typical? Just curious because I’m kind of counting on them for the fall LOL – let me know if you know anything about these if you get a chance ?

    1. The 2-night Rewards are not typical Rewards. It does look like they are happening on a more regular basis, though.
      If they do come out with Summer or Fall dates, I will mention it, but the dates are limited (and easily view-able in the Reward details), so I don’t currently plan on putting in a special section with the dates for those. That could change, of course.
      Take Care,

    1. Unfortunately, no. I am checking intermittently, though.

    1. The calendars in this post have been updated through December 2017.

  42. I wanted to try to get a room frome june16-19 is there a way to use a one for cheaper days on the days available and a % discount also

    1. If the dates are available you could use a fixed rate for one night and use the 25% off for a different night. Also, those Rewards can be applied to multiple nights as long as the nights are available.

  43. Do you know when is the next group of dates be posted? Like july-dec 2017? Thanks

    1. My guess is mid-May. They tend to wait until close to the end of the existing calendar range before updating the Rewards and calendars.

  44. Mark,
    Thanks for having this page!! I’m eagerly awaiting September’s calendars..

  45. Do you know what is the room rate for aria for the 25% off and exclusive room rate

    1. Hi.
      The 25% off rate is going to vary from day to day since the regular room rates vary from day to day.
      The Exclusive Room Rates are $105 Mid-week / $155 Weekend as listed.
      Take Care,

    1. Hi.
      They used to have those available via a menu page for each property. I had a link to it on this page, but took it down a long time ago since they stopped updating it. I’m glad you were able to find another current calendar.
      – Mark

    1. They were accurate when published and as far as I know, they are still accurate.
      Is there a date listed as available that you are no longer finding as available?

  46. This is not correct. You can see the calendar and which days are available by clicking on the reward and then clicking the “view promotional calendar” link.

    1. Hi Kara.
      Thanks for your comment. I have removed the outdated information.
      Take Care,

  47. Thanks for posting this! Looks like the only option I have is the Monte Carlo for the $40/$65 deal. Do you know if I have to purchase 3 rewards to stay 3 nights or would 1 reward cover the whole reservation? Also would I be able to choose 2 queens over 1 king? Thanks!

    1. Hi Jasmine.
      For the discounted rate rewards (like that one), you can buy 1 reward and use it for multiple nights during the same trip. When you go to make your reservation you will be given a few options, including bed type.

      Take Care,

    1. Hi Lyndsy.
      The 25% off and special discounted / fixed rates (like the MGM Grand $59 mid-week / $85 weekend) are different calendars, but I have calendars for each of those on this page.

  48. When do you think they will have room offers for january available? They all still say nov/dec rooms (for the complimentary or 2 night comp). Thanks!

    1. The regular comp room calendars are up and have availability through June of 2017.
      The 2 Comp Night Rewards are a special case and are not available every month (at least they are not visible to me). I do not know if/when they will be available again.

  49. Hey Mark – Thanks for posting the calendars. Is there a separate calendar for the two-night awards? All the comp calendars above say “one complementary room night.”

    1. Looks like I was able to answer my own question by trying an MGM booking. Basically, the calendar has the same dates where more than one consecutive day is available. Any “singles” are eliminated. So, fewer days overall, but basically very like the calendar for one-night awards.

  50. Are the dates back now? On my phone, I can see them under rewards, then click the hotel you want, then the room type (i.e. one comp room night sun-thurs), then learn more, and then View Promotional Calendar.

    1. Some of the calendars are available via a link in the Reward details. I include those calendars on this page. Many of the Rewards still require you to log-in with the code to see the available dates, though.

  51. Thanks for the update!

    That means:
    If I buy the reward and plan to go e.g. in march 2017 and after the purchase I can see that on my days in Vegas there are NO rooms available – the points are gone?

    1. No. You can cancel the Reward (and get your points back) as long as you have not redeemed it.
      Also, right now the Comp Room Rewards are only good through the end of 2016, so if you purchase that Reward now, it won’t be good for March 2017.
      You will need to buy the Reward once they have been refreshed for 2017 travel dates.

  52. Does anyone know if for the Excalibur comp night do you have to call in to book your night? It says there’s a $19 processing fee to call and reserve so it seems pointless considering the cost I have reserved for that night anyway. Thanks!

    1. You do not need to call. When you use your Loyalty Points to buy the Reward, you will be sent a confirmation email with a link to book the room online.

  53. Mark,

    Have you got a rough idea when dates for 2017 might be released? For instance, when did the dates for early 2016 get released?? I’m going in March 2017 and would like to get the rooms sorted

    1. Last year, they didn’t add dates for the following year until December (January 2016 dates were announced in December 2015).
      The system has changed a little, so hopefully they will update things a bit sooner this year.
      I will update my calendars once I see new dates.

  54. I am planning on going to Vegas in early november for my birthday the 3rd -7th. This will be my second trip my first was in 1997. Can i use 3 vouchers for discounted room rates one for each night?

    1. Hi Laurie,
      You can use a single Discount Room Rate Reward for multiple nights as long as the dates are available.

  55. Hi mark. Can I book multiple rooms with multiple 25% off vouchers or is it one voucher per myvegas account per stay? I’m going with a group and may need three rooms with 3 nights each.


    1. Hi David.
      You can book multiple rooms when you use the Reward, but the Reward discount will only be applied to the first room.
      If possible, I would suggest that a few other people in your group get myVEGAS accounts and get their own discount Rewards. It wouldn’t take long to get the LP’s needed for a 25% discount.

  56. Hello,Mark
    I have a question…Where can we see the date of KA show?
    I just use my 500 royalty to redeem standard seat, but it shows 9/18 is blocked date. I want to make sure whether the premium seat ( need to spend 10000 royalty) on 9/18 is blocked or not. Thank you:)

    1. Hi.
      You can see the show dates on MGM Grand’s entertainment page for Ka.
      However, the blackout dates are listed on the second screen of the myVEGAS Reward. 9/18 is listed as a blackout date for both the standard and premium seat Rewards.

  57. Mark,thanks for the information. I have a problem…I have tried many days to sign up for Mlife account, but it showed “there is error in this system”. I am the tourist from other country….it really confused me why I can’t sign up and don’t know when they will get repaired.

  58. Hi Mark

    Great website! Do you know if the new ncl cruise rewards are for 1 person or 2 people ? It seems like it’s per cabin but it’s hard to understand. Thanks so much. John

    1. Hi John.
      Thanks! I’m glad you like my site.
      The new NCL Rewards cover 2 people in a single cabin. I am basing that off of the fine print where it says “Reward valid for first and second guest only. For additional guests, third – eighth guest rates apply”.
      Take Care,

  59. Thought I asked this elsewhere but I can’t seem to find it, so I thought I’d try one more time. For the discount rates (aka the 25% off and the weekend/day prices), do those work for an entire trip (aka multiple days) or do they only work for one day? And if it’s only for one day, can you use multiple/trip? And if it’s for multiple days, can you still book a trip with using a day or two that doesn’t fall under the discount (ie: a Saturday-Wednesday trip, since most Saturdays aren’t available for it).

    Thanks in advance and thank you for this awesome site!

    1. Hi Bill.
      You asked about it on the MGM $52/nt calendar. No worries, though.
      The discounted room rate Rewards (flat rate or % off) can be used for multiple nights. If you need a night that is not available for the Rewards, you can still book it at the regular rate. When you log in to Mlife to make your reservation, enter the full dates for your trip. The site will apply the Reward to the available dates and will show you the regular rates for the other nights.
      Take Care,

      1. Thank you so much! I thought I asked it on the Excalibur ones cause that was the calendars I thought I was looking at.

        Thanks again!

  60. Mark,
    Thanks for all the great info. Do you know roughly when they will release Jan 2017 availability dates?

    1. Hi.
      I don’t know when they will have Rewards and dates available for 2017. Right now, the Room Rewards are only good for travel through the end of this year.
      Traditionally, myVEGAS updates the dates and Rewards about 6-8 weeks before the current ones expire. That would mean new Rewards and available dates sometime in November.

  61. Thanks Mark LV! This was really helpful and accurate as of 6/30. Appreciate the calendar dates. I got myself a comp room at MGM Grand on Thurs, Sept. 22nd. Have a nice day. Here I come Vegas!

    1. You are welcome! Thanks for confirming, too!
      Take Care,

  62. Could you post one for the new sun-thurs comp rooms at Aria? Thank you!

    1. Hi!
      I haven’t been able to get the Aria Comp calendar yet, since I get it the same way you do. I have to buy the Reward, log in and check the dates. Right now, I don’t have enough LP’s to get the Aria Comp Room. What I have been able to find is that it is available July 4-6 & 28; August 7-11, 16-18 & 31; Sept 1, & 5-7; and Nov 6-9 & 13-14.
      I don’t know if those are all of the dates, though. I will update the post if I get the full calendar for it.

  63. Hi Mark,
    Like you site!
    Now there is one night comp room offer at Aria. Will you able to provide available dates?

    1. Thanks Jim!
      I haven’t been able to get the full dates since I get them the same way you do. I have to buy the Reward, log in and check the dates. Right now, I don’t have enough LP’s to get the Aria Comp Room.
      What I have been able to find is that it is available July 4-6 & 28; August 7-11, 16-18 & 31; Sept 1, & 5-7; and Nov 6-9 & 13-14.
      I don’t know if those are all of the dates, though.
      I will update the post if I get the full calendar for it.

      1. Thank you Mark!
        Sept 5 & 6 is what I am looking for. My wife and I already redeemed a comp night at Mandalay Bay & made reservation on those dates. We are wondering if we cancel that reservation (we don’t mind the LP lost), will the system allow us get the Aria comp night?

        1. Hi Jim.
          If you cancel the Mandalay Bay reservations, those nights are instantly available again as far as Mlife is concerned (and I’ve cancelled myVEGAS comps to take advantage of better Mlife offers in the past). I don’t know how quickly that gets refreshed for myVEGAS, though. You may need to contact myVEGAS directly about it. I’d be hesitant to make the change since there is no guarantee that you will be able to get the Aria Comp due to the high demand.

    1. Hi Dave.
      “Trip” is not an official term in this context. When I said you could only use one Comp Room Reward per trip, it was intended as a simpler way to say that you could only use one per 30 day period.
      Take Care,

  64. Hi can I book the Room for 2 or 4 nights at the same hotel ?? is this is the calendar for 2016 ?

    1. Hi Adam.
      The calendars are current.The month and year are at the top of each calendar.
      You can book multiple nights at the same hotel, but you can only book one Comp night per trip. Discount Room Rate Rewards can be applied to multiple nights.

  65. I’m a newb at this but I have a what I think is a simple question. If I select a room rate at MGM of $52/night and am staying for 4 nights, is that code good for all 4 nights? OR do i have to buy the reward 3 times and then pay full price for 1 night? THanks

    1. Hi.
      A single discount rate Reward (like the $52/nt at MGM Grand) can be used for multiple nights.
      Take Care,

    2. Hi Gomez.
      I updated the MGM $52/nt calendar so you can see what dates are available.
      Take Care,

  66. Hello! Do you know if it is possible to use more than one free slot play award at NYNY? I have a 50$ free play to use but would like to use at least one more. I know that I can only use 3 within a 30 day period. Will that include the complimentary room reward that I redeemed awhile ago to book the room?

    1. Hi Kelly.
      The Comp Room Reward is counted towards the 3 in 30 limit when you check in to the hotel, so you will only be able to use 2 other MGM Rewards during that trip.
      You can use multiple FreePlay Rewards during the same trip. To use more than one FreePlay Reward requires a 3-night stay (just like the $50 FreePlay does), so if you qualify for the $50 FP, you can use another. I have done this at multiple MGM Resorts (during separate trips).

      1. Thanks so much… I saw somewhere that if you buy chips in game, even the lowest price one, you will have an additional reward to use, making it 4 total within the 30 day period?

        1. Hi Kelly.
          Buying chips can increase your Reward limit, but I’ve never heard of anyone getting an extra Reward for the minimum purchase. The consensus seems to be that spending $50 on chips usually increases your limit to 4 per 30 days. That is not guaranteed, though.

    1. Yes. None of these current Rewards will show dates after June 30. If you look at the Travel Window on the Rewards, it says – June 30 or Redeem by July 1 (which in this case means use it by then).

    1. Hi.
      I was just able to add those. They may be the last comp room updates I can do for a little while since I have to buy the Reward just like everyone else to see the available dates. I’m using a Comp Night Reward for an upcoming trip and won’t be able to buy another Comp Night Reward until that trip.
      Take Care,

  67. Does anyone know if Feb 19-22 will be okay to book I don’t want to redeem my coins if I can’t get anything that weekend?

    1. That depends upon what you are trying to do. If you are looking for a Comp Room Reward, you will only be able to do the 21st if it is available since all of the Comp Room Rewards are Sunday-Thursday only (and you can only use one Comp Room Reward per trip).
      If you are looking for a discount room rate, it is available for the Luxor. I think it is likely to be available at other resorts as well.
      Go ahead and get the Reward. If the dates are not available, then cancel the Reward and get your LP’s back.
      Take Care,

  68. How long does it take to receive the confirmation when purchasing a hotel on the rewards page?

    1. You should receive the confirmation email within a few moments of purchasing the Reward. I think that the email is sent by the time you see the screen with the confirmation code in myVEGAS.

  69. Mark,

    Thanks for putting together this site. Have a couple scenarios I’d really love to hear your take on as I trust your knowledge.

    1 – I arrive on Thursday, leave Monday at Mirage. I book casino promo rate (via email) for Fri-Sat-Sun nights, and I separately book MyVegas reward COMP for Thursday night. When I arrive can they still tie both together?

    2 – I still arrive on Thursday, leave Monday at Mirage. I book casino promo rate (via email) for Fri-Sat nights, and I separately book MyVegas reward COMP for Thursday night. My roomie (buddy with MyVegas account) books Sunday night COMP with HIS MyVegas reward. When we arrive can they tie all 3 together (My MyVegas Comp + 2 nights paid + his MyVegas comp).

    Thanks to anyone who knows!

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you like the site.

      I can’t guarantee that either will work, since I get the impression that they are enforcing the “may not be used in conjunction with any other M life offer” restriction a bit more aggressively. With that said, here are my thoughts. Option 1 should be OK. In the past they have been able to combine the reservations when you check in. Having your friend book one of the nights should work, too, but I would expect you to have to check out and check back in for that. If you have to do that, I’d suggest trying to check in to the new room before checking out of the old room so that you can just take your bags from one room to the next instead of lugging them to the front desk and back.

      1. Appreciate the reply.

        I have done the same in the past (tacked a myvegas night on at the start of a full reservation) and it’s worked so hopefully it hasn’t changed. Why would they not want you to pay for more nights, you would think that was the idea.

        I imagine they are trying to prevent a free room for multiple nights so probably I agree with you on #2, we could use his free night but the hotel would require check out and check in (silly for them as it’s another room to make up and turn over, but who’s to argue).

        Thanks again.

        1. I think they are happy with you paying for extra nights, just not at a promotional rate. When you make a comp room reservation, it gives you the option to stay for more nights; you just have to pay for them at the given rate.
          I’d suggest trying to make the reservation. If their online reservation system is similar to Caesars Total Rewards, it won’t let you make multiple reservations for consecutive nights. If the system does let you make the reservations, you should be good to go.

  70. It would be great if people could somehow share their calendars when they’ve redeemed…

    Anyone know if there is availability as far out as October yet?

  71. Please kindly advise when the calendar year for 2016 will be posted on your website. Thanks!

    1. I do not know when myVEGAS will be updating the calendars. I will make an announcement once they update them.
      Take Care,

    2. Hi.
      It looks like they have stopped updating those calendars. Rooms are available, though. If you get your room Reward and use the link in the confirmation email, you can see what dates are available. I did a quick check and I’m seeing many Sun-Thurs night rooms available except during major conventions and events. You can’t see what is available without buying your Reward first, though.

      Take Care,

        1. I can’t vouch for all of the properties, but I know that some are blacked out for that week. My suggestion is to use your LP’s to get the Reward and then log in to your Mlife account using the redemption link provided to see if the dates you need are available. You can always cancel your Reward if the dates are not available.

        1. The furthest out I’ve seen is June 2nd. Many dates are available through mid-March and then it starts to thin out a bit.

  72. I’m curious why the Mandalay Bay calendar has bonus dates and weekend nights showing available but only the regular week night reward on the game. Is there a way around this?

    1. Hi.
      There isn’t a way around it. It looks like the other Rewards were not renewed/refreshed. I suspect that the Bonus and Weekend night calendars are still up so that someone who had already used their LP’s to get those Rewards can still see what dates are available. You’ll notice that those calendars only go through November, while the regular Weeknight Room Comp calendar goes through December. My guess is that when they updated the Weeknight Room Comp calendar, they discontinued the other Rewards.

      Take Care,

    1. Going by their past updates, I wouldn’t expect updated calendars until November.

  73. It is my understanding that MGM does NOT allow comp rooms during conventions. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

    Looking for a room in Nov 2015 during SEMA.


    1. Hi Adam.
      You can’t use a comp for a room that is part of the convention room block, but you can definitely use a comp during a convention. If you book the room on your own, you should be fine.

      Take Care,

      1. Hi Mark,

        Forgive my newness to the myvegas reward system but I am still a bit confused.

        I am trying to use a MV reward, for a 1 night stay, on Nov 5th, 2015. This date happens to fall during the SEMA convention week and does not allow me to book a room when signed into MLIFE, after purchasing the reward thru MV with my LP’s.

        However according to this calendar the date should be available.

        What am I doing wrong?

        Thanks again,

        1. Hi Adam.
          When you used your Loyalty Points to get the myVEGAS Reward, you should have received a confirmation number as well as a phone number to call in order to book your room. You can also find that info in ‘My Purchases’ in the myVEGAS game. You need to call that number. myVEGAS Reward Rooms can’t be booked online.

          Take Care,

        2. Hi Adam.
          I just checked the specifics for the MGM Room Comp. I was wrong. It does specify booking it online. That is new to me.
          I would give them a call. It might be that the night is no longer available for a myVEGAS Comp. It might also be a system error.

          Take Care,

          1. OK.
            I just did a test run with a room discount offer that uses the new online process. It worked for me.
            I was logged in to my Mlife account. Then I went to my myVEGAS Confirmation email. I clicked the ‘click to Redeem’ link and it opened a new window with the Reward info preloaded. Is that what you are doing?

            – Mark

            1. Thanks for all the feedback.

              I tried last night for an MGM Grand “One complimentary room night Sun-Thur” reward for Thursday November 5th. I have since canceled the reward but will try it again. I believe the error was something to the tune of “date not valid.”

              I will try it again.

              1. You are welcome.
                While I can’t vouch for the date still being available for a Comp Room Reward, November 5th was an available date at MGM for the 25% off Room Rate Reward. The discounted rates were higher than usual. I expect it is due to the high demand during SEMA which has room blocks at almost every casino/hotel in Las Vegas.

  74. OK new calender for available dates are up for july, aug, etc. Redeem for a night in july was told that the only have travel/ booking thru June 30th, when can i reserve the room? Anybody when you can book rooms for july? Since its within 90 days???

    1. Same thing happened last time they updated. The Calendars show new dates, but the Rewards haven’t been updated yet. They are still only good for travel through June 30th. Check back in a few days to see if the Rewards have been updated.

  75. Why do the hotels offer a weekend comp on myVegas? If you check available date there are none. ( Monte Carlo Weekend comp for 81,000)

    1. You might want to check the year on those calendars. There are some that have effectively been discontinued and only show dates through September 2014.
      The current rewards only go through June 2015.
      No word on when new calendars will be up.

      1. Yep, you’re totally right! That sucks that Aria cut out their awards, or will….. Why do I need a comp to Circus Circus? LOL

  76. Hi! I was wondering if you had any updates for the 2015 rewards usage calendars!

    Thank you!

    1. I don’t. What you see online are the current calendars. There are few dates available for comp rooms, but the discount rate rewards are available for a majority of the dates between now and the end of June.
      The next update/extension will probably happen in May if they keep to their usual update schedule.

  77. It seems odd that we’re in November, and they don’t have any dates for February. Any word on the update?

    1. No word yet. While it may seem odd, it is also consistent with their past updates which has been two and a half months before the old calendar ended. I’d expect to see a new calendar in mid-November.
      If you are planning to book a room as soon as the new dates area announced, remember to check the dates on the Reward, too. A Comp Room Reward purchased now will not be valid for the new dates. When the last calendar update was released it took a few days for the dates on the Rewards to catch up.

    1. I don’t know when they will be updated, but my guess based on the last update is that new calendars will come out around November 17th and they will include dates through the end of May 2015.

  78. I don’t mind switching rooms everyday. I just don’t want to switch hotels. Would they allow that? My plan (yes, available) is to do midweek bonus for tue-thur and a weekend bonus for fri.

    1. That should work.
      In a recent discussion with an online myVEGAS rep, they said “You can purchase up to 3 of the One Complimentary Room Night Sun-Thu (Bonus Dates) at Luxor as well as 3 of the One Complimentary Room Night Fri-Sat (Bonus Dates) at Luxor. And you should be able to use them on consecutive dates as long as there is availability on those nights.” They also said it should be under one reservation number.
      My experience when calling to book was a little different, though. When I called, I was told that I couldn’t use 2 of the same Room Reward type at the same time due to the “Not available for existing or consecutive reservations” clause. Using different Reward types wasn’t a problem, though. That meant using 1 mid-week Comp Room Bonus, 1 weekend Comp Room Bonus and 1 weekend Comp Room. Each Reward was booked as a separate reservation with its own reservation number. Even though the dates were available, they wouldn’t let me use 2 weekend Comp Bonus Rooms. I spoke with 5 different phone reps throughout the process, so that seems to be the policy at the call center.
      My suggestion is to go ahead and get the 3 mid-week Bonus and 1 weekend Bonus Rewards, give them a call and see what happens. Ultimately, the rep will decide what happens from there. You can always cancel the Rewards if they won’t let you use them.
      I’d be interested to know how it goes for you.

    2. I have been able to redeem rewards for back to back reservations. One time the agent let me redeem all my rewards at once and the other time the agent said that I can’t use them the on consecutive days so I booked one night with her and then called back and booked the room with another agent. Both times I was able to stay in the same room for the entire stay, I just had to go to the front desk each day to check back in to the room and get my key cards updated

      1. Thanks for the update!
        I think it does depend a little bit upon the agent you reach.
        I’m glad you were able to make it work.

  79. I’m a bit confused on the “purchase and usage limitations”. It says, “usage limited to any 4 rewards… This reward is limited to 3 per myvegas player.” This is for a mid-week bonus comp room at Luxor. Does this mean I can redeem this reward for up to 3 consecutive nights and it only counts as 1 and I can redeem 3 other rewards?

    1. They are talking about 2 different things.
      The “limited to any 4 rewards” means that you can used up to 4 total myVEGAS in a rolling 30 day period. Most players are only allowed to use 3 Rewards in 30 days. It sounds like you probably bought a few myVEGAS chip packages in order to be able to use 4 Rewards in 30 days.
      “This reward is limited to 3 per myVEGAS player” means exactly that. You can only buy 3 of that specific Reward. You will not be able to buy a 4th Luxor Mid-week Comp Room Bonus Reward.
      You will need to buy a Reward for each night you want comped. Each Reward counts, so if you get 3 of the mid-week com bonus Rewards, that counts as 3 Rewards towards your 4 Reward in 30 days limitation.
      I suggest reading more of the fine print for the Comp Room Bonus Reward, too. If it says “Not available for existing or consecutive reservations”, you may not be able to use it the way you want.

  80. I’m going to Vegas in September . I’ve purchased a nyny comp room bonus . However there is not a contact number . Should I call the resort and maybe speak to mlife to book my room? Thanks

  81. So if I stay On sunday through wednesday what would I need to get? By the way thank you for your quick response!

    1. Those are all mid-week, so you may not be able to get them all comped.
      You can try by getting 1 Mid-week Comp Room and 2 Mid-week Comp Bonus Room Rewards, but they may only allow you to use one of each, though. While the fine print is open to interpretation, my experience has been that you can only use 1 of any particular reward per 30 day period (this is different than the 3 total rewards in 30 days limitation). That means that although you can get multiple Comp Room Bonus Rewards, you can only use one of those every 30 days.
      It is always worth calling and trying to book it, though. The worst that can happen is they will tell you that you can’t get the 3rd night comped. In that case they will cancel the 3rd reward and refund your LPs.
      Mid-week room rates in August tend to be low. You might want to consider using your LPs for shows, dining or other things during your trip.

  82. I plan on going to vegas for 3 days in August. I was wondering if I can use my LP to get a room for all three nights?

    1. Probably.
      As long as you can get 3 different Comp Room Rewards and the dates area available, you can do that. You will need to use 3 different types of Rewards, though.
      For example, if you want to stay Thursday-Sunday, you would need a Mid-week Comp or Comp Bonus Room for Thursday, and then a Weekend Comp Room and Weekend Comp Bonus Room for Friday and Saturday.

  83. I am new to rewards program. This will be my first trip to Vegas for my birthday in Sept. I have been playing the myvegas game and have gotten lp. I read the terms and conditions but a little confused by the requirements. I noticed for Circus Circus, you have to be a Circus Player but u can only signup at the casino. So can I still redeem comp room bonus for Circus Circus and get player’s card when I get there? Also other’s said that you have to be a mlife’s member. I signup online for Mlife but I don’t see how to redeem/use comp room lp that I earned in myvegas.

    1. You do need to be an Mlife member to redeem most of the myVEGAS Rewards. You signed up online and you can pick up the card in person during your trip.
      Circus Circus, while owned by MGM Resorts, is not part of the Mlife program. It has it’s own players club, the Circus Players Club.
      I don’t know the details about joining the Circus Players Club, but you may be able to sign up when you call to book your myVEGAS reservation. If not, the booking representative should be able to point you the right direction when you can to redeem the Reward.

      I’m not sure that I understand your second question. When you use your LPs to buy a Reward you will get a confirmation number and instructions on how to redeem it. If it is for a comp room or a show, it will give you the phone number to call. If it is for dining, freeplay, clubs, etc, you will get a code that you can take to the Mlife desk at the casino during your trip. They will add it to your Mlife card and let you know how to redeem it.

      Does that help? Let me know if you have more questions.

  84. Question, I looked through above but didn’t find this. What rates is the 25% off based on? The current rate on the hotel site or some full non-discounted rate. The Aria is currently showing $96/night for when I want to go, but I’m worried that if I cash in my LPs, it will be based on a different rate. Thank you!

    1. It is based on the current non-discounted rate. You should be able to see that on the website. Just make sure that you aren’t looking at a discounted rate. $96 per night at Aria sounds like a discounted rate.
      I’d suggest getting the Reward and calling the redemption number. Then either book the room if the rate is what you want or cancel the Reward if you aren’t happy with the rate. Rewards can be cancelled as long as they have not expired or been redeemed.

      1. Thank you Mark, that’s what I needed to know, that I can cancel the reward. First time using them so I wasn’t sure. So glad I found your site!

  85. I just booked last night! Although the rewards say they’re open til 9/30/14, and the calendar shows through January 2015, you can still book using the 9/30/14 through January. I booked last night!

    1. I booked a room last night too! 🙂
      I think they have been doing a lot of updating in the past few days. Yesterday, the first page of many of the Comp Room Rewards still said they had to be redeemed by Sept. 30, but the Booking and Travel Window on the next page went through January 31, 2015. Today, the first page says they have to be redeemed within 90 days.

      1. Yesterday I tried to book and they put me on hold and said it only went thru Sept. 30. I explained the dates showed this promo offered through Jan. 2015. They didn’t let me book.

        1. Hi Stefanie.
          When did you purchase the Reward? If you purchased it before Monday, the travel dates would have only been good through Sept. 30 even though the availability calendars showed dates beyond that. I ran into that problem, too. If you purchase the Reward today it should say that you need to book it within 90 days (first page) and that it is good for travel through January 31, 2015 (second page).
          – Mark

  86. Room redemption availability calendars through January 2015 are starting to appear. Mirage, Bellagio, MGM Grand, NYNY, Excalibur and Luxor are up as of 6pm CST.

    1. I just spent most of the morning with 4 different myVEGAS reps trying to book a reservation for November.
      Be aware that while we are seeing new dates on the calendars, the Rewards that are currently available are only good through September 30th. They are not good for dates after that.
      The reps don’t seem to have access to the updated calendars, either.

      1. Question, I looked through above but didn’t find this. What rates is the 25% off based on? The current rate on the hotel site or some full non-discounted rate. The Aria is currently showing $96/night for when I want to go, but I’m worried that if I cash in my LPs, it will be based on a different rate. Thank you!

  87. I saw, last week via a FB post, that they are updating the calendar in 2 weeks.

  88. October dates, any year now….. lol. Come on already! Just venting, Mark. 🙂

  89. Hi so I just earned an exclusive rate at the aria for $165 for June 27th-28th me and my girlfriend really want to stay 2 nights and check out on the 29th for her 21st bday would I get the 165 for both nights or just one? Would I be able to extend my stay till the 29th and just pay the regular price or will they be sold out I’m lost on this.

    1. You can apply all flat rate Rewards to multiple nights without needing multiple Rewards. You can get the $165/night rate for 2 nights with a single Reward as long as both nights are available.

      1. I just double checked the Reward. You would be staying the nights of June 27 and June 28 which are both valid nights for the Reward.
        Have Fun!

  90. Hi Mark,
    Thank you for this valuable information! I have a question – my wife and I both play MyVegas. Would we be able to purchase room comp rewards on both of our accounts and use them on the same reservation (for example, two nights on my mlife account and one on hers)? Or would we have to check-out / check-in or change hotels? Thanks!

  91. Hi Mark, do you know when they are updating the calendar for rooms? As you know, it’s now running through September 30th. I have a trip planned for early Oct, and would like to book the rooms ASAP. Thanks

    1. Hi Neal.
      I don’t know the answer, but I am trying to track it down. I wouldn’t expect to see an extended calendar before July, though.
      Take Care,

      1. Thanks, Mark. Someone mentioned June 12th as an update date through December, we shall see.



        1. I’m not seeing seeing an extension, but it does look like there are more available dates between now and September 30th at a lot of the hotels.

          1. Yes, I can see that too! I really wish they would open up, really, if they could just open up the nights of Oct 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th, that wold be enough for me, lol!

          2. :'( June 24th and still no October dates! Any news on when they will be available?
            Gracias from Mexico City

  92. Will there be more offers available after September 30, 2014? Will I keep my reward points after September 30?

    1. You would need to ask a myVEGAS rep about that, but I see no reason reason why more offers wouldn’t become available between now and then. I also see no reason why your points would disappear. I intend to use more myVEGAS Rewards on trips later this year and next. I haven’t purchased those Rewards yet since it is too far away, but I do expect I’ll be able purchase and use them.

  93. Can you redeem 2 or 3 of the exact same reward? For example, can I redeem 3 midweek bonus room comps, or do I absolutly have to do 1 midweek bonus, 1 midweek and 1 weekend bonus?

    1. Hi.
      You can typically use up to 3 of the same rewards. As long as the rooms were available, you could use 3 midweek bonus rewards for 3 consecutive days. You need to check the Purchase and Redemption Limitations for that specific reward. It is on the seconds page of the rewards description (after you hit next). If it says “This reward is limited to 3 per myVEGAS player”, you are good to go. Some of the room rewards, like the current MGM Comp Room Sunday-Thursday, are limited to 1 per myVEGAS player.

  94. I think I saw a list of hotels that offered $ credits that can be used at the restaurant or casino but I can’t find that list again. Ring a bell?

    1. It was a list of the hotels that werent as “popular” like the strip hotels, I think some of them were on freemont.

    2. That doesn’t sound familiar. It is fairly common, though, for hotels to have promotions and special offers where you get free buffets, dining credits and/or freeplay.
      Also, many hotels will give you a coupon book with discounts on dining and entertainment when you check in. The Golden Nugget has one with $140 in discounts. The Plaza has one with over $300 in discounts. The Luxor has one of the larger ones, with over $800 in discounts. All of the Caesars properties have coupon books.
      Maybe it was something like that?

  95. I’m thinking about using a combination of 2 rewards. 1 free room comp and 1 25% off for 3 nights, totaling 4 nights. Where do I find the specific rates that would apply to the 25% off? What is the closest booking to the actual stay I can redeem a reward to use it? Generally, the later the booking the cheaper the rate. Example, if I booked on a Sunday with the 25% off on that Monday-Wednesday and use the free room on Thursday, could I do that, or do I have to book a week or so in advance? I’m planning to stay at Circus Circus. Is the room going to be the manor or a tower?

    1. Hi.
      The 25% discount is on the Basic Room Rate. If you go to the Circus Circus website and check the rates, there will be an option on the right where you can select “Basic Rates”.
      Circus Circus is running a 40% off promotion through the end of June, so you might be better of skipping the 25% Reward if that fits your plans.
      You can make the reservation a day in advance, but I’d suggest booking sooner than that. If the rates go down, they aren’t going to go down very much. Also, availability can change, so I’d hate for you to wait until the last minute and find the date you need is no longer available.
      I am not sure about the room type. Comp Room Rewards are usually for the lowest level room type unless otherwise specified. The photo they are using is a Tower King, though. The rep can go over that with you when you call to make your reservation.
      Have Fun!

  96. There are available weekend dates for the Mirage calendar, however, there has not been an available option to actually PURCHASE Mirage weekend dates through MyVegas rewards. Do you know why it would show as available on the calendar but have no option to purchase it??

    1. I can only speculate as to why they don’t have any new weekend rewards available.
      It still makes sense for them to have available dates on the calendar, though, since people may have purchased but not yet redeemed weekend room comps.
      I know it is not the same, but it does look like weekend room rewards are readily available for Monte Carlo and Luxor.
      Hopefully they will replenish the Mirage rewards soon.

  97. So I booked a night at the Luxor using the bonus dates – Can I book another (consecutive) night using the regular non-bonus date reward?

    1. Yes.
      As long as the date you need is available as a room Reward, you should be able to add it. You can book up to 3 comped nights using 3 room Rewards. It is best to have all of your room Rewards purchased before calling to make your reservation, but you should be able to call them with your new Reward and have them update your existing reservation.

    1. Yes. As long as it is just the 2 of you it won’t matter. They may charge an additional fee for 3 or more occupants.
      What you couldn’t do, though, is book the room with your reward and then give the room to your friend. You still need to be there at checkin.

      Have Fun!

    1. You can use a single Reward for 25% off of multiple nights. If you want to get 3 nights at the reduced rate, you only need to get 1 Reward.
      Have Fun!

  98. This is not about the rooms – I just booked free rooms with my credits for the first time. It’s about all the other items such as drinks, meals, show tickets. When it says it must be redeemed/used within 90 days or a specific time period, does that mean you have to select it and trade in your credits or that you have to physically order that drink or eat that meal. Because if I understand right, only 3 comps can be redeemed in 30 days. If I choose 3 things now does that mean then I have no more rewards available when I’m actually there in May. Sorry, I’ve been playing since its inception but first time actually using rewards.

    1. Hi.
      The quick answer to your question is that if you choose 3 things right now, you won’t be able to use any more Rewards when you are there.
      I’ll go into a bit more detail, though.
      The “must use within 90 days” clause means that you must have that drink or meal within 90 days of using your LP’s to purchase the Reward. If you were to use your LP’s to get the $25 Nine Fine Irishmen dinner credit today (Feb. 14), you would need to have that meal by May 15th.
      The 3 in 30 days limitation is independent of the 90 day redemption period. It means that during your trip, regardless of how many Rewards you may have purchased, you can only use 3 of them in a 30 day period. For example, I have a trip coming up where I plan to use a few Rewards. I have used my LPs to purchase a total of 4 Rewards at Aria, Monte Carlo and the Mirage. I will only be able to use 3 of them during the trip. I’ll either use the 4th Reward on a different trip (at least 30 days later, but still within the 90 day use window) or I’ll submit a refund request and get my LPs refunded. If I were using a myVEGAS Comp Room Reward during the trip, that would count towards my 3 in 30 days limit, too.
      Note that the 3 in 30 days limitation only applies to Rewards at MGM Resorts venues. It does not apply to the Wolfgang Puck, LV Monorail, House of Blues or Sugar Factory Rewards.

  99. hello,
    pls for help with the free room rewards. When I check the details of the reward I see that there is written Travel period from 7th May till 30th September. Then I check the dates avaibility directly in the hotel and the table shows the yellow highlighted dates also in April.
    Does this mean I can not have a free room for April, as it is too late?
    thanks for reply!

    1. Hi.
      It looks like the fine print says May 7, 2013 (last year) through September 30, 2014. We are within that range. You should be able to get your Rewards and book your room for April 2014.
      Have Fun!

  100. I am trying to book rooms with my rewards for April of 2014, but they have not put up any dates yet, any idea when this might happen? Its getting really close now and I need to get booked.

    1. Hi Sandra.
      I don’t know when to expect April dates to be added. They usually would have been available by now.
      I know this isn’t a great scenario, but if you need to have a room in April, I’d suggest booking it through the casino now. You should be able to cancel that and rebook if/when myVEGAS Room Rewards become available.


        1. Most casinos have some kind of current promotion that includes good rates in April. Most of them can be cancelled for no charge, too, if you want to rebook the room using myVEGAS Rewards later.

      2. Hi Sandra.
        The myVEGAS Room Rewards calendars now have dates available through September 2014. Some properties, like Aria, have many dates available. Others, like the Mirage, still only have a few dates available per month.

  101. can you get more than one of the same reward
    let’s say for the room, can you buy two of the same thing?

    1. Hi.
      As a general rule, Rewards are limited to 1 per myVEGAS player. Room Comp Bonus Rewards are the exception. You can get up to 3 of those.
      To see the Rewards limitations, select the Reward you want and then click Next at the bottom left in the information window. It will show you the Purchase and Redemption Limitations for that Reward.

      1. ok
        also, what if i book a suite and have those two free night bonus comps, what happens then?

        1. The Comp Room Bonus Rewards are for standard rooms, not suites, so if you have and existing reservation and wanted to add a few nights using the Reward, you would probably have to move to a different room for those additional days.
          Sometimes guest are given room upgrades upon arrival, but you should never count on it.
          When you call to make your myVEGAS Rewards reservation, they can go over your options with you.

  102. Can you explain to me how can i book a room with myvegas points?what do i need to do? also i need to point out that i’m not a usa citizen. thx for you help

    1. Hi Tommy.
      Once you purchase the Room Reward with your Loyalty Points, you will be given a redemption code as well as a phone number to call. You will need to call that number to make your reservation. They will take it from there. Not being a US citizen shouldn’t be a problem as long as you have an Mlife account. It is worth mentioning when you make your reservation, though.
      Have Fun!

    1. Hi George.

      The 30 day rule is that you cannot use more than 3 Mlife Rewards in a 30 day period. That 30 day period is based upon when you use the Reward. It is not based upon when you use your LP’s to get the Reward or the day that you call to make a show or room reservation with the Reward. They consider you to be using the Reward on the day of the show, the day you check in to the hotel, the day you go to the buffet or restaurant, etc.

      You can use your LP’s to purchase more than 3 Rewards in 30 days. You just can’t use more than 3 in a 30 day period.

      Let’s say you purchased Rewards for a room at the Mirage, tickets to LOVE and a pass for the Mirage buffet. You check into the Mirage on November 1st and go to the show and buffet on November 2nd. The 30 day period for 1 Reward starts on November 1st, when you checked in. The 30 day period for the 2 other Rewards starts on the 2nd. You would not be able to use another Mlife Reward until December 1st. On December 1st you would be able to use 1 Reward. On December 2nd, the additional Rewards would be available.

      You can still purchase more Rewards during that period and you can still make reservations using those Rewards. You would not be able to actually use them during that time, though.

      The Monorail, Wolfgang Puck, House of Blues and Sugar Factory Rewards available on myVEGAS do not count towards the 3 in 30 days limitation.

    1. The myVEGAS Rewards are usually for the base level room at each resort. It is possible to be upgraded to a suite or a room with a Strip View when you check in, but that is not guaranteed. Sometimes those upgrades require an additional fee. Sometimes they are free. It never hurts to ask if there are any free upgrades available when you check in.

      1. so i would have to ask about it at the hotel?
        how about if i call them when i am wanting to make a reservation? would that work as well?

        1. You can ask when you make the reservation, but any upgrades they could do at that time would have an upgrade fee. That fee will be per night and will vary with the new room type.
          If a nicer room is critical, that would be the way to go. If you are willing to take a chance, a free upgrade might be available when you check in. There is no guarantee of that, though.

  103. I am going to excaliber for 6 nights on sept 22, I have made reservations and we get 3 nights free through a promotion but can I still book one of those nights we pay with my comp points rewards to get another night free ?

    1. Hi.
      You can still pay for any additional room charges with your Mlife Express Comps or Primary Comps if that is what you are asking.
      If you are asking about using a MyVEGAS Reward to pay for a night booked through another promotion, that probably won’t work. To use a MyVEGAS Comp Room Reward, you need to book the room over the phone and give the representative the MyVEGAS Reward info at the same time that you make the reservation. Many MyVEGAS Rewards also have fine print prohibiting them from being used in conjunction with other offers. That would probably apply to your situation.

  104. Will there be more dates released? As in I notice many of the current calenders have no dates from March to July.

    1. More dates will be released. I’m not aware of an official schedule for the updates, but new dates seem to be added at the beginning of each month.
      I’d suggest checking the calendars again in a few days.

  105. I have a reservation already for sat august 3rd using my vegas reward. Can I use my points to also have Friday august 2nd at another hotel such as New york New york or the mirage. How many purchase reward items up to what can i use my reward points. Right now I still have over 360,000.00 left after using for one night at Monte Carlo on August 3rd? thank you,

    1. Hi.
      You should be able to book another Comp Room Reward at another hotel. I’d suggest getting the Mirage Comp Room since it will give you some time at the opposite end of the Strip from the Monte Carlo.
      The standard Reward limitation is 3 Rewards in a rolling 30 day period. There are some exceptions to that limit. The Monorail, Sugar and House of Blues Rewards do not count towards your MGM myVEGAS Rewards total.
      For more info visit the myVEGAS support page

  106. Hi, I was wondering if you are able to get a weeknight and a weekday or a bonus night reward for a hotel and use them for two nights as long as the dates aren’t blocked out?

    1. You will need to read the fine print when you purchase the Reward. In the past, combining Rewards had not been a problem, but more and more of them now say that they cannot be used in conjunction with other offers, Rewards or for consecutive nights. You can book additional nights with your Mlife discount, though.

      1. Hi Mark,

        Thank you for the response. My husband redeemed a night at MGM on October the 14th and I reserved a night for the 15th. I am going to try and redeem for the 13th and seeing it isn’t technically consecutive nights I’m hoping it works.

        I was also wondering if because I redeemed my rewards almost 90 days in advance if I were able to redeem more in 30 days for the same trip? All of these rules are really hard to keep up with lol. Thank you for your help.

        1. Hi Tasha.
          It is a bit of a grey area, but you should be able to get the reservations linked when you check in at the MGM Grand.
          There is a limit of one Reward per person, so you will need your additional night to be a different type of Reward. If your existing Reward was a regular Comp Room Reward, then the new one will want to be a Bonus Comp Room or you will want one to be during the week and the other to be a weekend Reward.
          MyVEGAS considers the redemption date to be the day you actually use the Reward. For shows, it is the day you see the show. For meals, it is the day you have the meal. For hotel reservations, it is the day you check in. Even though you already have them booked, October 13th would be the date that myVEGAS considers to be the redemption date for your room.
          For more info visit the myVEGAS support page.

          1. Thank you Mark!
            I assumed it would be 30 days from when you actually use your reward or it would be too good to be true.
            When I used my lp’s I got a weeknight room and a comp bonus for the MGM grand. I can’t believe my Hubby and I were able to each get a comp room bonus night for the dates we were going. Only 46,000 lp’s for a night is a bargain,and MGM is listing the same room for $140 on those days. We are going to try and give the person at the front desk a tip and see if we can get a upgrade and our nights all combined.

            Another question I have is do they still offer the extra reward if you buy chips? I have heard different stories from a lot of people. I have bought two $5 bundles twice and a fourth reward would be great. I also thought you were able to see how many rewards you are able to redeem. If you redeem the maximum number of rewards will you not be able to redeem anymore?

            Thank you very much for answering my questions, I really appreciate it!

    1. Hi Ingrid.
      Those links go to live MGM myVEGAS pages. The calendars are as up to date as MGM is keeping them.
      I just did a quick check for a few of the hotels and they are all starting in July, so it does apear that MGM is updating them at least once a month.
      Take Care,

  107. can you use more than one comp room? And I know it says you have to redeem within 90 days but it gives dates for next years so can I get them now and just book for next year?

    1. Hi Monique.
      You can get more than one comp room, but you will have to read the fine print of each offer to see if it allows you to do what you want. Some of the new Rewards don’t allow consecutive nights.
      As for the 90 days, you need to make your reservation using your Reward within 90 days of purchasing the Reward. That reservation can be for any eligible day on the availability calendar, though.

    1. I’m not ure what you are talking about. Those links go to a page with links to the calendars for each room Reward option. What is it that you are trying to find?

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