myVEGAS Room Rewards Calendars 2018

(updated December 27, 2018)

This post is for archival purposes only. Please visit myVEGAS Room Rewards 2019 for the current calendars.

Dates in gold/yellow are the available dates.
(Click on image for larger version)

Aria Comp Room Calendar
Aria Two Night Comp CalendarAria 25% Discount Calendar

Aria $109 Mid-week / $159 Weekend Calendar

Bellagio Comp Room Calendar

Bellagio Two Night Comp Room Calendar

Bellagio 25% Discount Calendar

Bellagio $129 /nt Calendar

Excalibur Comp Room Calendar

Excalibur Two Comp Nights Calendar

Excalibur 25% Discount Calendar

Excalibur $29 Mid-week / $69 Weekend Calendar

Luxor Comp Room Calendar

Luxor Two Comp Nights Calendar

Luxor 25% Discount Calendar

Luxor $39 Mid-week / $79 Weekend Calendar

MGM Grand Comp Room Calendar

MGM Grand Two Comp Nights Calendar

MGM Grand 25% Discount Calendar

MGM Grand $59 Mid-week / $99 Weekend Calendar

Mandalay Bay Comp Room Calendar

Mandalay Bay Two Comp Nights Calendar

Mandalay Bay 25% Discount Calendar

Mandalay Bay $79 Mid-week / $119 Weekend Calendar

Mirage Comp Room Calendar

Mirage Two Comp Nights Calendar

Mirage 25% Discount Calendar

Mirage $69 Mid-week / $109 Weekend Calendar

Monte Carlo Comp Rooms:
The Monte Carlo is now Park MGM.
Monte Carlo Room Rewards have expired and are no longer valid. I will post new calendars for Park MGM when they release new Rewards.

New York – New York Comp Room Calendar

New York – New York Two Comp Nights Calendar

New York – New York 25% Discount Calendar

New York – New York $49 Mid-week / $89 Weekend Calendar

PARK MGM Comp Room Calendar

PARK MGM Two Comp Nights Calendar

PARK MGM 25% Discount Calendar

PARK MGM $65 Mid-week / $89 Weekend Calendar

Signature Comp Room Calendar

Signature Two Comp Nights Calendar

Signature 25% Discount Calendar (listed under MGM Grand)

Signature $79 Mid-week / $119 Weekend Calendar

Vdara Comp Room Calendar

Vdara Two Comp Nights Calendar

Vdara 25% Discount Calendar

Vdara $89 Weekday / $129 Weekend Suite Calendar

123 thoughts on “myVEGAS Room Rewards Calendars 2018”

  1. Bellagio 2 night comp dates are out from Jan 2019 to mid year 2019. Had to “redeem” to see available dates. Screen shotted the dates and recieved refund for the redemption

    1. Thanks for the info. I have done that before and looks like I will have to do it again. It is a longer process and I don;t have enough LPs for some of the Rewards so this is going to take a while.

    1. It looks like some of the Rewards are starting to be updated with 2019 dates. I will post if/when new calendars come out.

  2. redeemed for 2 night vdara stay and when i try to use it only offers 1 king no option for 2 queens we have several people and definately need 2 beds

    still not getting the 2 nights for aria and bellagio spent like $90 maxed out on level 500 in blackjack

    1. Hi Tom. You will probably need to stay somewhere else then. As far as I know, Vdara only has king rooms since it was designed as condos (not regular hotel rooms). For more than 2 people you would need a multi room suite.

  3. Question is the aria 2 night reward avalable for you guys I have everything else but this. I have spend around 60 dollars or so and I am tier 4 and level 300 on Facebook let me know if you see it and how much you spend or what level you are thanks

    1. I am Tier 4 and have spent about the same amount. The Aria Two Night Comps is available to me. It was also available when I was Tier 3. I’m not sure what level I was at when it first appeared, but it seemed to be triggered by chip purchases. I remember in the early days, if something wasn’t available at your level they would still display it, but it would be locked until you hit that level – basically shown as incentive to keep playing to get to that level.

  4. Is it possible for the room redemption at any of these places to get a 2 queen room and not a 1 king? trying to fit 5 people

    1. When you make the reservation, you should have the option to choose between 1 or 2 beds.
      Beware that you will have to pay and additional fee for occupancy over 2 and maximum occupancy is typically 4 people (or less) until you get into the suites.

  5. Both the belagio and the MGM signature show available on November 25th, but when I try to redeem them suddenly that date is blocked out Any suggestions? Thanks

    1. My guess is that the holiday weekend may have had reduced availability and those rooms are probably gone.

  6. I bought chips through the blackjack a 20 and 39.99 pack will i see more rewards or didnit only work through the slots ones?

    1. Where you buy the chips shouldn’t matter. The changes are not instant, though. Check after 24 hours and see if anything is different.
      The upgrade to 4 Rewards in 30 days should show up in the fine print / details of the Rewards.

      1. I see that i can do 4 eeeards now and see 2 nights for all hotels except vdara aria and bellagio but see it for the others did i not spend enough? $75

        1. I do not know. I am certain I spent less than that when they showed up for me and they are still there.
          There may be other factors at play.

  7. Hi Mark,

    I just purchased a 1 night comp for Aria and wanted to use it for Dec 19-20 (which is deemed as a comp night) when I went to book the room online it said that the date was not available. Do you know if there is any way around this? I know that the rooms are subject to availability but was just wondering if anyone was still able to book a room otherwise.

    Thanks always,


    1. Are you able to see the 2 Night Reward? If so, you might try canceling the single night and using the 2 Night. It has a little more availability around those dates and is 2,000 LPs cheaper.
      Aside from that or calling, I’m not aware of any other workarounds.

  8. is the beau rivage still doing comp rooms? calendar only goes through june.

    1. I don’t really track the non-Las Vegas Room Rewards. I’m seeing the same calendar you are seeing. The Reward is still available and says it is good through, the end of this year. I read that to say the Comp Rooms are still available, but you may have to try to redeem it before seeing what dates are available. You can always cancel it if the dates you want are not available.

    1. Yes, but it is tricky.
      You won’t be able to use your LPs to get the second 2 Comp Night Reward until after the trip with your first Comp Night Reward. That gives you a short window to get the second Reward. In that scenario, both of those Rewards will be used within a 30-Day window, so you’d only be able to use one other MGM-based Reward during either of those trips (see the 3-in-30 limitations post).
      The Comp Room Rewards tend to be limited to one specific Reward per myVEGAS account, so the second Reward would need to be for a different hotel, too.

      1. It will be for a different hotel, so I could do this for myself and my wife which could give us 4 nights in NYNY and then 4 nights at MGM 2 weeks later

        1. No. You could do it for yourself, but not for your wife.
          Your wife would need their own myVEGAS and Mlife accounts and would need to use their own LPs to get the additional Rewards, following the same process outlined earlier.

            1. Just having an account isn’t enough. As I said in the previous response, she will need to get her Rewards herself. You can’t transfer LPs or Rewards from your account to hers.
              There are a lot of moving parts at play.
              First, you buy the 2-night Reward and make your reservation for the first trip. Then she buys her 2-night Reward and makes her reservation for the additional days of that trip.
              Then you wait.
              After you complete that trip, you scramble to get the 2-night Rewards for the next trip and repeat the same process. If you use other Rewards during your first trip and go over your limit, that will prevent you from using the second set of 2-night Rewards. With that in mind, I’d probably avoid using any other Rewards during the first trip.
              In theory, if you and your wife do all of that, it should work.
              I have no affiliation with myVEGAS/PlayStudios, so I cannot promise they will honor it, but you will have given yourself the best chance of it working.

  9. Hello is this up to date? I tried redeeming a 2 night comp at mgm for oct 10/11 and it’s showing rooms for the signature hotel. Am I missing something?

    1. It is as up to date as myVEGAS has published.
      I’m not sure I follow your statement. When you try to redeem the Reward for those dates, is it not allowing you to book the MGM Grand? Is it only showing dates for Signature? Is it saying those dates are not available as a comp?
      Perhaps your Reward is actually for Signature. I recall some people only being able to see the Signature Reward (not the MGM Grand Reward). The MGM Grand and Signature Rewards look almost identical in the myVEGAS listing which contributes to some confusion.

      1. So where can I find the 2 night comps for the regular mgm grand and not the signature? I’m having trouble.

        1. Both the MGM Grand and Signature Comp Room Rewards are under the MGM Grand tab. The basic text for both only say MGM Grand. The images and details are different, but they can be difficult to tell apart. Some people have reported only seeing the Signature 2 Night Comp Room Reward. I just checked and both are visible to me. They are both the same price (95,000LPs – which also leads to some confusion).

            1. If you are talking about the 2 night comp, yes. 2 Night Room Rewards typically show up after making chip purchases. I cannot promise that the MGM Grand one will show up after a certain amount, though. It appeared with all of the other 2 night Rewards when I first triggered them and it has been visible to me since then. There are others who see the Signature 2 Night, but not the MGM Grand 2 Night. I do not know why that happens.

        2. I actually have the same question and I am going on the same dates as you Vanessa. Seeing the same thing as you. On the app, it says 2 comp nights at signature after selecting the MGM grand hotel in the rewards section, but after I purchase the reward, it’s unavailable on those dates although they’re highlighted in Mark’s calendar. Strange!

      2. Do you now when my vegas updates the seasanol 2 night comps for fall 2018??(where going on 04-09-2018 to the mandalay bay for 10 days and we have a lot of LP to spend)

        1. It looks like Summer 2 Night Comps were not released, so I wouldn’t plan on Fall ones being available. It may have been one of those things where MGM and myVEGAS tried out the Reward and decided not to continue it.
          It looks like they have the regular 2 Night Comp Reward available for dates in that range.

  10. Two part question 1. I used my two night comp reward for Vdara and I’m trying to use a 1 night comp reward for Bellagio on the same trip in September but I’m not able to buy the 1 night, I have already reserved my two nights at Vdara, how long do I have to wait before I can buy the 1 night at Bellagio. 2nd part, can I buy my comp reward and redeem it for same day stay?

    1. You won’t be able to get a second comp room Reward for that trip.
      This is where the terminology get tricky. Even though you have used that reward code to make your reservation (and it is no longer refundable), myVEGAS considers you to actually be using the Reward when you are staying at the hotel. That Vdara 2 night comp will count as part of your 3 in 30 during that trip, too. You will not be able to get another comp room Reward until after your Vdara stay.
      As for part 2, you could conceivably get the comp Reward and use it the same day, but when you are in Las Vegas many of the Rewards (including the comp rooms) are not visible or available. The system checks your location. If it sees that you are in Las Vegas or the vicinity, it won’t even display the Reward.

      1. I have a related question. I redeemed one comp night at Bellagio in September and already booked it. I know you can only use one comp reward in a 30-day period. However, I want to switch it to a different hotel – Vdara possibly. Is there a way to swap since I’m only intending to use one comp night still?

        I was told you could potentially call and have them push the free night to a night 30 days or more out so you could book the other night. You would just lose the LP (which I’m fine with) But it still won’t let me redeem another room. It says you already have a room in your wallet if I try. Is there any way around this?

        1. You were given inaccurate information.
          As long as you have a Comp Room Reward in your wallet or have a future reservation booked using a Comp Room Reward, you cannot get another Comp Room Reward. Changing the date on the existing reservation won’t help. If you were to use a Comp Room Reward right now for a stay in December, you wouldn’t be able to get another Comp Room Reward until after that December stay.

          You can cancel the current reservation, though. You won’t get the LPs refunded (which you have already said isn’t a problem), but you will be able to get a new Comp Reward once that is canceled.

  11. Hi – I am travelling to Las Vegas 31st December until 07th Jan 2019. Do you know when rewards for Jan are normally available? I have currently booked a normal rate to cover New Years Eve – but would love to be able to use for the 01st and 02nd Jan 2019 with a 2 day reward. Do you think that this would at all be possible? Currently booked the Lucky Dragon due to the low room rates. Thanks!

    1. Wow. I didn’t know the Lucky Dragon was still open.

      Next year’s Rewards tend to come out in late November / early December. The way New Years Eve lands, you should be able to find low rates for the few days after that, so it makes sense that those would be dates where Rewards are also available.

  12. Question, I’m trying to stay at Vdara for 6 nights. I see there’s a comp room available (according to the calendar) on a Thursday. Is it possible to get my Mlife rate for Sun-Wed, use a myVegas comp for Thurs and also get my Mlife rate for Fri? Thanks!

    1. Yes. You need to be logged in to your Mlife account when you make the reservation using the Reward. Any additional dates will show your rates with your Mlife tier discount applied.

  13. For anyone reading this I highly suggest booking through mlife… they always have 4 night comp rooms…. my Husband and I stayed at Excalibur…. I registered him as a guest so he could use his my Vegas rewards as well as myself! Just for booking room I got 10 in free play… we proceeded to mlife desk and cashed in myVEGAS rewards and each of us got $50 free play… then 25 in free play….also redeemed a free dinner buffet for each of us…. my husband being a new mlife member also recieved $30 in free play for reaching 500 points on mlife card playing slots…. that’s $190 in free play total plus free buffet worth $57 and 4 free nights! So worth it

    1. Checking rates through your Mlife account is always a good idea. Having an Mlife offer for 4 comped nights isn’t something everyone is going to have, though.
      I’m glad you were able to maximize your Rewards by using both Mlife and myVEGAS.
      Thank you for sharing.

      1. Have you heard any updates on whether the 2 Comp Nights Summer reward will become available any time soon?

        1. I have not. Right now, I’m considering the seasonal comps to be a thing of the past, but I will continue to keep an eye out for them.

    2. Where exactly in mlife online do you see “4-night comp rooms” or any other of the myVegas rewards? Can you walk me through it please? Maybe a screenshot as well? Thanks!!! Planning for a 40th birthday!

  14. Hi Mark! Since myvegas hasn’t released summer rewards yet and it’s already half way into July, do you think it’s possible they don’t have any more seasonal rewards?

    1. It is possible, but the Spring ones weren’t released until late in the month, either.

  15. Hi Mark! I once stayed at MGM using a myvegas reward for one comp night and the charged me the resort fee and also asked me for a $100 deposit. And now Im using a 2 como nights reward for park mgm and the total is $84. Do you know if they also ask for any deposit?
    Thank you!
    Great info!

    1. Hi.
      All of the MGM properties charge a resort fee. The amount varies a little by property.
      All Las Vegas hotels (and almost every hotel elsewhere that lets you charge things to your room) place a credit card hold when you check in. I have a list of current hotel credit card hold amounts here. The holds can be confusing since they are not an actual charge. They will show up as a pending charge if you check your credit card account and they do decrease your available credit on that card, but they are not an actual charge and the holds are usually released within a few days of checking out.

      1. I just stayed at Excalibur and they did not put the hold on card because I paid in full when I checked in….unless you plan on charging to the room then I suggest paying in full at check in

  16. Hi Mark, I just wanted to confirm with you and whoever is reading this……can you see the 2 room comps for most hotels? Wether or not you have purchased chips over $30/$50 dollars. I just want to know it’s not just me. Can you please let me know what you see?

    1. Yes. I can see the regular 2 night comp room reward for Aria, Bellagio, etc. all the way down to Excalibur.
      Another reader posted a photo of the 2 night reward they were seeing in the discussion about MGM Grand / Signature rooms in the Getting More Rewards comments.

      1. So in your best guess, do you think if I spend the $30 on chips it should most likely pop up for me?

  17. I would like to redeem two comp nights at the Mirage. How would I do this when they are not listed on myvegas rewards?

  18. Thanks for the great info on this site. Are the summer rewards up right now or should I be holding out for something better? I only have 2 day hotel rewards for Park MGM and the Signature.

    1. Thanks!
      I’m checking every day and haven’t seen the Summer Rewards yet.
      I will post when I see them.

        1. They are from myVEGAS. Many are available via a link in the Reward details. Other require a bit more work.
          I’m just making them a lot easier to access.

  19. Hello Mark, I tried to use the one comp room for the Bellagio. When I called I was told that Bellagio doesn’t do comps on anything. Also, the calendar has the open dates and a few of the hotels had open rooms. I was told I couldn’t use my free comp room on yesterday the 4th. Is Bellagio not apart of Myvegas rewards program?

    1. The Bellagio definitely comps things. The idea that the Bellagio doesn’t comp anything is pretty silly.
      Where were you calling? The process to get a comp room is all done online (as described when you purchase the Reward on myVEGAS). This is all done in advance, too.
      It is possible that they decided to make July 4th comp rooms unavailable after the calendar went out since it is a holiday. That is not typical, but it is possible.

  20. Im looking for Beau Rivage comp calendar for August 2018. Do you know where I can find this??

    1. I am not aware of a published calendar for Beau Rivage.
      If you have enough LPs for it, you can always get it and then cancel it if the dates you need are not available.

  21. Hi Mark, do you know when its going be ready the comps for january 2019?
    I will go to Vegas from january 1 to january 5 and Im so interesting in the 2 night comps 🙂

    Thank you

    1. You are going to have to wait a while.
      The calendars that will include January typically are not released until mid/late-November.
      On the bright side, those days are not typically high demand days, so even if comps are not available, rates should be fairly low.

    1. As a general rule, Mlife comp room fine print says the offers cannot be combined with any other offers (including myVEGAS comp rooms). If you are taking a long enough trip, you may be able to take advantage of multiple non-consecutive offers by staying elsewhere for a few days between MGM property stays.

  22. Any idea when the summer rewards come out? I’ve been wanting to book a 2 night comp room for July, but they haven’t offered the summer rewards yet .

    1. Nope.
      But I will keep checking and will post when I see them.

  23. Hey Mark,

    I actually do not see the 2 night comp room for Bellagio or Aria in my rewards, no rewards for the Signature as well, is this something I should wait out or is it possible I may need to buy chips?

        1. Hi Ashley.
          It means that I think the Reward was probably visible to me since I had recently purchased chips in the myVEGAS game.

            1. Kind of. By default, the Mlife-based Rewards have a 3 in 30 limitation. However there are players who are allowed 4 (like me), 5 or even 6 (so I have heard). They have achieved that by buying chips. There are no advertised purchase levels, but it seems like you are allowed 4-in-30 if you buy around $50 in chips. Purchasing chips is also the common factor in people being able to see some of the higher end and 2-night comp Rewards. You can read a little bit more about that in my Getting More myVEGAS Rewards post.

                1. It is currently 3 (Opal) and will probably stay that way for a while. It has been as high as 5 (Sapphire).

                1. Check out the Getting More myVEGAS Rewards post mentioned at the end of the page for more info on that.

  24. Hi, your calendar for the Bellagio one night comp room shows a reward can be used on 8/31 which is a Friday. However, the terms of the reward says it can only be used from Sunday – Thursday. Can you confirm your promotional calendar is accurate and reward can be used on Friday, 8/31? Thank you!

    1. Interesting.
      I am not affiliated with myVEGAS, so I cannot promise anything, but 8/31 is available on the official calendar.
      If that is the night you want, I’d suggest getting the Reward and trying it. If the system doesn’t let you use it due to the Sunday-Thursday specification, you can always cancel the Reward and get your LPs back.

  25. Hi, does anyone know when the 1st of Jan 19 to the 4th of Jan 19 will possibly be released? This 4 day chunk usually gets released before the rest of the first half of the year. I remember thinking it weird but they happen to be the days I need! Well a 2 night comp anyway.

    1. Early January dates are released at the same time as the rest of the January-June dates. Based on past years, I’d expect those dates to come out in the last half of November.
      If you want to see what was available last year, you can check my 2017 archive post.

  26. Hi I’m planning a trip next month for July. I noticed for Luxor/Excalibur there are no weekends dates available. Will this change at all once the summer dates come out or is that not likely? Just wanting to know weather I should wait or just book a room now

    1. Weekend dates are rare. I would not expect any weekend dates to be included in the Two Comp Nights Summer rewards (I’m assuming that is what you are asking about).

  27. All of my room reward options are either for the Spring and only available through the end of June or say “Reward must be used within 30 days of purchase.” If I am wanting to plan a trip for the end of July, when will I be able to book the room?

    1. When the Room Rewards say “must be used within 30 days”, that means you must use the Reward to book the reservation within 30 days of getting the Reward. The stay can be for any available day(s) on the Availability Calendar.

      1. This isn’t true because I called mgm grand yesterday to book my 2 night comp and they said it’s only good till the end of June I have to wait for the summer promotions to come out

        1. There are 2 different types of 2 night comps – seasonal and regular/non-seasonal. What they said for the seasonal 2 night comps is correct. The current seasonal Two Comp Nights Spring rewards are only good through the end of June. The regular Two Comp Room Nights reward is good for dates through the end of December as noted on the calendars on this page.
          The calendars you see in this post are for the regular, non-seasonal Rewards (Two Comp Room Nights, One Room Night, Special Rate and 25% Off).
          I do not post actual calendars for the seasonal rewards since the dates are so limited – I just list the dates. You can see the dates for the seasonal Spring rewards in the myVEGAS Two Night Comp Room Rewards Spring 2018 post mentioned at the top of the post. When the Summer rewards are released I will post them and update that link.

          1. That makes a lot more sense, do you know when they post their summer promotions

  28. Thank you so much for posting these! It makes it so much easier to look up the info!

  29. Hello,
    If I want to reserve some nights in July are the rewards that are posted now on MyVEGAS valid for that month?

    1. Yes. Current Rewards should be valid for all available dates on the posted calendars.

  30. Where in the game can you find the comp for a free night at the signature? I don’t see it’s anywhere

      1. I can’t see the Signature Comp reward either. It would be listed under MGM Grand, though.
        My guess is that it is for higher level players that have bought enough chips, but I don’t know that.
        They updated the calendar for it, though, so the Reward must be available to some players.

        1. And now I can see the Signature 2 Night comp. You have to click the Reward to see that it is for Signature instead of just MGM. This seems to have happened after I “popped the Bottle” of chips for $3.

          1. So all you have to do is spend $3 and it will activate the reward?

            1. I do not know that (and I certainly wouldn’t promise that).
              I have made chip purchases in the past, but it has been a while. That probably factored in.

  31. Thanks for posting the new calendar. Do you know when the games will update with the new rewards?

    1. Hi.
      The Rewards have been updated and match the calendar dates.

        1. Can you share what specifically you are seeing as older rewards? I’ve already used the Mandalay Bay Comp Room Reward to reserve a free night in July. I’ve seen the new dates reflected in the rewards that specify travel window dates, too.

          1. I’m looking for the 2 night comp at ny ny. I’m guessing everything else has updated besides that

            1. Hmmm. The 2 night comps were updated, too.
              Now the Seasonal Two Night Comps are still set for the spring. I wouldn’t expect the summer ones to be out until the end of June (after the Spring dates pass). Those are different rewards than the regular 2 night comps, though.

          2. All I see are two night seasonal and nothing for any other two night comp rooms

            1. Ah. That sounds like a different issue. Had you been able to see the non-seasonal 2 night comp rewards before? The regular, non-seasonal Rewards typically appear after purchasing chips. I have a little more info on that in my How To Get More myVEGAS Rewards post.

              1. No, the two night comps have never been on their. Just the seasonal

  32. Hi Mark – thanks for posting the calendars for the whole year. I noticed there aren’t too many dates in September or October – particularly at Aria. Do they ever add dates or once it’s set is that usually it?

    Also, what does it take to get a free night at Bellagio? That hasn’t shown up for me yet.


    1. Hi.
      Once the calendars are posted, that’s it. Dates are not added.
      It is possible that seasonal two night comp Rewards can fill in some of those dates, but it is not likely.

      I don’t know what it takes to reveal all of the Rewards. Buying chips and having higher levels seems to help, but I do not know the specifics for that one.

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