myVEGAS Room Rewards Calendars 2017

(updated  December 2017)

(Please visit my full myVEGAS Room Rewards Calendars page for the most current calendars)

This is an archival post
with the Comp Room calendars from 2017 since many people have been asking for them.
(Click on image for larger  version)
Dates in gold/yellow are the available dates.

Aria Comp Room Calendar

Excalibur Comp Room Calendar


Luxor Comp Room Calendar

MGM Grand Comp Room Calendar

Mandalay Bay Comp Room Calendar

Mirage Comp Room Calendar

Monte Carlo Comp Room Calendar

New York – New York Comp Room Calendar

Vdara Comp Room Calendar

29 thoughts on “myVEGAS Room Rewards Calendars 2017”

  1. Does anyone know if the calendar for the two comp room calendar is the same as the two comp room: fall 2017?

  2. Hey, I noticed there’s no dates for October. Would you expect them to add more 2 night comps at a later date for fall or usually it’ll stay where it is

  3. I noticed they took away the comp nights from the rewards section. I’m planning a trip in the fall. Any idea when they will make them available again?

    1. Hi.
      I assume you are talking about the 2-night comps since the single night Comp Room Rewards are still there. The last available date for the Summer 2-night comp room was September 7th. Since that date has passed, the Reward is no longer available.
      I’d expect the Fall 2-night comp rewards to come out in the next few weeks and include dates for October through December.

    2. The Fall dates are out. I will get them posted soon. I am not seeing any dates available in October.

    1. As a general rule, yes, you will have to pay for parking. You can see the parking details and exceptions here.

  4. Is there at charge at Luxor or excalibur to use the pools even if you are staying at hotel???

    1. There is no charge for hotel guests to use the pool. The hotels do charge a Resort Fee but that is not related to pool access.

    1. Thanks!
      And no. I wouldn’t expect updates that include January 2018 until late November at the earliest. It would be great if they updated them and refreshed the Rewards earlier, but they don’t.

  5. Looking for comp rooms the first week of October. Will any come out? Debating if I should wait or just book something else now.

    1. Hi.
      I’m not exactly sure what you are asking. Some of the hotels do have comp rooms for October (as listed on the calendars). They are not going to be adding more comp dates for October, though.

  6. Any update on the 2 night comp nights for Aug
    All they are showing is Spring and it ends June 22

    1. Same question! I got a trip in July and looking to book two nights.

  7. Purchased 2 comp night reward
    Click mlife link in email
    Web page mlife Dates say ‘thru Dec 28th 2017’ but dates do not come up on for December!! They only go til end November
    I’ve emailed mlife but as yet they haven’t replied
    It’s a bit annoying!
    Why advertise Dec 28th deadline if you’re only going to show calendar til end November?!

    1. Hi.
      While the Rewards are good for travel dates through Dec 28th, you can only book the rooms up to 6 months in advance. So if you log into Mlife today and try to make your reservation, it will show dates through December 14th. If you need a date later in December, just wait a few more days.

    2. Have you purchased chips in the past? Wondering if that’s why you have the option for a two comp night reward through Dec 2017. I don’t have that option. Thanks!

  8. I just tried to redeem for December (mirage) but dates on mlife were only up til end Nov
    When I clicked the email link, the mlife page stated dates thru to Dec 28th but December wasn’t showing in calendar
    Do you think this Is this likely to show up in next few weeks as the months roll on?
    I’ve got until Aug to redeem.
    Any help appreciated – trying to plan our Dec vegas vacay!

    1. The Rewards and calendars have been updated thru December. This was recent, so the system may still be updating. My suggestion would be to check again at the end of next week (a few days into June).

  9. thanks Mark, – not looking good for October! any word on the monte carlo dates?

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