myVEGAS Room Rewards 2020

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(updated April 25, 2020)
myVEGAS no longer has a site where they post all off the availability calendars, but I have been compiling availability calendars for as many Room Rewards as I can. All calendars through the end of August 2020 are up now. A few of the Comp Room Rewards include weekend comps.

UPDATE Apr 30: MGM Resorts has moved their reopening target to June 1st. The May dates on the calendars have been canceled.

They have also added this disclaimer:
“This reward may be purchased immediately and will be valid for future use. – The redemption duration for this reward is 99 days or Sept 15th; whichever comes first – Players are encouraged to keep these rewards in their wallet in order to plan their future trips once travel restrictions are repealed – All rewards and offers are subject to change without notice as we decipher the best way to support our players future redemption plans and partner resources and availability.”

When you check the Reward, the  “Redeem reward by” date is the date you need to book the room by. The actual stay can still be for any available date on the calendar during the travel window.

The 1 Night and 2 Night Comp Reward Travel Windows are currently through August 31, 2020

If you have never purchased myVEGAS chips, you might not be able to see all of the comp Rewards in the app. I discuss this in my   Getting More myVEGAS Rewards post.

For additional information on redeeming the Rewards, visit my myVEGAS Reward Redemption Processes post. Also check out the 3 in 30 post and Comp Reward Limitations posts for important details. It may be helpful to read my Mlife Players Club info as well.


Aria Availability Calendar

Aria Availability Calendar

Aria Availability Calendar

Aria Availability Calendar


Bellagio Availability Calendar

Bellagio Availability Calendar

Bellagio Availability Calendar

Bellagio Availability Calendar


Excalibur Comp

Excalibur Comp




Luxor Availability Calendar

Luxor Availability Calendar

Luxor Availability Calendar

Luxor Availability Calendar

Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay Availability Calendar

Mandalay Bay Availability Calendar

Mandalay Bay Availability Calendar

Mandalay Bay Availability Calendar

MGM Grand

MGM Grand Availability Calendar

MGM Grand Availability Calendar

MGM Grand Availability Calendar

MGM Grand Availability Calendar


Mirage Availability Calendar

Mirage Availability Calendar

Mirage Availability Calendar

Mirage Availability Calendar

New York – New York

New York New York Availability Calendar

New York New York Availability Calendar

New York New York Availability Calendar

New York New York Availability Calendar


Park MGM Availability Calendar

Park MGM Availability Calendar

Park MGM Availability Calendar

Park MGM Availability Calendar


Signature Availability Calendar

Signature Availability Calendar


Vdara Availability Calendar

Vdara Availability Calendar

Vdara Availability Calendar

Vdara Availability Calendar

136 thoughts on “myVEGAS Room Rewards 2020”

  1. Hey!

    Sorry if this one was answered before, but when I look up 2 comp nights for Bellagio/Aria, they only give one bed options for rooms. Is there some way to book (and i presume pay extra) to get a two bed room?


  2. Hello! Do you have any idea when they will release the comps schedule for the rest of 2020? Staying a couple extra days after a work conference in September and I would like to book my room ASAP.

    1. I wouldn’t expect new calendars for at least a few months. My guess is late April or early May.

  3. Hi Mark,
    Thank you for the information. Do you have any info on Mirage 3 night comp (specifically April 2020)? I only see the 2 nights listed on this page.

    Level 669 on FB

    1. The Mirage 3 Night Comp is available. The dates are very limited and listed in the Reward details. Nothing is currently available after February 27th.

  4. Hi,
    I am using Comp Room Reward.
    But if it is sold out for the night I am looking for, is it possible it will release more vacancies?
    Or I should rather give up that one and choose another?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi.
      If the date is not available on the calendar, it will not be available. They do not add available dates after the calendar is released.

  5. So…is it ok if I book a 2 nighter, and my wife books a 2 nighter (on her own account) and then we would call afterwards to combine them? Or do we have to wait until we get there to combine them? Thanks!

  6. Mark, thanks for your information.
    As I can’t search for room for MGM Signature after Oct 24, do you know is it the hotel not yet release the room for booking? or does it mean the room is full booking?

    1. Hi.
      I’m not sure that I understand your question.
      Signature reservations currently show availability through September 2020 (one year away).
      If you are using a Comp Room Reward or other myVEGAS discount, you should be able to use it for any available night on the Reward Calendar through the end of this year.
      It is possible that it is sold out for the night you are looking for, but I would try again.

      Take Care,

      1. Yes. I am using Comp Room Reward.
        But I can’t find any room available for the reward after 24 Oct.
        Just want to know is it my problem or all the nights are sold out. Thanks.

  7. Thank you for maintaining this info, I appreciate the hell out it!

    Side note – Looks like Mandalay Bay’s 2 Comp Rooms Nights reward was pulled. Not seeing it listed.

      1. I don’t see the following 2 night comps,


        I only see the following 2 night comps

        MGM Signature
        Park MGM

        Level 202 on Phone app
        Level 320 on FB App

        1,306,712 Loyalty points

    1. Funny you should ask. I hope to have them up by the end of today.
      Take Care,

  8. Mark thank you so much for compiling these tables. I planned to visit Vegas on Sep 24 and has redeemed the KA show already, but none of the hotels offer comp room, is it a special date in US? Will the availability change closer the date? Thanks.

    1. Hi LC.
      I’m not aware of anything special about the 24th. Comp Room availability in September and October is limited.
      The availability only goes down as the date gets closer. Comp Rooms and hotels can sell out, so some dates could become unavailable. Dates are never added after the calendars come out, though.
      You may be able to find some good discounted rates for those dates here:

  9. These calendars really help. Thank you!
    I have questions on Mlife program. I’m currently in Gold Status, I can’t remember if I made it in Sept or Oct last year. I don’t have enough credits this year. I do have a vacation planned coming up, but I don’t think I’ll be able to earn enough tier credits (75,000) by the end of Sept. So what happens? Do I go all the way back to sapphire? Your posts are helpful, but no matter how hard I try I can’t figure out how I got the tier credits I get on my trips. The math just doesn’t add up, so I just estimate based on your cheat sheet. Most all my credits are earned through purchases. Any advice you can give?

    1. It sounds like you must have hit it in September. If you earned it after October 1st, your Tier Credits would be over 75,000 right now. They reset to 0 on October 1st each year.

      The tier you have effective October 1st will be based on the number of Tier Credits you had at the end of the day on September 30th. If you have under 25,000 Tier, yes, you will go back to Sapphire. If you have 25,000-74,999 Tier, though, you will have Pearl status.

      Calculating the Tier Credits can be a bit tricky – especially if you play table games as well. Remember that retail purchases do not earn any points (Tier Credits or Express Comps), so anything from the gift shop or other retail outlets isn’t going to contribute. Dining, entertainment and room charges are the purchase categories that are tracked for points. Even if you charge retail purchases to your room, it won’t count towards points.

      1. Thank you for your reply. It makes sense, because I did have zero until this summer. thanks again.

  10. Thanks for updating the Calendar Mark, this is great.

    What app do you use to redeem the rewards? I play a few apps and all connected to my Facebook account: Pop Slots, myKonami, myVegas Slots, and myVegas Blackjack.

    With those four games, I’ve probably spent about 50+ dollars, and for the hotel nights comps, I only seem to see them in the Pop Slots game (which I’ve only spent like 5 bucks in that app). Just wondering if you use Pop Slots or another app for redeeming your rewards, my other apps seems VERY limited to what rewards I can redeem and I’ve spent 25+ on each the other apps mentioned.


    1. You can get the Rewards from any of those apps. I tend to do it through the Facebook version instead of the mobile apps since it is a bit more user friendly to me. The only difference I have seen in Rewards in the different apps is that there are myKonami specific FreePlay Rewards that are only found in the myKonami app. I have seen no meaningful difference aside from that.
      Do you have location services enable for the apps? If not, the apps may be filtering out all of the Rewards that they don’t want people in the Las Vegas area to use. That is just a guess, though.

      1. Thank you so much for updating the calendar. I really appreciate it!

  11. First off, thank you so much for this site! So much information! But oh boy, I hope I can explain this well enough for you to understand and possibly answer my question.

    My girlfriend and I each have our own myvegas account. We each redeemed for a night at NYNY and paid for one night (since we haven’t spent any money on chips and didn’t get the comp two night offer).

    We also wanted to redeem LP’s for a dinner buffet each at the Luxor. The conditions say that you need one night stay at any MGM resort, which we have at NYNY.

    So my question is, does that one night paid cover me for any dinner comps that require a stay, for all 3 nights? And would it cover both me and my girlfriend if we each got a dinner voucher?

    I hope that was clear enough, have a great day!

    1. I think I follow.
      The required one night stay for the buffet does not have to be a paid stay. Your comped nights count as a stay for that. As long as you are both on the room when you go to the Mlife desk to get the Reward added to your card, you will be fine.
      I will caution you that the line at the Mlife desk at Luxor is the longest and slowest in Las Vegas. You might want to reconsider buffets if the comp is important.

  12. All of these hotels have the complimentary two night option? Specifically, Bellagio? How do you access that, because all that I see under Bellagio rewards is the one complimentary night option.

      1. So is it related to your VIP level, or your purchases? I’m currently at level 3 VIP and can easily get to level 4, but have no intention of spending any money on chips.

          1. And is it once you’ve purchased a certain dollar amount it stays there permanently, or it eventually resets if you don’t continue purchasing? Like if you purchase $50 worth of chips in June 2018, it unlocks and you don’t make any future purchases, will it disappear again at some point in 2018 or 2019?

            1. They don’t publish any of those details, but I still have 4 Premium Rewards per 30 days and can see 2-Night Comps for every property. Once unlocked, they seem to stay there. I can’t guarantee that won’t change at some point.

              1. When was your last purchase? My only interest is the rooms, so if it’s a one time threshold, there’s a lot of value in that extra free night, as someone who goes or Vegas 4-5 times a year.

                1. I probably haven’t purchased chips in over a year. I really suggest you read the Getting More myVEGAS Rewards post I mentioned earlier.

              2. Hi, I am needing 2 complimentary nights on the 26th & 27th August…is there anyway I can see which hotels have 2 Comp Nights for this period ?
                Also am I able to book them now or do I have to wait until it’s within 30 days?
                Thank you for your help 🙂

                1. Those dates are available at Excalibur and are probably available at Luxor (based on the 1 nt comp dates). They are not available at Park MGM. You should be able to see those calendars in the current post. Right now, the only way to check additional availability is to get the Reward and try to book the dates. If the dates are not available, you can cancel the Reward and get your LPs back. But you can only do that 5 times in a rolling 30 day period, so be careful going that route. I’ve already done my 5 cancellations, so I can’t repeat the process to update more calendars for a while.

                  I highly recommend booking your room as soon as you know the dates you need. That ‘use within 30 days’ means that you have to make the reservation within 30 days of getting the Reward. The stay itself can be any available day through the end of the travel window (which should cover the rest of this year). That part does not have to happen within 30 days of getting the Reward. (note: this is also stated at the beginning of this post).

  13. You mentioned you have Park MGM 1 night calendar, I think you might have missed the picture above, can you please kindly add it back?

    2 questions for you experts too:
    1) I need to book July dates, but they are still not available. Can I redeem my LP points with a hotel stay, and see if they have July dates when i get the link? Would this method work?

    After I get the LP points, got the email to redeem, clicked on to redeem, but before my reservation, can i still get a refund on myvegas?

    2) if my intended travel dates only correspond to the 2 night comp available dates, can i get 2 nights, and just stay there for the 1st night? Provided that i have enough LP of course.

    Thanks a bunch!

    1. I am not in a place where I can fix the post for a while. Sorry about that.
      Yes, you can get the Reward and check the dates that way. That is how I got the new dates that I have uploaded.
      You can cancel the Reward as long as you have not made the reservation and it is before the ‘use by’ date.

    2. The Park MGM 1 night calendar is back up.
      It is very similar to the 2 night calendar.

  14. question. So some of the room rewards like mgm signature one night sun- thu said redeem by july 3
    does this mean I have to complete my stay by july 3 or only reserve the room by july 3?

    1. When you check the Reward, the “Redeem reward by” date is the date you need to book the room by. The actual stay can still be for any available date on the calendar during the travel window.

  15. Hi, Does anyone know when the next stage of the calender is coming out. I want to book some rooms for maybe December/January?

    1. It should be out soon. Many of the Rewards have said “Must use by June 12th” for a while, so I am taking that as am important date and would expect new Rewards and calendars around that time.
      I can almost guarantee the new calendars will end in December and not have January dates, though.

      1. Hi – trying to make sure I understand. If I can use 3 rewards during my trip can they be 3 comp nights? or could I only use one and if I can only use one can it be combined with my friend who is traveling with me if she also has a reward for a comp night? Thank you in advance for your time and help!

        1. While you can use 3 Rewards, almost every Reward has its own limitation. You can only get one comp night at a time.
          You can combine your reservation with your friend. Check the Comp Reward Limitations post mentioned at the top of this post for additional info.

  16. Can a comp’ed room be combine with a special room rate comp? For example, I use a comp room to stay on Monday, can I use the special room rate comp on Tues and Wed?

  17. If I get a reward for a comped room do I have to book by the date they show or does my stay have to be completed before then?

  18. When will the summer 2019 calendar be out for room rewards? Thank you!

    1. They should be out soon. I do not have a date for them, but my guess is within the next few weeks.

  19. hi, i would like take the two comp night at bellagio for august, do i can? or i must to wait the next calendar?

    1. You will need to wait until the rewards are refreshed and the calendars updated.

  20. This has probably been asked a million times already, but I am going to ask because I cant find the info. I have enough point to do a two night comp and a one room comp. Am I able to do this for the same visit? Also, my husband has enough for two nights. Are we able to combine everything to do 5 nights in total? Or can we do 2 nights at one place and 3 at another? Any help would be great

    1. As a general rule, myVEGAS will not let you purchase a Comp Room Reward if there is already one in your wallet or if you have an upcoming trip using a myVEGAS Comp Room Reward. That means combining a 2 night comp and single night comp on your own account isn’t going to work.
      If your husband has their own myVEGAS and Mlife accounts, you could both get 2 night Comp Rewards for consecutive nights if the dates are available.

  21. I believe Bellagio and the Mirage have their calendars extended till December?

    1. I just checked and I am not seeing extended dates yet. I will follow up on this, though. It is possible (although a bit early based on their history).

  22. I read on the FB group that they saw the dates have been extended. Do you know if there is any truth to this?

    1. I just checked and I am not seeing extended dates yet. I will follow up on this, though. It is possible (although a bit early based on their history).

  23. I noticed that the Aria or Bellagio 2 comp rooms are no longer listed on the app. It’s not even listed as sold out, but just gone. Maybe because it’s already close to the end of their current calendar? I was just interested in knowing how much these offers typically run for as an FYI.

    1. The Aria 2 night comp is 198,000 LP. It is actually 2,000 LP cheaper than the single night.
      The Bellagio 2 night comp is 250,000 LP.
      I can see both of them in the app and Facebook versions.

  24. Hi!
    We are headed to Vegas from June 26 to 29. All of the hotel calendars seem to stop like on June 17th. Does that mean there will be no more dates in June added at the end of the month when they update the calendar with new months? When I talked to the MyVEGAS operator in early March. She said try again in early April. No change. Now I’m panicked I won’t be able to use my comp night rewards at the end of June.
    Any advice would be much appreciated!

  25. Hi,

    Going to Vegas for 3 nights in June. I booked a comped offer I received in email from MLIFE at Aria. My friend is using MyVegas reward for 2 comped nights at Park MGM. Would it be possible for me to use a MyVegas 1 night comp to get him his 3rd night at Park MGM comped if I checked in with him? I didn’t know if a MyVegas room reward at Park MGM would be allowed since I’m using an MLIFE offer already at Aria.

    1. You can always give it a shot, but they typically do not allow using comps for multiple hotels on the same night (or consecutive nights using the same account). You’d be able to find out when you try to book it though.

  26. Hi,
    I recently booked a reservation for 2 comp room nights at Bellagio. I used my myvegas rewards loyalty point. I clicked on the link from my rewards purchase and then clicked on the comp days available. After I did it I got a confirmation email of reservation with just the $88 for the 2 nights stay for the resort pay.
    What confuses me is when I log in at my Mlife account and my hotel reservation says that I owe $388 upon check in.
    Do I have to pay $388 or the $88 which was the amount in the email that they sent me first.
    I just want to be clear about this. Thanks for your help.

    1. Great Question! I was confused by this the first time it happened to me, too. The 2 nights are still comped.
      I am not sure why they do that, but the system does credit the account properly when you check in.

      1. I think I read somewhere that they do that because if you cancel late or are a no show, you will be charged.

  27. Do you know if and when they are going to come out with the Spring 2019 2-night comps?

  28. Hello,
    My wife and I are going to Las Vegas in June and saw that the Signature has two of the 3 days we will be there available for a Hotel Comp via Myvegas loyalties points. My question is , IF I wanted to book those rooms for June, can I use the reward now for that reservation, or do I have to wait the within 30 day period. In other words can I use the reward now for June or do I have to wait till May ?

    1. Use it now. You can use the Reward for any available days on the calendar. You just need to make the reservation within 30 days of getting the Reward.

  29. When we purchase the room comp rewards, we only have king beds and the standard room as a choice? I got one for Bellagio but only shows the Resort King room. I’m choosing between the two comp night Bellagio, Vdara or MGM Grand/Signature.

    1. Calendars and Rewards are typically updated about a month before the previous ones expire (so if you are looking for July – December, you probably won’t be able to see those dates until June).

  30. This might be a dumb question but we are looking to stay 4 nights at either Mandalay Bay or Mirage in May (the 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd). Two of our nights are on the comp calendar and I have enough coins to buy them. Am I able to use the code on my 4 night stay to get the 2 nights comped or do I have to make 2 reservations? Does anyone know how those 2 resorts are about combining reservations (1 will be paid). I feel like I did a partial Myvegas reward/partial regular reservation years ago and it was a huge pain (lots of threatening that we would have to switch rooms or that we would get a smoking room for the comped nights) but that was before the advent of the promo codes. Also why does it say it has be redeemed before 4/9? Does that mean I just have to have the reservation booked by then? It truly doesn’t make any sense that I would actually have to redeem the room by then (that would mean our stay would have to be before 4/9). I think I’m just going to go ahead and purchase the reward for both hotels, I can always cancel them if I don’t end up using them, right?

    1. Hi.
      You can book additional nights in the same reservation as a Comped Room Rewards reservation. You will just have to pay the going rate for the non-comped nights. Just enter the nights you want when you make your reservation using your myVEGAS Reward and it will apply the comp where it can and show you the rates for the other nights.
      The Redeem by 4/9 means you need to make your reservation by then. Your actual trip can be for any available dates on the Rewards calendars (through the end of June right now).
      Once you get a Comp Room Reward, the system won’t let you get another until you either cancel the Reward or take the trip using that Reward, so getting both at the same time won’t be an option. They are both nice resorts. I’d say choose the one that makes the most sense for your trip and roll with that.

    1. Calendars and Rewards are typically updated about a month before the previous ones expire (so if you are looking for July – December, you probably won’t be able to see those dates until June).

  31. This isn’t really a hotel-related question, but do you know if there’s a limit to how many Cirque tickets you can buy within the 30 day period? If there’s no limit, do you know if you can buy 2 and then redeem them for seats right next to each other? I’ve never redeemed any shows before, so I’m not sure of the details. Thanks!

    1. If you are talking about using myVEGAS Rewards for them, the 3 in 30 Days limit still applies. Those Rewards are typically limited to one per player as well. If one of the other people going can also get the Reward, you can try to go online at the same time when you select your seats to get seats next to each other.

  32. I already have a flight booked for May 29-June 4, and am staying at the Bellagio for most of those nights. Yet when I try to use a comp for May 29-30 or 30-31, it shows up as “unavailable”. This happens even though the rooms are marked as yellow, “available” nights. My friend used a 2 night comp for 2-4 at the Bellagio, but even when I try to use a comp for one of those nights, it also shows up as unavailable for me. I reached out to MyVegas and they have been utterly unhelpful, telling me how I can cancel my redemption. I’ve already wasted once cancelation on trying to book the Bellagio, and I’m about to waste another trying to cancel a redemption at the Aria, since I apparently can’t use a comp during the nights they say are available.
    Any reason why this would be? Do I need to see if they restock rooms? I haven’t spent any money in the game, but my friend has. It would still be worth it for me to try that, but I don’t want to waste $50 for them to still tell me that those nights are unavailable.

    1. Hi Sarah.
      There are a couple things to touch on here.
      First: Don’t buy more chips. That will not make an unavailable date available.
      Second: Dates do sell out and/or become unavailable after the calendars are released. I have not seen it happen much, but it does happen and those would be popular dates.
      Third: It might be related to your existing reservation. If you are already using a comp or room offer (including those directly through Mlife) you might not be able to add another comp or room offer reservation within a few days of that trip.

      I wouldn’t be too worried about canceling the Reward. You can cancel 5 every 30 days.

  33. Do you know if it’s possible to book a room in the fall, even though dates aren’t on the calendar? Or do I have to wait until July for the calendar to come out to book a room for available dates? I’m hoping to go sometime in late September or early October.

    1. If you want to use a MyVEGAS Reward for that room, you have to wait until the new calendars come out AND the Rewards are updated to match. Any Room Reward you would purchase now would only be good for stays on the current availability calendars (which run through the end of June right now).
      You are planning ahead which is great, but you are probably going to have to wait until May or June to see what dates will be available for the Fall.

  34. I have over 4 million My Vegas points and now they appear to be useless to book rooms unless you stay during the week. I’ve spent a ton of money buying chips. What an utter rip-off. I will be telling everyone I know not to bother!

    1. 4 Million LPs is a lot. Even the Bellagio 2 Night Comp is only 250,000 LPs. With 4 million LPs you need to focus on non-room options as well. Maybe one of the cruises or helicopter tours in addition to lots of dining. If you have spent enough to get 4 million LPs you can probably use more than 3 Mlife based Rewards in 30 days, but you still have more LPs that you could possibly use in a few trips.

  35. Thank you so much for making this … March 1 ,2 looks like isn’t available anywhere:( so sad !!!

    1. You are welcome. Thanks!
      There is a fight at T-Mobile Arena that night which might be contributing to the high room demand (which leads to no comp room availability).

  36. How come I don’t have any comp room offers in my game? Any ideas? Best I have is 25% off rate

  37. On the 25th of June we are going to Vegas for 2 nights. I have got enough points on MyVegas but according to your calendars it looks like no complimentary room will be available for these nights. Is there a possibility that there will be some complimentary rooms will come avaiable for our dates?

    1. All available dates between now and the end of June are on the calendar. If you have an Mlife account already, you might want to check your account to see if you have an offer direct through Mlife.

    1. I am not seeing any Comp or Discount rooms for Circus Circus. Do those Rewards show up for you?

  38. For a 2 night reward to BOTH nights have to appear in yellow on the calendar? Or just the 1st night when you check in?

    1. Yes. Both nights need to be available / appear in yellow on the calendar.

  39. So i am going to vegas in feburary 24 until march 2nd if i was to click on a reward to book for those dates will it show me if the date is available to book and if it is not avaliable will it use my chips to use the reward even though i didnt use the reward

    1. As long as you have not used the Reward, you can cancel it and get your LP’s refunded. You just need to make sure that you cancel before the Reward expires.

    1. It will be a long time before those are available. My guess is sometime in June.

  40. Any Idea on when calendars will become available for July 2019 and beyond? Thanks

  41. Does anybody know the 3 night comp dates available for Mirage in Feb, I m still away 12k points and can see this particular offer comes up n goes away quickly ..also can I use these for 2 rooms as we plan to stay in feb for 2 nights and we need another room for our friend for a night during the same period….

      1. Thank you Mark…yeah can I book a 2 night stay with three night comp n do checkout earlier…I hope the hotel won’t charge me resort fee…

  42. I have noticed that now, instead of “redeem reward by” it says “use reward by”…does this make a difference?

    1. It does not make a difference. Their terminology can be a little flaky. The reality is the same, though. As long as the date you need is available reward calendar you can book it. You just need to book it within 30 days of using your LPs to get the Reward.

  43. The rewards for comp rooms at aria and bellagio say must be redeemed by January 31. I dont want to make a huge error since I cent go until April ’19, so if I redeem as they have it are we sure I can use it in april as that word usually means use and final…thanks 😉

    1. The “Redeem reward by” date is the date you need to book the room by. The actual stay can still be for any available date on the calendar during the travel window.

  44. Hi Mark,

    I have 60k+ coins but I don’t see any comp nights ….Any particular reason….. do i have to buy some chips to get that….

    1. Your number of coins shouldn’t matter. Your level might. As far as I know you should be able to see at least some Comp Room Rewards as soon as you start playing myVEGAS, though. Buying chips tends to unlock/reveal more of the higher end comp rewards (like the 2 night comps).

  45. I’m trying to book 4 nights (2 from mine +2 from wife) for March 10-14. Would prefer Vdara. Do you think there is any chance I’m going to be able to book those dates at all?

  46. Can i combine two comp nights from two different acounts one is mine and the other is my wife?

    1. They have cracked down on that a lot. As long as you both have your own, independent Mlife accounts you may be able to do it, though. I go over the process of combining myVEGAS reservations in my Redemption Process post. You can also try combining when you check in, but that may require you to check out and then check in to a different room.

    2. Adrian, We did this last year at Aria. At the front desk we told them we had 2 separate reservations and she said she would combine them no problem. They were both free rooms from MyVegas.

      1. From what I have seen, the staff at Aria is much more accomodating for things like this. When you get to Luxor, Excalibur, MGM Grand, etc. it is more of a crapshoot.

  47. I’m still not seeing many of these rewards. The 3-night Mirage is showing up but not the 2-night Aria or Vdara (which is what I really want). Is it possible a chip purchase is necessary to access those?

  48. Can you combine comp nights together? Say two nights at one hotel then another two at another?

    1. You cannot combine Comp Rooms. myVEGAS won’t even let you use your LPs to get a second Comp Room Reward until you either cancel or have taken the trip using a Comp Room Reward you have already purchased.

  49. Does anyone know if you can use comp nights back to back? Say two nights at one hotel then the next two nights at another?

  50. Where are you finding the calendars? I’ve been searching for Beau Rivage 2019 comps calendar with no luck. Thanks for sharing your info!

    1. Thanks. I checked for Beau Rivage and Gold Strike and have only come up with the 2017-2018 calendar.

    1. i can now see much less room rewards then before. Do you know if something changed ? I now can only see excalibur, mgm grand and new yotk hotel

      1. I have had similar issues with Reward visibility. I’m thinking it is part of the Reward refreshing process and they will reappear over the next few days, but I don’t know that.

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