myVEGAS Room Comp Limits

myVEGAS has quietly made a few changes to the Comp Room Rewards. Now, you can only have one Comp Room Reward at a time in your wallet (My Purchases). If you try to add another Comp Room Reward, even if it is from a different MGM property, you will get this message.


You will get a similar message if you try to buy a new Comp Room Reward when you already have a reservation using a myVEGAS Comp Room Reward. (For example, if you used a myVEGAS Comp Room Reward for an April 12th stay, you will not be able to buy another Comp Room Reward until April 13th.)

They already have the limitation of only allowing one Complimentary Room Reward per trip, regardless of MGM property, but now you can’t even get another room reward until you have used (or canceled) what you have already purchased.

Also, they have moved away from the Room Reward Availability Calendars. Now you need to purchase the Comp Room Reward and log in to your Mlife account before you can see what nights are available. I have posted many of the available dates on my Room Rewards page.

They also now have specific details about combining reservations. 
For a $5-15 fee you can call the MGM reward redemption line at 855.881.6074  and alter your booking reservation — for example, if you and another player are traveling together and each redeeming a room night reward and would like to merge your reservation to avoid switching rooms and/or checking in and out between nights.

On a happier note, they have added some 2 night Room Comp Rewards. Aria and Mandalay Bay both offer single Rewards good for 2 comp nights.

It looks like those 2 Night Rewards were only available for a very limited time. They are not currently available.

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  1. Hi Mark, I’m planing use my loyalty points with my fiancé for two comp nights, however the website says limitations for only 1 person, does that mean I can only redeem my points for myself to stay in the hotel, and my fiancé can’t ?
    So confuse from the website , can u kindly help me out thanks 🙂

    1. Hi.
      The rooms are good for 2 people.
      You and your fiance will be able to share the comped room.

  2. Hi Mark, is it possible to buy a 2 comp night in a hotel and 1 comp night in another (or in the same) hotel for the same trip? Or only discount and fixed price room?

    1. You can only get one Comp Reward (of either kind) at a time, so combining them is not possible.
      You can use the discounted Rewards for multiple nights. though.

  3. I purchased a room and booked it for the date I needed. I had to cancel the room, but I did not receive my loyalty points back? I don’t remember reading that in the policy?

    1. Hi Ilda.
      I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that has been their policy for a long time. To quote the fine print on the Reward listing: “After a reward has been redeemed by contacting the partner and making a reservation, no loyalty point refunds will be provided.”
      You can cancel it and get your LP’s back if you haven’t booked the room or show, but once you make your reservation, the LP’s are used and they are non-refundable.

  4. Hi

    For some reason I didn’t get an email confirming my rewards redemption for a discounted room rate. I have the code that popped up on the screen when I made my purchase with my points but no email. When I log into my mlife account it doesn’t show any links either. Do you know how long it takes to get the email with the link to book a room?

    1. Hi Michelle.
      The link should be emailed immediately after you purchase the Reward. Do you see the Reward in your myVEGAS Wallet?

      – Mark

      1. Thanks for the quick reply.

        Yup it’s in my wallet but no email to give me the link & when I go to mlife (as per the instructions on their site) there’s no redemption code link. I’m wondering if they no longer offer the discounted rates…

          1. I’m going to try using your link. Will update you on what I find. That’s for the help. Great info you have here

  5. Sorry to dig up old news. Do you know if I can combine 2 comp nights(one mine, one my SO’s) along with a discounted room rate reward(25% off)? All rewards from myvegas.

    1. Hi.
      You should be able to combine them by calling the number in the post.
      You can also ask them to combine them when you check in to the hotel, but doing it that way isn’t guaranteed.

  6. I purchased a comp room for Monte Carlo but when I try to redeem the only dates I get in gold are for the last week of March. Is it too much time in advanced for June? Or there just aren’t rooms available for any time after March? I’m trying to get a room for June 27, so I don’t know if I should just cancel and purchase something else.
    Thank you for your help.

    1. Hi.
      Other Rewards do have availability through the end of June. The Monte Carlo Comp Room travel window goes through the end of June. If the only dates showing up in gold are in March, then those are the only days still available (although that doesn’t sound right).
      You may want to cancel and try the New York – New York Comp Room which had rooms available on June 27th the last time I looked. You can get an idea of available dates on my myVEGAS Room Rewards Calendars post.

  7. Can you link reservations without having to call mlife and paying 15 bucks? I’m going with a friend and he wants to use a complimentary night to extend our stay. I’ve seen a couple places that you can just ask them to do that at the desk when you get there but i want to be sure

    1. Hi Scott.
      You can always ask when you check in. It typically isn’t a problem. It just isn’t guaranteed.
      If it is critical, call the number. If it isn’t critical, wait and ask about it when you check in.

  8. Can people travelling together each book a free room in one stay? I’m going to Vegas in July with 2 friends who also play, would we be able to get three nights considering it’s 3 different accounts?

    1. Hi.
      I know it can be done for 2 people. I would suggest calling the reward redemption phone number mentioned in the post to see if they allow it for 3 people. Beware that the hotels often charge extra when you have a 3rd or 4th person staying in the room.

  9. i am having trouble booking my free room at mgm hotel, las vegas from my vegas rewards. I would like to stay there on April 25, 2015. Could ou please help me with this or give me a phone number so I can get this booked correctly. thank you Judy Knyzewski

    1. Hi Judy.
      You can call the myVEGAS Loyalty Redemption Line at 855.881.6074.
      Take Care,

  10. I cannot see those two night rewards at all which is a shame. Are they showing as live for you right now? Is it location specific?

    1. They are no longer showing up for me either. I know they had been available for a while before I posted about them. Hopefully they will add more soon.

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