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  1. Hi Mark: A MyVegas Reddit thread from August (https://www.reddit.com/r/myvegas/comments/9avekk/2019_calendar/):

    “My Vegas announced that they will not be posting their 2019 calendars publicly.

    Some people are going to be building these calendars from scratch when the rewards become available and will be posting them. u/myvegasadvisor is one of the resources that will eventually compile this information. markslasvegas.com is another site that will also be doing the same, when the information becomes available.”

    Is this true?

    1. I don’t know how they would ‘know’ that, but yes. I try to compile the calendars even when myVEGAS doesn’t share them.

  2. Hi mark,

    I’m visiting Vegas in jan 2019 but when I clicked on the rewards calendar even when I purchased the 2 comp nights, they only listed up until dec 31st. What would you advise me to do since I have a lot of coins that I would like to redeem. I’ll be there from the 1-5th. Thank you.


    1. Hi Varma.
      The Rewards and availability calendars have not been released for 2019 yet. You will need to cancel your Reward since it is only good through the end of 2018. Then, wait for the new Rewards to be released. When that happens, check the new calendars to see if they include the dates you need. I expect that will happen in the late November/early December range.

  3. Hi Mark,
    I am headed to Vegas December 9-12 i want to use the 2 night comp at MGM grand but would like to stay an additional night after the comp is used, it possible to pay cash/ or even use a discounted rate reward to book an additional night? Do you have any suggestions on putting them together that way i wont have to check out and back in?
    I would also like to know what your thoughts are on using a comp and a discounted rate reward in 1 trip, do you think its worth it or should i use my other 2 rewards on something else?
    Your site is awesome, thanks for your help!

    1. Hi.
      You can definitely book extra nights (at your regular rate) while booking comped nights. It will apply the comp to 2 nights and show you the rate for the non-comped nights. You would do that when making the original reservation, so there is no need to combine them later.
      I have not tried it in a while, but you used to be able to combine Comp and Discount Rewards. You can always give it a shot. Combining the reservations when you check in is typically doable (just not guaranteed).
      Personally the discount room rates have minimal value for me, so I would look to use other Rewards (like FreePlay/MatchPlay, show and dining Rewards).

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