myVEGAS has Billboard Music Awards and UFC Rewards

myVEGAS has Rewards for the Billboard Music Awards show at the MGM Grand on May 18th. This is just another example of the more unique offerings you can get through myVEGAS.  The Billboard Music Awards Reward gives you 2 premium tickets to the awards show and a 2 night stay at the MGM Grand. The Swag Reward gives you a Billboard Music Awards swag bag filled with products from Nerium skincare, Aquaswiss, Marchon sunglasses, Hello Products and gift cards from national dining outlets.


myVEGAS Billboard Music Awards
myVEGAS Billboard Music Awards

If Ultimate Fighting is more your style, they also have a Live UFC 173 Online Streaming Reward for UFC173 on May 24th. For 27,500 LPs, you will get a code that allows you to watch the Pay-Per-View broadcast online.

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