myVEGAS adds new app (and other updates)

Playstudios, the makers of myVEGAS, have added the new  POP!  Slots   mobile app to their myVEGAS lineup.  POP! SlotsThe app syncs with your existing myVEGAS accounts and is based around MGM casinos. Like the other myVEGAS apps, your chips and level are specific to the app, but your Loyalty Points (Gold Coins) are synced across all of the linked apps.

What makes this different than the existing myVEGAS Slots? The new games are much more socially oriented than the other myVEGAS games. PopSpinIn POP! Slots, your avatar sits at a 4-seat back of slots.  While you are playing your own machine with your own bets, you and the other players can trigger special group events for your bank of machines. This can be as simple as everyone getting free spins or as elaborate as the  Race to Oz bonus round where players’ Hero characters race down the Yellow Brick Road and try to reveal the Wizard (with both individual and group bonus multipliers based upon how far the Heros go).

Players at the bank can also trigger shared balloons. Popping them gives you LPs, red chips or XPs. You must touch them before they leave the screen to pop them.  The balloon contents seem to be random.    I’ve already had sessions where I’ll go through a dozen balloons yielding only chips or XPs.  In other sessions, I’ve received LPs 3 times in a row.

Unlike other myVEGAS games, you do not earn LPs (Gold Coins) on a regular basis.   The only way to get LPs in POP! Slots is by popping balloons.

PopSlots for Android can be download from . It is available on the iTunes store at


DepartureLounge1myVEGAS  also has a number of Departure Lounge Rewards, including things like a free lunch for 2,  a free portrait session, a $100 Spa credit and a VIP Arrival Experience. All of these Rewards require a stay at the participating resort (most of which are not in Las Vegas) .

NCL_RewardsmyVEGAS is offering cruise Rewards again, but it has dropped Royal Caribbean and  is now partnered with Norwegian Cruise Lines.  They have also made the available cruise dates much more transparent since each Reward is for a specific cruise and date.


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  1. Hey Mark, unrelated but headed to Vegas in late August, do you have the latest Free show list from Caesers or where I can get it?
    Much appreciated and love the website.


    1. Hi Dave.
      I don’t have the August list and I’m not sure that I’ll be able to get it. I’m not aware of anything going on right now that would cause a change in the available shows, so I would expect the current Free Shows List to be accurate for August.
      Take Care,

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