myVEGAS adds FREEPLAY Rewards

The myVEGAS game has added a few new Rewards. They now have FREEPLAY Rewards in $10, $25 and $50 denominations. The $10 Rewards are 10,000 LPs. The $25 Rewards are 25,000 LPs. The $50 Rewards are 75,000 LPs.  The Rewards are for specific casinos and seem to change daily. Today I am seeing FREEPLAY Rewards for MGM Grand and New York – New York and each is offering the $10, $25 and $50 options. Yesterday I saw FREEPLAY Rewards for the Mirage and Monte Carlo as well, but only the $10 and $25 options were available. The FREEPLAY Rewards also have a very limited window for use.  The ones that are available today need to be used by February 15, 2014.

They have also added $25 Gift Certificates for the Coca-Cola Store at Showcase Mall, near the MGM Grand. Note that while the Coca-Cola store gift certificate is available from multiple resorts, they must be used at the Coca-Cola Store at Showcase Mall.

6 thoughts on “myVEGAS adds FREEPLAY Rewards”

  1. I got wind that you must be staying at the resort to redeem the free play! Like a $25 free play for Monte Carlo is only good for a Monte Carlo guest! I can’t see why a person can’t gamble still another casino….

    1. The $50 Freeplay Rewards do have that limitation. The $50 Reward is actually for $50 in Freeplay and 25% off a room. You have to use both parts if you want the Freeplay, so in that specific case, yes, you would need to be staying at an MGM Resort with that specific offer.
      The $10 and $25 version do not have that limitation. The fine print on those is evolving, though. It looks like the current $10 and $25 Freeplay Rewards are limited to one per 72 hours. That means that you would need to wait 72 hours after using a $25 Freeplay Reward before using a $10 Freeplay Reward. That had not been the case when they first offered the Freeplay Rewards.

  2. Do you think that a person would be able to redeem points for a $10 and a $25 under the same my vegas account? I know it says only one per player but because they’re different nominations….

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