myVEGAS adds Carnival Cruise Rewards

myVEGAS has added Carnival Cruise Line as a Partner.

Carnival Cruise Rewards are limited to 3 per player in a 90 day rolling period (similar to  the MGM Rewards 3 in 30 Days limitation, but this is 3 in 90). They are also limited to one Reward per sailing (which makes sense, since they are only offering cruises, not add-ons).

The Rewards are good for one room with 2 people. Rewards must be booked within 14 days (the cruise itself can be much further in the future – right now, dates through July 2018 are available)


5 thoughts on “myVEGAS adds Carnival Cruise Rewards”

  1. I’ve been trying to redeem my points for a cruise for at least 6 months and always saw them sold out…. UNTIL today!!!! The 3 and 4 day cruises work best for us because they leave out of Long Beach which we can get to by car rather easily. This morning I checked in yet again and low and behold there it was. 1 left on the the 3 day cruise. Everything else was sold out. I quickly clicked it, filled out my info, and got my confirmation!! So it can happen but you definitely need to be lucky with your timing. From what I gather on the message boards, there is no longer a set replenish time like there used to be so it really is a crap shoot to try and find availability on the tougher awards… Good luck!

  2. Cruise My a s s I have been playing this game for 5 years and always sold out

    1. They are very hard to get but not impossible. I got the 7 day mexican cruise

        1. Do you know what time of day you have to go on to see the carnival cruises available??? Thanks. Exciting that you got one.

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