myVEGAS adds Royal Caribbean Rewards

myVEGAS has been busy lately. Only a few days after adding the Aria Slot Tournament Reward, they added a slew of Royal Caribbean Cruise Rewards. They have also started a daily Free Cruise Challenge through August 31st which gives you an entry into the raffle for a Balcony stateroom for two on the Royal Caribbean 2-Night Inaugural sailing of Quantum of the Seas if you complete that day’s challenge.

These new Rewards make a lot of sense since there is already a partnership between Mlife and Royal CaribbeanThe Rewards range from a free bottle of wine, a $25 in onboard Free Play and a $100 Onboard Credit to a free 4-day cruise for 2. While there are some restrictions (like each Reward being limited to one per myVEGAS account and a minimum 7-day cruise in order to use the $300 Onboard Credit), it is unclear whether there are restrictions on the number of Rewards you can use per cruise or time period.

You can find all of the Royal Caribbean Rewards if you sort the Rewards by Partners and select Royal Caribbean.

myVEGAS Royal Caribbean Cruise Rewards page 1
myVEGAS Royal Caribbean Cruise Rewards page 1
myVEGAS Royal Caribbean Cruise Rewards page 2
myVEGAS Royal Caribbean Cruise Rewards page 2

You can find some of the available cruises at Royal Caribbean’s myVEGAS page

myVEGAS Royal Caribbean Rewards cannot be self-cancelled. If you need to cancel your Reward after buying it, you need to create a support request as described here.

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  1. Hello, Mark

    I would like to know if and when I decide to redeem my points for 50% off on a Royal Caribbean Cruise for my husband and myself what is all included? Does this promotion,include return air fair , is the cruise all inclusive except for liquor, would i have a choice of a stateroom with a balcony, would i have a choice on which destination and cruise line , and my final question is how many Days does this redemption promo offer to cruise for.

    Thank you for your time and information


    1. Hi Heather.
      The Reward is for 50% off the cruise only. Airfare is not included. It is good for the Royal Caribbean International cruiseline. The fare covers the cruise, basic dining plan and soft drinks. You can choose your room type. The eligible cruises range from a 3-night Bahamas cruise to a 12-night Scandinavia and Russia cruise. You can find more details about the specific cruise in the “More Information” section of the Reward description or go to the RCI myVEGAS page.

  2. Do you know if you can use myVegas together with other Royal Caribbean discounts?

    1. As a general rule, they can’t be combined with any other promotion or discount (including Crown & Anchor discounts). The exception is that the On-Board Credit and FreePlay Rewards can be used with military, senior, and resident discounts.

  3. Can I use the onboard credit on a cruise that is already booked for Oct 2015?

    1. No. The Cruise Rewards are for new bookings only. You have to have the Reward when you make the reservation.

      1. OK, that’s stupid, because the reward has to be used 30 days after its purchased.

        1. Used, as in you have to book the cruise within 30 days. Not that the cruise needs to take place within 30 days of buying the Reward.

  4. I as told that there are certain ships that you can get the 35% off.How do I find out which ship I can go on.I would like to know before I redeem my points.

    1. If you follow the links in the Rewards details, that should get you to a list of available cruises. The main page says that the 35% off Reward is good for any sailing through 2015 except the Quantum of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas ships.

  5. Hey Mark, you seem to be pretty up to date on the inner workings of MyVegas so I thought I would reach out to you for help. Back in December I redeemed my points for the 4 night complimentary cruise, when I got my redemption number and tried to call RCCL to book a cruise I was told I needed and actual certificate from MyVegas in order to proceed. Thus began a 3 month long ordeal involving creating a support ticket, after several communications back and forth I was told that someone from the RCCL rewards department would contact me after the holidays. Sure enough about mid January I got an email stating that my certificate would be mailed out in a couple of weeks. Weeks passed and nothing, I then sent another email and was told it could take 4-6 weeks for processing. Again that time passed and as I was nearing the expiration of the reward I sent multiple messages and e-mails and now am getting no response what so ever. Is there a phone number or a physical address that I can contact to reach a resolution of this matter or do you have any advice?

    1. Hi.
      I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had so much trouble with this. I don’t have an answer for you, but I have contacted someone at myVEGAS in hopes they can at least point us in the right direction. I’ll keep you posted.

      1. Thanks, I appreciate any help I can get at this point. It would be nice if they would at least answer my requests for an update but they have been ignoring my emails for almost a month. I am very discouraged as I have never had any problem with any of the other myVEGAS rewards I have purchased or used.

  6. Hi Mark,
    I’m hoping you can help me out. Can you explain the difference between the “50% off cruise fare” for two for 500,000 coins. And “comp companion fare” for 750,000. Isn’t 50% off one and buy one get one basically the same thing? Why such a big difference in the amount of coins?

    1. I don’t really have an answer for that. There might be a difference in additional fees, but I can’t find any details about that. It does look like you could technically use the 50% off for just one person, but you would be paying a higher base rate. That might be it. It also might just be one of those things that doesn’t have a logical reason.

    2. I actually asked RCCL about this today and they said they couldn’t tell any difference…funny because it seems like the one for 750,000 always sells out first!! Why would that be??

  7. Hello Mark,

    I would like to know if I can use both 50% off discount and $200 on board credit with the new booking. Since on the $200 on board credit reward, it didn’t say it needs to be individual booking. Would that means I can combine the reward onto 1 new booking?
    Also, is new booking means I need redeem the reward before I book the cruise?


    1. Hi.
      Redeeming the Reward and booking the cruise are the same thing in this case. You would use your LP’s to purchase the Reward, then call the Royal Caribbean number to redeem it / book your cruise.
      The on-board credit Rewards are only good on full fare bookings and a few special rate bookings (such as a military or senior discount rate). It cannot be combined with another offer or promotion (like the 50% discount Reward).

  8. Hi. I want to redeem my 50% off cruise fare but it says you can only use it for two people. My husband and I want to take our children. Can we use the 50% off for our fare and pay full price for our kids.

    1. Yes. You can buy regular childrens rate fares for your kids while using the 50% discount for the adults. The RCL rep can handle it when you call to book your cruise.
      Have fun!

      1. Great! This was part of my question, too! Does this also work for comp companion? Is there a minimum of nights for the percentage off?

        1. There isn’t a minimum number of nights, but I suggest you follow the link under “more information” in the Reward to see the specific cruises you can apply the discount to. The same goes for the comp companion.

  9. hi Mark….I just want to know if rewards are only good on new bookings….we booked
    a cruise last year and the cruise is this year in Feb….will I be able to redeem my vegas points now for an on board credit….and can you shed light as to the ultimate beverage package

    1. Hi.
      As a general rule, the rewards are only good for new bookings. Check the fine print of the specific reward you want. It is also worth giving them a call.
      When you are on a cruise, basic drinks like coffee, tea and soft drinks are usually included in the fare. Anything more than that will cost. You can pay as you go or you can get a beverage package. The Ultimate Beverage Package usually runs $55 per day and includes:
      Premium coffee
      Premium tea
      Bottled water
      Sparkling water (375ml)
      Still water (500ml)
      Fresh squeezed orange juice
      Call and premium cocktails (up to $10 value)
      Frozen cocktails
      Premium wine by the glass (up to $12 value)
      Non-alcoholic cocktails
      Fountain soda with souvenir Coca-Cola cup
      20% discount on purchases of bottles of wine

  10. Its looks to me that you cant already have a cruise booked and then get your rewards. Is this true? I have a 5 day books and wanted to be able to use a reward.

    1. Yes. While I don’t believe it was originally the case, the Royal Caribbean Rewards are only good on new bookings.

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