myVEGAS 3 Night Comp & Other Updates

myVEGAS is in the process of refreshing the Room Rewards. New calendars have not been released yet, and there are rumours that they may not be published. If they are not published, I will be compiling them manually. That will take some time.

One of the more interesting developments, though, is the addition of the Mirage 3 Night Comp for 25% fewer LPs than the 2 Night Comp. Dates are very limited, but it is nice to see that a Reward like that is out there. The 3 Night Comp availability dates are January 13-17, 27-31, February 24-28 and March 24-28.

11 thoughts on “myVEGAS 3 Night Comp & Other Updates”

  1. Hoping the 3 nights go into April? Maybe? Also I am wondering if you use the comp nights, can you use the discounted room reward too? I think I have always done that but saw a comment that you could not? Not sure if this is the right place to ask just wondering

    1. You can’t use multiple Comp Room Rewards on the same trip from the same account, but you can use the Discount Room Rewards in conjunction with Comp Room Rewards.
      I have no info on whether the 3 night Comp will renew or not.

  2. Hi. My wife has redeemed this reward to mirage from January 27 to 30. Do you think is possible to redeem the same reward with myvegas acoount without problems from January 39 to February 1, only 2 days? Thanks k you

    1. Using the Reward for fewer nights is possible.
      You cannot get the same Reward again with the same account, though. If each of you have your own myVEGAS and Mlife accounts it might be possible. I would not count on it, though.

  3. Argh. I redeemed the 3 nights yesterday and there were actually comps that I was hoping for. Jan 27-31, but I checked today….and Jan is now 13-17, 29-31.
    I’ll have to cancel the reward now. Bummer. 🙁
    BTW, thanks for this site! You’re awesome!

    1. Manually, as in I will have to use my LPs to buy the Reward and then check to see what dates are available. Then I’ll post that info.

      1. We appreciate your efforts and dedication. I know it’s time-consuming and not the funnest task so THANK YOU.

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