myVEGAS 2-Night Comp Room Reward Calendars

Calendars for the 2-Night Comp Rewards are here. These are good through the end of June 2018. Updates will appear on my full myVEGAS Room Rewards Calendars page.

The Excalibur Two Comp Room Nights Reward is the cheapest at 30,000LPs. That’s lower than a Single Comp Night Reward at all other properties except Luxor.  I’m still not sure that’s worth staying at Excalibur, though.

As a general rule, the 2 night Rewards cost twice as much as the single night Rewards.

If you have never purchased myVEGAS chips, you might not be able to see these Rewards in the app.  I discuss this in my Getting More myVEGAS Rewards post.

6 thoughts on “myVEGAS 2-Night Comp Room Reward Calendars”

  1. So basically your saying in order to receive the two night stays, I have to purchase coins? Do you know if that applies to the weekend stays as well?

    1. That has been my experience and the experience of other players. The Weekend Comps are gone, though, as far as I know (although you will see weekend dates on some of the 2-night calendars). You can still find weekend dates under the discount room rate rewards.
      I am not telling you to purchase coins and I make no promises about what Rewards will or will not show up if you purchase coins. I am just relaying the information I have been able to gather.
      Take Care,

  2. Hi Mark, I want to stay in Mirage for 2 comp nights at end of February but I only have one night offers showing up. I have only bought 10.00 chips but I did see the fall 2 comp nights. Do you think if I wait it out that they may become available for me later on or do I need to buy more chips.

    1. Hi.
      The 2-night Rewards didn’t instantly show up for me. Give it a day or two after buying chips – I am assuming you bought the chips recently.

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