myKonami Freeplay

myKonami Slots is part of the myVEGAS family. In addition to all of the usual myVEGAS Rewards, they have their own special myKonami Freeplay Reward.myKonami FP  It is a $25 Freeplay Reward that can be  used exclusively on a bank of Konami slot machines near the Mlife desk of the MGM Resort the reward is for.

The Rewards are specific to each particular hotel and can be found in the Rewards list for each hotel. To  use it at Aria, you need to get the Reward displayed in the Aria list. To use it at Luxor, you need to get the one displayed in the Luxor rewards list.

You do not have to be staying at the particular resort in order to use the Freeplay. Otherwise, the typical restrictions apply (3 in 30, 1 per player, etc)

Note: The MyKonami Freeplay Rewards are only available in the myKonami Slots game.

3 thoughts on “myKonami Freeplay”

  1. In January, I was able to load the Konami freeplay on to my MLife card at three different properties, and then able to play the entire $75 on one slot machine, not the special Konami machines. It was a Heidi machine at NYNY.

    I hope this continues to be the case, a great way for non-MGM guests to use those coins they think they’ll never be able to use!

      1. Hope it still works…I’m planning on doing it x4 in May. I don’t stay at MGM properties, I don’t see the rewards getting any better, so I’m ready to purge my MyVegas coins.

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