Monorail adds many new ticket options

The Las Vegas Monorail now gives you a lot of options when it comes to tickets. For quite a while your only options were Single Ride, One-Day and Three-Day.
Now you can buy:

  • Single Ride $5
  • One-Day Pass $12
  • Two-day pass $22
  • Three-Day pass $28
  • Four-Day Pass $36
  • Five-Day Pass $43
  • Seven Day Pass $56

Right now, they are also running a promotion for discounted Two, Three and Seven day tickets.  If you are already in town and want to get the discounted rate, you can still buy the Monorail tickets online and then use the eTicket delivery option which gives you a PIN code and scanable barcode to use at the Monorail Customer Service booth or ticket kiosk.