Mobile casino tournaments launch at MGM Resorts

MGM Resorts International launched a mobile gaming platform where  guests can   gamble with real money in bingo, slot and video poker tournaments. Free games are also available.  You can play while logged in at any MGM Resort in Las Vegas except for Circus Circus.

The tournaments are winner take all with a minimum guarantee of 5x the entry fee. As more players enter, the prize pool increases, but it is still winner take all.

You must be logged in to the MGM Resorts Wi-Fi in order to play for cash. You can collect your winnings at any MGM Resorts casino cage/cashier.  You can purchase entry credits and access your account when not at an MGM Resort.

Here is the info for one of the current tournaments:MGM_online_tourny_info

For additional info, visit the easyPLAY website    or the easyPLAY link on any Las Vegas MGM Resort’s casino page.