Mlife program changes starting October 1

MGM Resorts is making some changes to the Mlife program starting October 1,  2012.
The 2 main changes to be aware of are:

  1. No more revolving tier expiration date.  Tier credits will reset on October 1st and tier status will expire October 1st of the year after you earn that tier (earning Gold status in January, 2013 should give you Gold status through October 1, 2014).  This is basically the same way Total Rewards handles tiers.
  2. Mlife now requires $3 per point for slot play instead of the $2 per point that it had been.  Points for video poker are unchanged at $10 per point.  Points for table games are still a bit of a secret although they did include a footnote to go to the Mlife desk for a ‘complete list of earning rates by game type’. As a side note, the new point earning rate is back to what it had been for the old MGM Players Club, before it was transformed into Mlife.

They have also taken the opportunity to do their own comparison of Mlife to Caesars’ Total Rewards, Wynn’s Red Card, Venetian’s Club Grazie and even Cosmopolitan’s Identity.

Here is the link to their announcement.