Mlife myVEGAS releases myVEGAS Slots Game for Android and iOS

It took a long time for this to be released, but myVEGAS now has a mobile version of their game available for Android and iOS. The new ‘V Slots’ game works on both Android and iOS and is better than the previous iOS only app.  The new app lets you play the game. The old Viva myVegas iOS version only let you scan QR codes for chips and Rewards (a project currently on hiatus) and track your Rewards.

Your level and play chip total in the app is independent from your play chip total in the Facebook game version, but your Loyalty Points and Rewards are synced between all versions. Your chip total, Challenge progress, hourly Bonus Chips and Daily Spins are synced between the Android and iOS app if you play on both platforms.

Currently, the app lets you play the Excalibur, New York – New York, Mirage, Frontier Fortune and Pirate’s Cove games. All of the games have streamlined versions of the bonus rounds in the Facebook version of the game. I like the app versions better since the streamlined versions have a faster response.

Here are a few pictures of the mobile app screens.

You can download the iOS app from iTunes.
You can download the Android version from the Google Play Store.

Yahoo! Finance has a nice little article about the new apps, too. You can find it here.

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