Mlife Changes Starting December 15, 2015

In October, your Mlife Tier Credits reset as usual. That is also when Mlife typically makes small tweaks to the program. This time, they are delaying those changes until December 15th.  I think most players won’t see a difference.

The 2 biggest changes I see are that you will no longer receive Express Comps for table game play in Las Vegas and the new  Points (POINTPlay/FREEPLAY) and Express Comps expiration for Sapphire players. 
For table games in Las Vegas, you will still earn comps, but those will be handled through an Mlife rep or host. I  don’t see that as a big change since they already handle the larger portion of your table games comps. There is no  change for table games players  at  Beau Rivage, Gold Strike Tunica or   MGM Grand Detroit.

The Point and Express Comp expiration after 12 months of inactivity remains the same for Pearl, Gold, Platinum and Noir players. It has been shortened to 6 months of inactivity for Sapphire players.
“Activity” includes any Point or Tier Credit earning. This means that any eligible play or spend  that earns M life points or Tier Credits will keep your account active. Note that this inactivity period takes effect on December 15th, so Sapphire players who have not had any activity since  June 15th will lose their Points and Express Comps  on December 15th.  I’m fairly certain that they are delaying the implementation of the changes until December 15 in order to give due notice to players who may lose their Points and Express Comps on December 15th.
I think it is worth mentioning that Total Rewards has been using the same policy of losing your comp credits after 6 months of inactivity  at all tiers for many years.

There are also a few tier benefit   changes:

  • Entertainment discounts will be a flat-rate discount for all Mlife players instead of being tier-based.
  • Platinum players will no longer have a dedicated concierge line, but can still call VIP services for the same assistance.
  • Turndown Service is no longer a Platinum benefit.
  • Platinum and NOIR members receive ‘The Platinum Experience’ where they receive a welcome letter and a unique MGM Resort experience upon check-in, compliments of Mlife.
  • NOIR Members will still receive “Guaranteed Dining Reservations”, but it is  no longer for   the “Best Table Available”.

Visit Mlife’s Dec 15 Changes page for their full statement.

3 thoughts on “Mlife Changes Starting December 15, 2015”

  1. Went back to TOTAL REWARDS, between MLIFE and MYVEGAS you are wasting your time and money. They have both gone down hill fast in the last 6 months, and they care less about loyal customers as I once was at MGM propterys

    1. Hi George.
      There are a lot of Total Rewards players out there that feel like the TR perks aren’t worth it either – especially at the higher tiers.
      You have to decide what is right for you, though.
      And what fits now, may be different next month, next year, etc. A long time ago I swore off Harrah’s properties (pre-Caesars Entertainment). Things changed, though, and eventually Harrah’s/Caesars’/Total Rewards got more of my action again. And then a few years after that, while not swearing them off, I focused my play elsewhere (dropping to TR Gold status for about a year).
      Right now, my action is fairly evenly split between MGM/Mlife and Caesars/Total Rewards, but it does go in phases based upon which one is giving me what I want or has the best chance of giving me the trip/experience that I want.
      Take Care,

      1. If you had got jerked around like I did between MLIFE and MYVEGAS over a stupid buffet for 2, I have the feeling you would feel the same. MLIFE could care less about a loyal customer of many years. I went back and forth with them to no avail for over a month. Each one passing it off to the other, I finally gave up and moved on to TOTAL REWARDS. I was wise to keep up my TOTAL REWARDS card over the years

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