Mexican Coca-Cola at Aria

If you are a fan of Mexican Coke (Coca-Cola, that is) and need a fix while
in Las Vegas, the obvious place to go is Coke World at the Showcase Mall (next to the MGM Grand). If you want to avoid the crowds, though, you can get it at Aria Elements, the Aria’s lobby shop.  If you are further North on the Strip, there is also large souvenir store in the strip mall at 3049 S. Las Vegas Blvd (just North of Wynn and Encore) that also carries Mexican Coke.

If you are not familiar with Mexican Coke, it is Coca-Cola bottled in Mexico that uses refined cane sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup. The result is a smoother, less syrupy drink. The best way to see what it tastes like, though, is to try it yourself.

Mexican Coke has been growing in popularity over the years and is even available on