Matchplays and Freeplay

In my coupon sources post, I mentioned that the coupon books included matchplays and freeplay offers. If you are unfamiliar with the terms, this is how they work.
A matchplay matches your even money table game bet up to the value of the coupon. Freeplay is exactly what it sounds like. The casino is giving you a free money to play through a slot or video poker machine (or on rare occasion a table game, but that type of offer normally comes directly from casino marketing).

When you use a matchplay, if you put down $10 and a $10 matchplay coupon, the total value of our bet is $20. If you win, you win $20 (and keep the original $10, and then the matchplay coupon is taken). If you have a $10 matchplay and put down $25 of your own money, your total bet is effectively $35 ($25+$10).
Typical even money bets are a regular blackjack bet, red/black or odd/even roulette bets, and pass/don’t pass craps bets.
You can use some matchplays directly from the coupon book, while others require you to visit the players club to get the matchplay validated or exchange the coupon for another voucher. Read the fine print on the coupon for the specifics.

Freeplay coupons must be redeemed at the players club. When you present the coupon at the players club desk, they will add that freeplay to your players card. In order to use it, you have to put your card in the slot or video poker machine, enter the PIN for your card and then follow instructions to download that freeplay into the machine. The process varies a little from casino to casino, but the representative at the players club desk will go over the process with you. Most casinos require you to put in at least enough money to cover your first bet before using the freeplay.  Then, when you make your bet or spin the wheels, you get your bet back as well as whatever you won from the game itself. For instance, if you use freeplay while playing $1 video poker, you will bet $5 (the max-bet). If you get a winning hand, you will be paid for the winning hand and then the machine will also credit you $5.  This process will repeat until you run out of freeplay.  Freeplay can be used for multiple hands or multiple spins. However, once you load it into a machine, you must play through it on that machine.
If you are unsure about the process, just check with the players club representative or a slot attendant.