Mark’s Top 5 Shows: #4 Blue Man Group

The Blue Man Group is probably most known for their blue body paint and making music with PVC pipes. They have resident shows in Boston, Chicago, New York, Orlando and Las Vegas as well as a touring show. The basic concept of these shows is the same, so if you have seen one of their shows you have a general idea of what to expect with the Las Vegas show.  If you are not familiar with the Blue Man Group I’d suggest checking out the DVD of their 2008 tour How To Be A Megastar Live! or visiting their YouTube page

The basics are the same across all Blue Man Group shows, but each location has a unique element.  In the latest incarnation of the Las Vegas show at the Monte Carlo, they decided to focus on the human brain. They have kept the usual paint, drumming, stage antics and comic moments while adding a 15 foot tall assembly line robot, a humanoid Showbot and a giant Brain Drum that are now the focus of the show.  In addition to the 3 Blue Men there is a very talented live band playing throughout the show. There is some friendly audience interaction and audience participation, too.

Sitting in the front few rows will be messy due to the paint drumming. They call it their ‘Poncho Premium” seating. I’d suggest sitting a little further away unless you really want to get messy. I suggest going for the rear Orchestra and the Mezzanine section up to row T for the best overall experience.

If you show up early or just happen to be near the Blue Man Group Theatre 45 minutes before show time, you can see the new Percussipede parade with drumming, puppets and other contraptions with a lot of flashing lights as it winds its way through the casino. Guest are invited to join in the procession. It is a great way to start the show experience and it is a fun thing to do if you just happen to be in the right place at the right time (45 minutes before show time).

Performances are at 7pm every night with additional 9:30pm show on Friday and Saturday night. Tickets are available from the Monte Carlo’s Blue Man Group page and range from $140-$88.  Discounts and special packages, including a VIP backstage tour option which includes a premium ticket, free drink, Blue Man Group souvenir and backstage meet and greet are available on their special offers page. If you are willing to wait until the day of the show to get tickets, they are usually available for half price at Tix4Tonight.

There is a really good article with more info about the show in the Fall 2012 Mlife magazine.

Here is a video of the Percussipede Parade.