Mark’s Top 5 rooms in Las Vegas: #5 The Mirage Tower Deluxe

I recently saw a Travel Channel program about Las Vegas that suggested saving money by getting a cheap room since a room is just a place to crash for a few hours.  This type of thinking always gets me a little riled up. To me, a room in Las Vegas is where you begin and end each day’s adventure.  It is a place to relax and recuperate.  It has to be welcoming and cannot be a place you dread going to.  With that in mind, here are my top 5 Las Vegas rooms. These are all rooms that you can realistically get.  While a Sky Villa at the Palms is nice, this is not that kind of list. A $30 room at Circus Circus has no place on this list either.

I’m going to count down to my number 1 room over the next 5 days.

Here we go!

5. Mirage Tower Deluxe

These rooms are located on the 24th and 25th floors and have their own set of elevators.  They are one of the least expensive rooms in Las Vegas to include a Jacuzzi.  With prices typically in the low $100’s during the week and around $200 on a weekend, this is also the least expensive room on my list. I have seen them as low as $70 or as a free upgrade with various promotions.  They typically run about $30 more than a regular room.  That $30 gives you a larger bathroom with dual sink vanity, a Jacuzzi and a separate shower. That is well worth it to me.  The Mirage does have a nightly $25 resort fee, so you should factor that in when budgeting for your room, but it includes Internet access, fitness room use, boarding pass printing and a few other more mundane things.

The Mirage has renamed the Tower Deluxe room type the Resort Tower King room. 
Also, they recently replaced the jacuzzi tubs with deep soaking tubs.

Having a nice room is great, but it also helps that I like a lot of what the Mirage has to offer. I’m a fan of STACK, Heritage Steak, BLT Burger, Blizz, the high limit lounge and the poker room. I wish the Ava bar hadn’t been replaced by Japonais, but the Mirage is still one of my favorite places.

You can frequently get room discounts at the Mirage via social media or by signing the guest page on their website.  AAA and military discounts are also available by calling 800-374-9000.

4 thoughts on “Mark’s Top 5 rooms in Las Vegas: #5 The Mirage Tower Deluxe”

  1. Hi mark,as someone with a fear of heights do you think I’ll be slacken by how high up these rooms are ?

    1. Hi Andrew.
      That is a difficult question to answer. What has your experience been when staying in hotels in the past? Are high floors a problem? Is the elevator ride a concern?
      If you don’t look out the window, you’d never know how many floors up you were.
      I wouldn’t think that it would be a problem, but I’m not a doctor and I don’t know the specifics of your condition.

      Take Care,

  2. How does this compare to the apartment in the Mirage that you and Michelle stayed in for your wedding trip?

    1. Hi Randy.
      That room was the Penthouse Suite, which is #1 on my list. The Tower Deluxe rooms look very similar to the regular rooms but they have a larger bathroom area with dual vanity, jet-tub and a separate shower. The regular rooms have a shower/tub combo and a single sink. One of the things that I like about the Tower Deluxe rooms isn’t actually the room itself, but the dedicated elevators that only go to those 2 floors (24 and 25).

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