LINQ & Flamingo Bunk Bed Room Occupancy

You may have seen that The LINQ and Flamingo now have rooms with bunk beds. They advertise them as “perfect for a family, a large group of friends, or hosting a fun get-together “.

Flamingo Bunk Bed Room image
Flamingo Bunk Bed Room with 2 Queen Beds and 2 Full bunk beds

You need to check the fine print before you start making calls and planning that party weekend in Vegas, though. Those rooms are still listed with a maximum occupancy of 4 people. That includes kids. They also have an extra $30 per-person charge for more than 2 people. Those limitations and fees are normal for a regular room, but seem counter to the point of having a bunk bed room. Here are screen grabs for the same room on the same dates. One with only 2 people listed and one with 4.

If you try to reserve it with more (say 2 adults and 3 kids – or the 6 adults it looks like you could easily fit in the 515 sq ft Flamingo Bunk Room that has 4 beds) it will tell you that you are over the limit. Hopefully, they will realize the problem and update the policies for these room. Until then, beware that you may run into problems if you want to use the rooms the way they were designed.

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  1. We called the Flamingo. They said they wouldn’t charge for the extra people, since it will only allow you to put 4.

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