Liberace Museum moving to Neonopolis

This is not a quick process, but steps are being taken to open a version of the Liberace Museum at the Neonopolis, on Fremont Street, by January, 2014. The original Liberace Museum had been located off-Strip on Tropicana and required a little effort to get to.  It had a long run, but closed in 2010. The new location in the Neonopolis, should make it much easier for tourists and it will have a logical tie-in to the new KRAVE Massive which is set to open at the Neonopolis in a few months and Krave’s Drink and Drag bowling alley which is already open at the Neonopolis. With a little more development the Neonopolis could become the epicenter of LGBT-friendly nightlife and attractions in Las Vegas.

For more information about the Liberace Museum and plans for the new Neonopolis location, visit the Las Vegas Weekly’s article.