Las Vegas Zip Lines

Las Vegas is now home to both the VooDoo Zip Line  at the Rio and the Slotzilla Zip Line    downtown. These are 2 very different zip lines with very different experiences.

The Rio’s VooDoo Zip Line  runs from the top of the Masquerade Tower to the top of the Ipanema Tower. Instead of sitting in a harness like a traditional zip line, riders sit down on a solid, two seat lift-chair with a seatbelt. It is very comfortable, but also makes it less of a zip line experience to me. On the upside, it means you can ride with a friend. There is a weight limit of 450lbs total for 2 riders or 300lbs for a single rider. If you want to experience a zip line but are unable to or don’t want to hang in a standard harness this might be the ride for you. It is still a thrill ride. You zoom 490 feet above the Rio’s pool complex at 33 mph.

I think they made a mistake by not having it face the Strip. You do get a good view while waiting to ride, but you face the Ipanema Tower and the mountains for both the zip line down as well as the backwards ride back to the launchpad.  Any loose items you have (purses, cameras, etc) must be left in a secured locker before you enter the launch pad. They take souvenir photos that you can buy. Those photos show the Strip in the background.

The VooDoo Zip Line is open noon to midnight everyday. Tickets are $27.49.  Tickets can be purchased online or in the Voodoo Zip Line store located on the 2nd floor of the Masquerade Tower, near the VooDoo Lounge elevator. All riders must be at least 48″ tall. The launch pad  is on the VooDoo Lounge deck, so after 8pm, riders must be 21 or over since the club is open for regular business, too. Tickets can be purchased in the Voodoo Zip Line store located on the 2nd floor of the Masquerade Tower, near the VooDoo Lounge elevator. Diamond and Seven Stars Total Rewards Members receive 10%  off of tickets and advanced line access.

The SlotZilla Zip Line    on Fremont Street offers 2 different zip line experiences. The lower zip line is a traditional zip line experience where you are sitting in a harness and holding onto your line as you ride. Riders start 77 feet above the street and glide  under the canopy and over the heads of the downtown crowds to the landing platform halfway down the Fremont Street Experience. I  consider this much more fun  than the VooDoo Zip Line experience. There are 4 lines so you can still go with a group, but each rider is on their own line in their own harness. Since you don’t go back to the launch point after your ride, your belongs (like purses, cameras, cell phones, etc) ride along with you in a bag that is clipped to your harness.

The new Zoom line starts 114 ft above the street and launches riders at speeds up to 40mph headfirst (superhero style) down the entire length of the Fremont Street Experience. The Zoom line was not open when I was there a few weeks ago, but according to the website it is open now. I’ll probably check it out on my next trip.

Zip line riders must be under 6’8″ tall and weigh 60lbs -300lbs. Zoomline riders must weigh between 100lbs and 300lbs. Riders under 13 years of age must be accompanied by a rider 13 or older.

SlotZilla is open noon until midnight during the week and noon until 2am on Friday and Saturday. Slotzilla Zip Line tickets are $20. Zoom Line tickets are $40. Tickets can be purchased online or at the Slotzilla box office across from the Neonopolis.