Jabbawockeez PRISM

UPDATE: August 30, 2015
The Jabbawockeez show at Luxor has closed. They are moving to the MGM Grand. I will provide more info as it becomes available.

Here is the archived review for the show at the Luxor:

The Jabbawockeez are a street dance crew that made their name by winning MTV’s first season of America’s Best Dance Crew. They gained a larger following after their appearance on America’s Got Talent. They now have a great resident show called PRISM at the Luxor.

PRISM follows a loose storyline.  The Black and White Jabbawockeez are brothers.  After we are introduced to all of the Jabbawockeez,  the Black Jabbawokeez is kidnapped and the White one searches for him through a kaleidoscope world.

There is a bit of audience interaction before and during the show. One storyline revolves around picking a female from the audience. bachelorettes and birthday girls will be the prime targets to be pulled up on stage for this. There are various shout outs to Super Mario as well as various pop culture references like a Harlem Shake bit with crowd participation.  Even though there is no spoken dialog, there is a lot of humor and comedy.

The walls of the multilevel set are LED panels which allow for some great lighting and visual effects. The music is a little loud, so I suggest sitting in sections 201-204 or bringing earplugs. There are a few occasions where the bass gets loud enough that the theater shakes.

Performances are at 7pm Thursday through Monday with additional 9:30pm shows on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Running time is 75 minutes, making it easy to make it a multiple show night if you see the 7pm show and then head off to a 9:30pm or later show elsewhere.

I highly recommend this show for all ages.

Ticket prices range from $60-$90. VIP packages which include a meet and greet with the performers, a photo-op and a swag bag are also available. For tickets and additional information visit the PRISM webpage.

The soundtrack is available from iTunes and Amazon.

Here is a promo video for PRISM: