How to Cancel a myVEGAS Reward

You can still cancel a Reward using the steps below, but it is also possible to cancel the Reward in the myVEGAS Facebook game now.

Sometimes after buying your myVEGAS Reward your plans change and you can no longer use it. Or maybe you were so busy doing other things that you never had time to actually go to Nine Fine Irishmen for your dinner Reward or Shark Reef for your 2 free passes Reward.  These things happen.

Canceling your Rewards and getting your Loyalty Points refunded is fairly easy and straightforward. You need to submit a myVEGAS support request. You do that online at On that page, click the Contact Us button.     That will open a window that looks like this: 

myVEGAS Support Form
myVEGAS Support Form

Enter the email address you used when you purchased the Reward.
I don’t think “Where Were You Playing myVEGAS?” actually  matters for this, but you do need to select a location like Facebook or Mobile since it is a required field.
Select Rewards > Canceling Rewards in the “What can we help you with?” dropdown.
Select Rewards in the “Where did you have this issue?” dropdown.

You will need to enter your Facebook ID. That is the web address on your Facebook profile/wall. That is typically something like “”.
Then, in the Description, just let them know which Reward(s) you want to cancel and give them the Redemption Code for the Reward(s).

Once you submit it, you should see a page that lets you know the request has been submitted. You should also receive a confirmation email. A support agent will email you if they need more information. You should also receive and email when they have credited your account. Sometimes it is resolved within a few minutes, but you should be prepared to be patient.

Note that Show Rewards cannot be refunded once they have been booked.  Comp Room Rewards cannot be refunded once they are booked either, but you are permitted to change the room reservation date as long as the new date is available.

14 thoughts on “How to Cancel a myVEGAS Reward”

  1. Hi I’m wondering if my vegas points still can be able to redeem to royal caribbean cruise such as onboard credit or 50% off for 2 person or any cruise line? thank you!

    1. Hi.
      It looks like Royal Caribbean is no longer a myVEGAS partner and those Rewards are no longer available. If you have already purchased the Reward, it should still be good, though.

  2. I want to know if there are any other offers on my Vegas other than the same ones I have had for the last 2 years. The redemption line told me there was but it doesn’t say that on my rewards. Please give me other rewards besides the same ones as always.

    1. Hi Kristi.
      You can see any and all of the available Rewards in the Rewards section of the myVEGAS games. Some of the Rewards (like free show tickets, room and dining discounts) are going to be similar to what has been available from the beginning. myVEGAS has added things like Maverick Helicopter Tours, Allegiant Airlines discounts and Station Casinos Rewards as well as a growing number of non-Las Vegas Rewards.

    1. Hi.
      To remove it from your phone, uninstall it just like any other app.

      Take Care,

  3. I want to cancel the myvegas altogether, All parts of it. I do not want it on my phone any longer..

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