High Roller Suited Blackjack Promo

Get dealt a suited blackjack while playing at the Flamingo and you will receive a voucher for one free ticket to the High Roller observation wheel.  You can take that voucher directly to the High Roller ticket counter (no need to stop by the Total Rewards desk).
This promotion is running through the end of July.

2 thoughts on “High Roller Suited Blackjack Promo”

  1. I’m reading this in September 2014.The promotion ended in July. Do you update you’re site?

    1. Hi Dennis.
      The site is updated on a regular basis.
      I don’t take down blog entries once they are posted. I do update them, though. This is especially true with information that changes on a regular basis (like the TR Free Shows List) and short-term promotions like this one. The post mentions that the promotion ends/ended in July.
      Thanks for your interest,

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