Goldstar Discount Tickets

If you are looking for discount tickets to Las Vegas shows, you are probably familiar with Tix4Tonight, the same-day discount show vendor.  If you really want to see the show, you probably don’t want to risk it being sold out or unavailable when you get there. Goldstar offers similarly discounted tickets while allowing you to purchase them weeks ahead of time, guaranteeing a ticket to the show.

Just like Tix4Tonite, when you buy a show ticket through Goldstar, you do not get a specific seat assignment immediately.  The ticket supplier (show) does that (typically on the morning of the show). Goldstar guarantees you will be seated in the section/price level you bought. If you buy multiple tickets in a single transaction, those seats will be grouped together.

Goldstar is free to join, but they do charge a processing fee for each order.

Here are a few currently available show discounts through Goldstar.

Blue Man Group at the Luxor $25-$50 off.
Penn & Teller: Comedian-Magician Superstars at the Rio 40% off.
Donny & Marie Osmond at the Flamingo $45 off.
Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis Less than half-price.

Goldstar isn’t limited to just shows either.  You can get tickets to CSI: The Experience for about half price and even comps to some events  like the Heaven & Hell Halloween party at Moon and The View.

Goldstar discounts are not limited to Las Vegas either. You can  get discounted ticket for many events across the US through Goldstar.

2 thoughts on “Goldstar Discount Tickets”

  1. Just remember –while it is good to purchase tickets ahead of time–I would NOT purchase tix for day of arrival-especially if
    you are flying in. I’ve seen too many people disappointed when
    a flight was cancelled or delayed. Save yourself the grief and
    purchase you tix for your second or third day in town.

    1. I whole-heartedly agree. I try not to schedule anything (especially a show) on the day I arrive. It just makes the travel day that much more stressful.
      And even when things go smoothly, the time change (3 hours for me) and the early start tend to make for a very long day. It has to be a major event for me to even consider it.

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