Golden Nugget’s new 24K Select Players Club

The Golden Nugget  revamped its players club in early  2015. The new club is a tiered system similar to most other modern players clubs (like Total Rewards and Mlife). It applies to the Golden Nugget casinos in  Nevada, New Jersey, Louisiana, and Mississippi and allows some benefits to be used at select Landry’s restaurants. That covers places like  Chart House, Morton’s Steakhouse, McCormick & Schmick’s and the Rainforest Cafe. While they are trying to make the players club tiers and benefits consistent across all of the Golden Nugget locations, each casino has its own independent players club. Your play in Atlantic City or Biloxi will not show up in Las Vegas. Those are different accounts.  The Golden Nugget will match your status from another Golden Nugget, though (i.e. if you have  Chairman status in Atlantic City, they will match that in Las Vegas).  There  are other idiosyncrasies like SelectRewards earned in Las Vegas are only  good for Landry’s locations  in Arizona, Nevada and California, while  SelectRewards and tier benefits earned at Golden Nugget Lake Charles are only good for Landry’s locations in Louisiana and Texas.

Slot Points:
You earn 1 Slot Point for every $3 of slot machine coin in or $10 of video poker coin in. Every 100 points can be redeemed for $1 in  Free Play. You do not earn Slot Points for table games.

$300 coin-in on slots or $1,000 coin-in on VP gives you $1 in FreePlay. That is a 0.33% and 0.1% return respectively. Those returns are low compared to most other players clubs.

SelectRewards are your comps. You earn them in addition to Slot Point FreePlay. SelectRewards are based on your game played, length of rating and average bet. This applies to slots, video poker and table games.  If you are playing in Las Vegas, these  comps   can be used at the Golden Nugget or Landry’s locations in Arizona, Nevada and California,

Tier Credits:
Tier credits are earned at the same rate as Slot Points with the exception that some high-payback video poker machines may require $25 coin-in to earn 1 Tier Credit.

24K (Base level – 0-3999 Tier Credits)
5% discount at the Salon, Spa and participating retail shops
gives you the ability to earn and use comps

Premier (4,000-23,999 Tier Credits)
$12,000 slot coin-in, $40,000 VP coin-in
Premier status gives you:
10% discount at the Salon, Spa and participating retail shops
Renewal/Appreciation gift

Chairman (24,000-99,999 Tier Credits)
$72,000 slot coin-in, $240,000 VP coin-in
Chairman status gives you:
all the benefits of the Premiere level
15% discount at the Salon, Spa and participating retail shops
Priority slot service
Room upgrade
VIP hotel check in
Priority room reservation line
Priority valet service
Priority reservations at Landry’s restaurants in CA, AZ and NV
Free valet parking at Landry’s restaurants in CA, AZ and NV
VIP buffet line
Invitations to special Branded Experiences

Elite (100,00 Tier Credits and above)
$300,000 slot coin-in, $100,000 VP coin-in
20% discount at the Salon, Spa and participating retail shops
VIP cashier line
Guaranteed hotel reservation
Casino Host
Complimentary Business Center service
Pool and fitness center access for 2
Guaranteed parking
Annual retreat at any Golden Nugget Casino
VIP event seating

Tier points reset at the end of the calendar year. There is a small grace period so your tier status continues until January 31. For additional info, visit the 24karat club desk or their website.

New 24K Select Players Club members receive a $10 match play and a free spin with a chance to win up to $1000 in FreePlay.

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