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About a month ago, someone contacted me about the non-seasonal 2-Comp Night Rewards (which I then researched and wrote about in my Two versions of myVEGAS Two Night Comp Room Rewards post). I hadn’t been able to see those Rewards until I made some chip purchases. Even then, the 2-Night Comp Rewards didn’t show up instantly. I had made $30 in chip purchases over the course of a week when they appeared. I do not know what amount triggered it since nothing changed instantly. It wasn’t until logging in one morning that the new 2-Night Rewards appeared.

I took a little break from buying chips, but then started down a path to see what else happened when purchasing more chips.  After about $51 in total chip purchases, a few things happened.
4 Rewards in 30 Days notice

First, I now can use 4 Rewards in 30 days instead of the usual 3 in 30. I also now Have VIP Level 4 status in the Facebook game as well as the myKonami app and myVEGAS Slots app. That status will vary based upon play, but it lasts for a while and gives some nice free chip bonuses in those games. I’ve already earned enough MVPs to renew at Level 4 / Emerald. The free chip amounts on my mySTRIP properties are about 10x what they used to be.

Was it worth buying chips? That is a tough one, but I think it ultimately was worth it for me. I hadn’t expected that. It could pay for itself in a single trip, but I have multiple trips lined up for Mlife properties around the country in the next few months and the additional Rewards will make a difference. I think it depends upon what kinds of Rewards are useful to you.

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  1. Does the one room per trip restriction go away at any point? I’ve got more points than I could probably ever use unless I can string together some hotel nights.

    1. As far as I know, the 1 Comp Room Reward per trip limitation does not go away (unless you count the 2 night Comp Rewards).
      The system also prevents you from even using your LPs to get another Comp Room Reward if you already have one in your Wallet or have already used on for an upcoming trip.
      I would suggest checking out some of the Rewards from other partners or non-room Rewards as a way to use your LPs.

  2. Hi I was wondering when the one night comps start showing up. I am new to the app and am at level 32. I have purchased more chips than I would like to admit lol and I have about 12,000 loyalty points.
    Also I’m wondering what properties are you talking about to collect free chips? Is it in my strip in the journey map? Cause when I click in them nothing happens.

    1. Hi.
      I thought you were able to see the single night comp Rewards from the beginning whether you could actually by them or not (as long as you were not in Las Vegas). If that is no longer the case, then I don’t know when those Rewards appear. Are you seeing any room discounts?

      The properties are in the Facebook version of the game, not the apps. There are 5 different myVEGAS games where you can earn and sync LPs. They are the original Facebook game and the 4 apps (myVEGAS Slots, myVEGAS Blackjack, myKonami Slots and PopSlots). If you play all of those, you will earn LPs faster.

      1. Oh thank you. Yes, I do see room discounts, but there are no free nights at all. My husband has some, but he has been playing for a long time.

  3. Mark, do you know of any way to contact customer service for PLAYSTUDIOS other than emial. I’ve tried to contact them about an issue with missing LP’s and another redemption issue… they never reply. Any help would be appreciated.

    Great site BTW…. very helpful

  4. Hi Mark, just a question about the 2night rewards. When did you buy the chips, all the rewards appeared? also for the vdara and aria?
    this kind of rewards needs a high level?

    1. Hi.
      As I said in the post, I don’t know what level/amount triggered it. It had been a few days since making any purchase that they appeared.
      All of them appeared at the same time.

      1. So,
        I bought some chip and now I can see the 2night reward for some hotel only, like Luxor, MonteCarlo and NY-NY, but no 2night for Vdara.
        Until the end of december 2017, I could see them…

        1. Hmmm. Another myVEGAS mystery. I can see the Vdara 2night comp for 150,000 LPs. I am not sure why you are not able to see it. My guess is that it is another myVEGAS algorithm decision.

  5. Hey Mark,
    I have a couple of question about the 2 night comp rooms. Do the two nights have to be consecutive? Also how do you actually go about picking the dates to use them? My plan is for two of us to each use a two room comps, after we get the comps where do we go to pick the dates. and who do we contact to join up the reservations? just wondering if we could get tues, wed, thurs and then sun and pay out of pocket for fri and sat. Do you think this would work in your expert opinion.

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