Getting More myVEGAS Rewards

About a month ago, someone contacted me about the non-seasonal 2-Comp Night Rewards (which I then researched and wrote about in my Two versions of myVEGAS Two Night Comp Room Rewards post). I hadn’t been able to see those Rewards until I made some chip purchases. Even then, the 2-Night Comp Rewards didn’t show up instantly. I had made $30 in chip purchases over the course of a week when they appeared. I do not know what amount triggered it since nothing changed instantly. It wasn’t until logging in one morning that the new 2-Night Rewards appeared.

I took a little break from buying chips, but then started down a path to see what else happened when purchasing more chips.  After about $51 in total chip purchases, a few things happened.
4 Rewards in 30 Days notice

First, I now can use 4 Rewards in 30 days instead of the usual 3 in 30. I also now Have VIP Level 4 status in the Facebook game as well as the myKonami app and myVEGAS Slots app. That status will vary based upon play, but it lasts for a while and gives some nice free chip bonuses in those games. I’ve already earned enough MVPs to renew at Level 4 / Emerald. The free chip amounts on my mySTRIP properties are about 10x what they used to be.

Was it worth buying chips? That is a tough one, but I think it ultimately was worth it for me. I hadn’t expected that. It could pay for itself in a single trip, but I have multiple trips lined up for Mlife properties around the country in the next few months and the additional Rewards will make a difference. I think it depends upon what kinds of Rewards are useful to you.

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