Gambling With An Edge Followup

Tonight, I was on Bob Dancer’s Gambling With An Edge radio show.
We talked about MGM Resorts’ Mlife and Caesars Entertainment’s Total Rewards players clubs. If you are looking for more information about the clubs, including some things we weren’t able to get to, check out these posts.

Total Rewards Overview
Total Rewards Free Shows

Mlife Overview
Mlife program Changes Oct 1

Total Rewards and Mlife Tier Comparison

You might also be interested in my Players Club Comps and Tier Advancement Cheat Sheet

I intend to do a few more radio show followup posts in the near future since we only scratched the surface on a couple of topics.

2 thoughts on “Gambling With An Edge Followup”

  1. Hi Mike.
    You might want to check out my post for more info. If you are looking at Gold or Platinum status I have a feeling you would be averaging more than the $25/hand and would be getting more in comps (Express and Primary).
    Most offers are going to be based on your ADT (average daily theoretical), not your tier status. If you earn Platinum by earning 4000 tier points per day for 50 days, you offers are going to be less valuable than if you earned Platinum by earning 40,000 tier points per day for 5 days.
    If you go the 5 day route, you can expect regular free room offers including freeplay and dining credits. You could expect show tickets and special event offers, too.
    If you go the 50 day route, you could expect occasional free room offers (probably 2 nights mid-week) with $25 freeplay/promotional chips and free buffets. You would get discounted room rates based on your tier. Discounts seem to range from 20-25% for Gold and Platinum.

    Where do you play right now?

  2. Hi Mark, what kind of comps can you expect from being a gold or platinum member of mlife in terms of room discounts or free anything (beside 50 cents an hour in express comps?!). If I focus all my play / spending on mlife next year I could definatley make gold and possibly platinum. But it doesn’t even sound worth the effort at this point.

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