Food Smackdown’s Top 10 Hot Spots in Las Vegas for Foodies

Food Smackdown has just posted a list of their Top 10 Restaurant Hot Spots in Las Vegas for Foodies.  It focuses on quick or fast food options with a quality or even gourmet flair.
I haven’t visited all of the places on the list, but I have to agree with them about Secret Pizza at the Cosmopolitan, Burger Bar at Mandalay Place and even Earl of Sandwich at Planet Hollywood. Those places do have some great, unpretentious food.
When I feel like skipping the buffet and having a smaller meal in the morning the breakfast sandwiches at Earl of Sandwich are a perfect fit.  Their ‘Original 1762’ roast beef and cheddar is a great way to get through the afternoon, too. Earl of Sandwich is open 24 hours and can be even more tempting when heading back to the room at 4am. As good as it is, I am still amazed to see the line running the full length of the seating area throughout the day.

Burger Bar has been one of my favorites since it opened.  The Black Jack (angus beef) Burger and Hubert Keller (buffalo) Burger are top-notch and their Vegas Vegan Burger is one of the best vegan options I’ve tasted.  There is a Burger Bar cookbook available, so they must be doing something right.  Their bartenders make some great drinks, too.

Secret Pizza makes really good New York style pizza and has still managed to keep its back alley, insiders only feel even though everyone knows about it. You can read a little more about it in my previous post.