Evolving myVEGAS Rewards Terms and Conditions

This is a reminder to double-check the terms and conditions of your myVEGAS Reward before you buy it. The details of the Reward you were looking at last week may be different today when you go to buy it. Many of these details are only found in the Terms & Conditions on the second page of the Reward details.

A few notable conditions are:

  • Aria Buffet Comps: These now require at one night stay at an MGM Resort in order to be honored. You must be a currently registered guest at the time. If you haven’t checked in yet, or you have already checked out, you won’t be allowed to use it. More of the buffet Rewards are expected to add this qualification soon.
  • FreePlay Rewards: You must be a current guest at the specific MGM property where the FreePlay is offered.  (i.e. you must be a guest at the Mirage if you want to use the Mirage FreePlay). Minimum stays are required for the higher amounts. The $10 FreePlay requires a 1 night stay. The $25 FreePlay requires a 2 night stay and the $50 FreePlay requires a 3 night stay.
  • Dining Credits: At this point almost all of the dining credit Rewards require a minimum purchase (i.e. $20 off with a $40 pre-tax minimum, $25 off with a $75 pre-tax minimum).  The one exception seems to be the Nine Fine Irishmen $25 dinner credit which is a straight up $25 credit.
  • Club Bottle Service Rewards: These now require at one night stay at an MGM Resort.
  • Comp Room Bonus: Although you can buy up to 3 of these Rewards, many of them are no longer good for consecutive nights. Read the fine print for your specific Reward.
    UPDATE: You can now only use 1 Comp Room Reward per trip. You can also only purchase 1 Comp Room Reward at a time.

Also, check the Travel Window and Booking Window for Comp Room Rewards. When the availability calendars were updated recently, the Rewards  were still only good through the end of September. The new Rewards are good through January 2015, but if you bought a Room Reward before they were updated, you may not be able to use it.


9 thoughts on “Evolving myVEGAS Rewards Terms and Conditions”

  1. Looking at booking the Mandalay Bay Buffet and I am staying in the MGM with my girlfriend. Just wondering can we both book the MyVegas Reward where you have to have booked a night in an MGM hotel or can only I as the room is reserved in my name?

    1. You can both get the Reward as long as you are both registered guests at an MGM hotel. Just make sure to add her name to the room when you check in.

  2. Do all hotels in Vegas require a one night stay in order to redeem a 2 for 1 buffet Vegas reward??

    1. No. You need to check the specifics of the Reward. Most of the 2 for 1 Buffet Rewards do not require staying at an MGM property.

  3. What is the difference on the buffet freebies? One says something like 2-4-1 at whatever buffet and theres one that says the same thing but has “pass” at the end. Whats the difference with the regular one and the one that has pass in it?

    1. The 2-for-1 Buffet, Two-for-One Buffet and the 2-for-1 Buffet Pass are the same thing. They are all just 2-for-1 Rewards which let you get 2 buffets for the price of 1. None of them include a line pass (although if you are Mlife Pearl or above, your card serves as a buffet line pass / gets you into the VIP line).
      There are a few variations of the full buffet comps, though. Most of the MGM properties offer a buffet comp which requires you to be staying at an MGM property for at least one night, but also offer another buffet comp for about twice the LP’s that does not require a stay. For example, Mandalay Bay offers a 2 Dinner Buffet Passes Reward, requiring a 1 night stay for 92,000 LP’s. They also offer a 2 Dinner Buffet Passes Reward for 184,000 LP’s which does not require a stay.

  4. This is somewhat disappointing. Although this shouldn’t affect me too much, I have still put in a message to my myVegas host for guidance. I have 3.5 million myVegas points and this makes me a little nervous

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