The Cosmopolitan’s Identity Players Club

This page is no longer up to date. It is here only for archival purposes. Please visit The Cosmopolitan’s New Identity Players Club page for the latest details.


Unlike most of the casino/hotel/resorts in Las Vegas, The Cosmopolitan is primarily focused on dining and nightlife. That is the image they created and that is what people go there for. The Identity players club reflects that focus. Just like Total Rewards, Mlife, Club Grazie and Backstage Pass, Identity gives you comps and/or tier points for purchases as well as gaming.

Earning Identity Points
$1.50 through a slot machine = 1 Identity Point
$7.50 through a video poker machine = 1 Identity Point
$20 table game bet = 1 Identity Point
$1 of lodging, dining or retail purchase = 5 Identity Points

1 Identity point = 1 cent in comps or freeplay.
This means spending $100 will give you $5 in comps (a 5% rebate!), but $100 coin-in on a slot machine will get you only $0.67 in comps, although you should have still have a lot of that $100 left if you only do $100 of coin-in.
Remember, coin in is just a measure of how much you have bet, not how much you have won or lost. Even if the slot machine is paying at a tight 90%, you would expect to have $90 left after playing $100 coin in although your results may vary widely.

Identity has 3 tiers:
Silver (Base Level)
Gold (20,000 Points)
Platinum (80,000 Points)

Silver gives you:

  • Nothing. Really. Unlike most players clubs, the basic level does not give you any kind of discount or special access.  It does get you on their basic promotions list, though, and it gives you a way to have your gaming and purchases tracked.

Gold gives you:

  • Priority access to the Wicked Spoon buffet
  • Dedicated reservations line
  • Monthly artifact (a neat, limited edition 5×7 card with Cosmopolitan-specific artwork – see photo)
  • Early check-in / late check-out
  • An arrival amenity (although when I checked-in a few weeks ago, the front desk rep had no idea what I was talking about and said he would get back to me once he found out about it. He never did.)
  • You also get the option of free fitness center access, a free in-room movie (one per stay) or free Wi-Fi when you are staying at the hotel.

    The free “artifact” for Identity Gold members for August 2012 at The Cosmopolitan

Platinum gives you:

  • VIP check-in
  • Early check-in / late check-out
  • Monthly artifact (This promotion has been discontinued)
  • Free fitness center access (when billed to room)
  • Free in-room movie (one per stay)
  • Free Wi-Fi (code available upon check-in)
  • Priority access to the Wicked Spoon buffet
  • Dedicated reservations line
  • Priority valet service
  • $250 resort credit on your birthday

It might be worth noting that unlike most other players clubs, the Cosmo does not offer priority taxi line access as a perk. Evidently they tried it for a little while and it caused more problems than it was worth to them.

In order to achieve the higher tiers it takes:

  • Gold = $4000 in retail, dining, entertainment and lodging purchases or $30,000 in slot play
  • Platinum = $16,000 in retail, dining, entertainment and lodging purchases or $120,000 in slot play

Identity requires the most play or purchasing of any of the Las Vegas players clubs in order to reach a higher tier. If you are staying at the Cosmopolitan it doesn’t take a lot of effort to rack up $4000 in expenses, though. If you have a Total Rewards Diamond card or an mlife Gold card, they will instantly upgrade you to Identity Gold status for a limited time.

I think it is worth noting that the Cosmopolitan system has a ratio of 7.5:1 for slot play vs purchases tier value ($7.50 of slot machine coin-in gives you the same tier boost that $1 in purchases does). Mlife uses the same ratio. Total Rewards has a 1:1 ratio ($1 in purchases has the same effect on your status as $1 in slot coin-in).

Tier Matching and other promotions

The Cosmopolitan will automatically upgrade you to Gold status if you show a current Total Rewards Diamond card or an Mlife Gold card.

Identity is offering new members a $100 on us promo through the end of 2012 where they will give you $100 in slot credits if you loose $100 in a day.
Now through December 27th, 2012 they will also give you and extra $25 in Point Play for every 2500 Identity Points you earn in a day up to $200.
(UPDATE: The $100 On Us Promo has been extended multiple times. It is currently good through November 30, 2013.)