Cosmopolitan Discontinues “Artifacts”

One of the neat perks of being a higher level member of the Cosmopolitan’s Identity players club had been the monthly “artifacts”.  They put out a new one each month and they were available to Gold members and above. Each artifact was a heavy-duty 5″x7″ postcard featuring a design based on gambling or a Cosmopolitan restaurant or bar. The artifacts were limited editions with only 1000 cards being available each month.  Each artifact is numbered in the same style that other limited edition prints are.  For example, my artifact for the Wicked Spoon (pictured below)  is number 133 of 1000 as noted in the bottom right corner of the card. They were a unique gift and I’m sad to see the promotion end.

When you received your first artifact at the Identity desk, they also gave you a nice black box to store them in.  Here are photos of the artifacts I managed to collect as well as the black box.

If you have any of the artifacts that I do not have pictured, feel free to post them or email them to me. I’d also be happy to take any artifacts you have if you don’t want them.