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Viewer E-Mail: The LVH

I’m starting a Viewer E-Mail series based on questions I have received from friends, Mark’s Las Vegas readers and people I just happened to be chatting with. If you have a question or a topic that you would like me to address, please email me.

The first post in the series is from a recent question I received about the LVH:
“I am planning on staying at the LVH in January. It was recommended to me by a friend who lives in Vegas, but online reviews are highly mixed. My question: Have you ever stayed there yourself, and do you have an opinion/ advise about staying there?  Thank You for your assistance.”

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I’m in Vegas for business and I don’t gamble. Why should I get a players club card?

Although players clubs started as a way to track gambling activity in order to provide more accurate comps, today players clubs are much more like the airlines’ frequent flyer clubs. Players clubs still give you comps for gambling, but many of them also give you comps based on your purchases and hotel charges at their resorts.

Even if you never gamble, showing your players card when you make purchases can give you a rebate of up to 5% in the form of comps.

Redeeming Mlife myVEGAS Rewards

I have seen a few hits to my site by people searching for lists of Mlife’s myVEGAS Facebook game Rewards and how to claim the rewards.

Finding a list of available rewards is easy. When you are playing the myVEGAS game (as well as myVEGAS Blackjack and myKONAMI), click on the “Rewards” tab and it will show you the “Featured” rewards. You can also sort them by “Partners” (Mirage, Luxor, House of Blues, Monorail, etc), “Category” (shows, rooms, dining, etc) or “Price” (the number of Loyalty Points required). Continue reading Redeeming Mlife myVEGAS Rewards