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48 Hours in Vegas Trip Report

On Monday, I posted about my planning process for this trip. This is how it all turned out. Warning: This is a long narrative post.

Monday morning after only a few hours of sleep I headed to the airport. I got there at 5am for a 6:25am flight on Southwest. I almost missed the flight due to surprisingly long security lines. Continue reading 48 Hours in Vegas Trip Report

Downtown Parking Trick

I enjoy going to Fremont Street, but I hate having to pay for parking and don’t want to be limited to just a few hours.  I used to park at the Golden Nugget. Now I park at Main Street Station.   You do have to pay when you park ($3 Sunday – Thursday;  $5 Friday – Saturday), but you can park all day and get the fee refunded. Continue reading Downtown Parking Trick

LAX Bottle Service prices available online

LAX nightclub at the Luxor is becoming a bit more accessible to the regular crowd. It is now run by Luxor instead of Angel Management / Hakkasan, and has removed some of its booths to make way for a larger main dance floor. What I am really surprised to see, though, is they have put their bottle service menu (with prices) online. You can see it here. You can also go the the LAX website and click the Bottle Menu button on the right. The rates aren’t bad for bottle service; $395 for Grey Goose, $300 for Bacardi, $395 for Patron.

LAX is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday starting at 10:30p. The standard cover is $30 for men, $20 for women. That cover is waived for bottle service / table reservations.

Main Street Station Artifacts and Antiques

One of the lesser known free Las Vegas attractions is the Artifacts, Antiques & Artworks collection at Main Street Station. They have a collection ranging from “The Blackhawk” private rail car used by Buffalo Bill, the entry doors from the Pullman Mansion, to chandeliers from the San Francisco Opera House and the Coca-Cola Building.

Rail Cars outside Main Street Station
Rail Cars outside Main Street Station
Berlin Wall Section in Men's Bathroom at Main Street Station
Berlin Wall Section in Men’s Bathroom

One of the main attractions for me is the section of the Berlin Wall. It is also the only artifact that is not readily available for the public. Continue reading Main Street Station Artifacts and Antiques