Caesars Entertainment Resort Fee Increase

Caesars Entertainment is now charging a resort fee of $25 per night at all of its Las Vegas properties. That $25 is $28 after taxes.  The resort fee is the same whether you are at the LINQ, Rio, Harrah’s, Cromwell, Nobu or any of the other Caesars properties. That is the highest resort fee in Las Vegas and matches that of the high end resorts like the Mandarin Oriental, Aria, and Wynn. All this from the company that made a big deal about not charging resort fees a few years ago.

The resort fee covers in-room high speed internet access (typically Wi-Fi and ethernet),  all local calls and daily fitness center access for 2. The resort fee is waived for Total Rewards Diamond and Seven Stars members. Platinum members used to be exempt, too, but that is no longer the case.  Note that when the fee is waived you don’t get the perks either.

The rates and Total Rewards policy change applies to all new reservations.

8 thoughts on “Caesars Entertainment Resort Fee Increase”

  1. The resort fee has quietly increased – it is now $29 before taxes per night, $32.48 after taxes, per night. (it’s November 2015 now)
    Screw you, Platinum players – no waiver for you. Oh, and we won’t valet your car either, because only 7-Stars and Diamond players are important!
    Anybody notice there aren’t any big jackpots being paid out? The money just disappears into their machines at an incredible rate.
    It’s no more fun! I’m taking my $ elsewhere now.

  2. So long harrah’s/caesars. Resort fees are a big ripoff. Are you a resort or a casino ? I can go to a resort and pay resort fees. Why can’t you at least hide them in the total cost of the room instead of hitting us after the fact ? How can you advertise a room for $60 a night when it ends up costing $85 a night ? What really sucks is that you made such a big deal out of your “no resort fees” campaign.

  3. How much is the resort fee really? After taxes. When I called the Total rewards properties they quoted me $48.00 per night at the Caesar’s , Flamingo, Planet Hollywood, Rio, etc.
    Have been going to Vegas about 2-3x a year since 1987 and have been maintaining my platinum status since then and enjoying the comped hotel stays but now I will just go to the local casinos .

    1. It is $28 per night after taxes. I’m not sure where the $48 per night you were quoted is coming from.

  4. well.. most gamblers only got a platinum status since they took the membership Visa credit card not because they play for it! unlike diamond who are indeed hard core players and spenders!

  5. This is so petty and pathetic. I’ve been loyal to the Harrah’s hotels for 30+ years, but this is the final cheap straw from them.

    Internet should be free to all Platinum and above and there should NEVER be a mandatory resort fee of any kind.

    If they try to charge me the next time I book I will simply stop bringing myself and my friends into their casinos to gamble 5 times a year as I’ve been doing since 1980.

    Cheap. Pathetic. Unappreciative of loyal customers.

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