photo of Bellagio fountains from a Fountain View room.

Bellagio Fountain Show Songs and Schedule 2024

I want to give a special shout out to the readers who have shared the schedules with me over the years when I have not been able to get them myself (especially this year). You know who you are. I appreciate you.

Here is a scan of the  current Bellagio Fountain Show song list and schedule as of March 27, 2024. 
The regular performance schedule is:

  • Monday-Friday – every half hour from 3pm until 7pm; every 15 minutes from 7pm until 11:55pm
  • Saturday, Sunday  & Holidays  – every 30 minutes from 12pm until 7pm, every 15 minutes from 7pm until 11:55pm

Schedule changes are rare, but can occur due to weather,  certain wedding packages and special events. I was also informed this morning that if there is high wind they may change the scheduled song to one that isn’t as effected by the wind instead of cancelling the show.

Fountain show schedule
Fountain Schedule starting Dec 25

This link will open the schedule in its own page incase you have trouble with the image in the post.

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      1. I don’t have a full update yet, but Big Spender was playing at 8:15 and Billie Jean at 8:30p tonight (Tuesday).

        1. I’ll be in town tomorrow so I’ll try asking for it in person. They usual will email it but this time they haven’t even responded

        2. Hello!! November 29th, they started the rotation of Christmas songs, as 8:30 was supposed to be Bad Romance , and was Sleigh Ride .

          1. Yes. Holiday songs started Thanksgiving week. I will post the updated schedules if/when I get them.
            Take Care.

  1. they changed the Sunday schedule because they paused the brunch at the Lago restaurant, hopefully they change it back when brunch restarts

  2. Your July, 2020 is slightly different from the June, 2020 listing & last night the Not leaving Las Vegas YouTube channel went there & the 10pm song was not as listed, so they altered it again. The hotel desk was asked about the list & they said it does not exist. Where do you get it from? We want to find August, 2020 before September get here LOL.

    1. Can you tell me what they were playing?
      Did you visit the Conceirge? I’ve never had a problem with them providing the list although they don’t always have the current one available. Make sure you tip them if.

      1. Tonight Sat. Aug. 22 @8:30pm your July 2020 list said Singing in the Rain & no one knew what it was, but Google said it was Rhapsody in Blue (live stream from right now). 8:45pm was Lady Gaga Bad Romance (supposed to be Tiesto on your list). The video guy said he did go to the concierge & they did not have a schedule when he asked last week.

      2. Sorry for so many replies. 9pm show was Bruno Mars, your schedule said Big Spender

        1. Thank for the updates.
          They gave me the impression they weren’t planning on changing the schedule after what I got in July. Maybe what they meant was they weren’t planning on distributing after July. During that trip, they did substitute Bad Romance for a lot of shows due to wind conditions.
          I’ll try to track down a current schedule.

        2. Hi.
          I just checked the posted schedule. What I have posted shows Bad Romance at 8:45 and UpTown Funk (Bruno Mars) at 9pm.
          Simple Gifts was at 8:30p which would make sense as something you wouldn’t recognize, so it sounds like they were playing what was on the schedule.
          The songs you said you were expecting are in those time slots for Sunday.
          Make sure you are looking at the right day.

            1. I am not saying you were there on Sunday. I’m saying you were looking at the Sunday song schedule.

              1. I see. You are correct. I was looking at Sunday since that is where Saturday would usually be. I did right before seeing this message, pick up the August 24, 2020 schedule. Want it? I don’t know how to send a picture here. BTW I did tip the concierge 😀

  3. Any chance you can help me what the schedule was at October 4, 2018, specifically just before and just after 20:00. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi.
      I should have that in my archives. I will look.
      With any luck, I’ll make a new post with archival schedules since it isn’t unusual for people to ask about what would have been playing.

      Take Care.

        1. Thanks. So the schedule of March 12 was still played in October as the new schedule after that is for November 😉

          1. Yes.
            They don’t change the schedule often. As a general rule, the schedule changes when they add holiday songs, when the add new songs, and when we go into and out of Daylight Savings Time. That’s it.
            The do occasionally make adjustments for special events (like weddings) and weather, but they don’t update the calendars for those.

  4. Hi mark,

    Do you have any idea if any of the songs they removed last year from the repertoire will be coming back any time at all? It feels really weird without them in the schedule now.

    1. They have been gone for a while, so I wouldn’t expect them to come back. We’ll see what happens once the resort reopens after the COVID-19 closures, though.

      1. That’s really sad if they don’t ever come back. This kiss, your song, and Billie Jean were my 3 favourite songs.

  5. Hi there, have you gotten a March 2020 update? I tried emailing guest services for the Bellagio and they said they are no longer giving out the detailed timetable. Have you encountered that problem as well? I am just looking for the most up to date list because I’m assuming the Christmas songs are no longer playing. Thank you!

    1. Hi.
      When I reached out in February, they confirmed the list that I had posted (dated Dec 30). I seem to have missed that there were still holiday songs on it. Thank you for mentioning that. I reached out again last week since the schedule does change when we shift into and out of Daylight Savings Time. They would only confirm the time changes and have not responded to a request for an updated schedule. It is not unusual for it to take a little time before the actual list gets published.
      In the meantime, I have published the schedule from March of last year. There have been years where the schedule did not change at all from year to year (except for the holiday and DST shifts). I am hoping that is the case again.
      I will continue to pursue a new schedule or get mine verified.
      Take Care.

  6. Hi mark,
    I was wondering if they’re going to either add new songs or bring back the 6 songs they removed. It’s been 7 months now since they’ve removed them and they haven’t added any which kind of shocks me. When I went back in April is was extremely repetitive seeing songs like pink panther and One playing 3 times a day and even sometimes 4 times a day on weekends. Do you know if they have any plans to add new ones or bring back the old ones?

  7. Are they planning on adding any new songs or bringing the old ones back? It kind of seems bare without the 6 songs they removed. When I went back in April it was very repetitive seeing pink panther or One play upwards of 3 times a day. Im just shocked that 6 months later, the 6 songs are still gone and no new songs have been added.

  8. Mark – thanks for posting the schedules. The last few years we really work our Vegas trip around the shows we want to see based on your schedules. We will be in Vegas December 5 thru 8 (2019) and wanted to see some Christmas fountain shows… is that something they do? Do you happen to have a schedule of Christmas songs? If not, do you know which Christmas songs (if any) they play?

    1. Hi Jerry.
      They typically add holiday songs between Thanksgiving and New Years. I hope to get those and post them by Thanksgiving.

  9. Do you know if the new Friends show that was played last weekend is a permanent addition? If it is, it probably means there is a new schedule this week. Thanks!

    1. I don’t, but I would be surprised if it is.
      I expect to have an updated schedule soon, though.

      1. I can confirm that the Friends fountain show was only for the 25th anniversary weekend. It is not part of the regular schedule.

  10. When I was in Vegas in August of 2019. They some what deviated from the schedule on Wednesday night. The shows where delayed between 5 to 10 minutes. They did a show back to back if I remember correctly. It was on a Wednesday at 7:00pm it was Titanic, at 7:20 it was Singin in the rain, at 7:32 it was rondine, 7:45 it was Lucy in the sky, then after it Lucy in the sky it directly did another song but I don’t know the name of it. I don’t know why it why it was different when i was their in August. It could be probable they where having technical difficulties that day. So some of the shows where delayed but not cancelled.

  11. Where is THIS KISS by Faith Hill?? Did they dump it? Its no where to be found on the current schedule posted here, please tell me it is NOT gone forever, its my favorite show. Will it be back?

    1. Last two times I was there, they significantly deviated from the schedule and played This Kiss twice in one night. So its not gone forever

  12. Have they permanently removed 6 songs from the schedule? To my account: This kiss, Billie Jean, your song, winter games, hoe down and ayeshe’s dance are all missing on the schedule.

    1. Hmmm. They are still on the list I have. I’ll check into it soon.
      Are you seeing something I am not?

      1. I went on bellagio’s website and checked their playlist because from the March 18th schedule, I don’t see any of those 6 songs. On their website, All 6 of those are no longer on their list of music. I also called them and I was told that as of this current season, they are not on the schedule.

        1. The list of songs of their website is not a compete list. I am still trying to track down whether the schedule has changed.

          1. OK. It looks like those songs have been retired to make room for new songs.

            1. Wow that’s actually pretty sad. Is it permanent? I was in Vegas this past week though and I did notice a song playing from my room that had choreography that I’ve never seen before so maybe they’re testing a new song?

              1. I don’t know if it is permanent, but they do retire songs to make room for new songs. It doesn’t happen often, but it looks like they are in that cycle now.
                If you saw it in the morning, it could have been part of the fountain tests or it could be a new song.

                1. Do you have any word on if they have potentially brought those songs back. I’ve noticed those songs periodically play like a couple weeks ago “your song” was playing. However, tonight they played hoe down and winter games in the span of an hour. Do you think they may be starting to bring these songs back into rotation?

    2. I’ve only heard winter games in December when they do christmas songs. As for the others, I heard all of them during my last visit. They significantly deviated from the schedule.

  13. Can u tell me what the times for april 2019? Really wanna catch the game of throne and tiesto show? Please.

    1. The Game of Thrones themed show is a temporary installment and will run at 8p, 9:30p and 10:30p now through April 13, 2019.

  14. On the bellagio website it says the fountains start running every 15 minutes at 8pm, but this has it starting at 7pm. Is their website incorrect?

    1. Their website has old information. The schedule on my page is correct.

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