Bellagio Fountain Show Song List and Schedule

Here is a scan of the Bellagio Fountain Show song list and schedule.  Schedule changes are rare, but can occur for certain wedding packages and special events. I will update this page with new schedules as they become available.
This list was updated on January 22, 2017. This schedule should be good for at least a few months.

“Viva Las Vegas”, “Hoe Down” , “Simple Gifts” and the show by DJ Tiesto are a few of my favorites.

(Click on image for larger version)

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  1. I was wondering if you have back archived versions of this. I’m looking for the song that played before uptown funk on the 10th of November 2016. Is that possible to find?

    • I do keep an archive of the playlists. They reworked the schedule a few times that month (which is unusual).
      The songs before Uptown Funk for Thursday November 10th, 2106 would have been the same as they are right now. Paganini’s Caprice for the early show and Viva Las Vegas for the late show. The previous week, it would have been In The Mood, Hoe Down, Your Song, and Pink Panther (Uptown played 4 times that day).
      Sometimes songs change due to weddings and other special events, but those are the songs that should have been playing.

  2. Hi there! I need help. I heard “Ecstacy of Gold” at 11:30 pm on Jan 29. However, there was another song playing before this one, but the fountains weren’t performing. I have no idea if it was even technically part of Fountains of Bellagio, but it was playing right near the fountains and right before “Ecstacy.” It was an upbeat song and had “in your eyes” in the lyrics. I actually have a small recording, but the quality isn’t great and Sound Hound, Shazam, and Google couldn’t pick up on the song.

    If you have any idea what this song may be, I’d greatly appreciate your help! Thank you!

    • Hi Jenna.
      My first guess would be “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel. There are too many possibilities aside from that, though. The music played near the fountain between shows is effectively background music, just like what you find in the casino. There isn’t a list available for that.
      Take Care,

  3. Thanks. I went yesterday night and the schedule matched almost exactly. They showed Tiësto instead of ecstasy of gold. I returned today at 7 to watch my favorite, Conte. But they did big spender. Then they started showing on every 15min which is completely different from the schedule

    • Thank you for the update. The switch from daylight savings time might have been a factor.
      I will double check, though. The new schedule with the holiday songs should be out this month as well. I will post any updated schedule as soon as I get it.
      Take Care,

      • All I see is January 2014 schedule. I’m sure I’m overlooking it but could someone help me fund the Xmas schedule?

        • That is a little odd. The post that you are commenting on has the current holiday song list (dated Nov 28, 2016).
          How did you get to the old 2014 calendar? That 2014 calendar is there only for archival purposes and should have a link in the captions/comments to the current list (which again, is the post you are commenting on).

    • Where did the schedule come from then if it differed? Will the schedule revert back identically to the previous one after the holiday period, or do we think it will get mixed up a little with regard to timings etc?

      • Hi.
        The schedule is available from the Concierge. They come from the Fountains Operations department, though, and there is usually a delay between the song order changing and the Concierge getting the updated list. Sometimes there is even bigger confusion (see my story post)
        Some years, it has reverted back to the previous year’s schedule. Other times, the new year has started with a new song order. I cannot predict what will happen this year.