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Top Online Casino Sites Offering the Las Vegas Experience

Best Online Casinos Giving Out Las Vegas Vibe

Online casinos have brought the casino experience much closer to enthusiasts. The Las Vegas experience is brought to the comfort of your home as casinos roll out different features. What started as a clunky alternative to the real thing has since evolved to rival brick-and-mortar casinos in more ways than one. The best online casinos offer thrilling jackpot draws, live celebrity streams, and cutting-edge game studios so that you can experience the thrills firsthand. Online casinos also come with high-quality visual and sound effects that create the bustle you would expect from the biggest casinos in Vegas. Features like these make virtual casinos a good enough alternative to the Las Vegas Strip if your main interest is gambling.

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Mask Mandate Lifted

On February 10, 2022, Governor Steve Sisolak lifted the state’s mask mandate for indoor public spaces in Nevada. Localities and businesses may continue to request mask use. However, it looks like Caesars and MGM are not requiring masks and are even marketing “mask-optional” trips.

It has been speculated that this will create a surge in visitors for this weekend’s Super Bowl events and beyond.

Mlife Extending Tier Credit Earning Period 31 days

I received an email from MGM / Mlife letting me know that they were extending the Tier Credit earning period for 2022 status by 31 days. They will count any Tier Credits earned in January 2022 towards both 2022 and 2023 status. (Quick reminder that when you earn Tier Credits, you are officially earning them towards your status for the following year).

I can understand why they wouldn’t want to simply extend your tier status for another year like they did last year, but giving me 31 more more days seems like an empty gesture. I have had minimal time in the casinos this year and have no plans to go this January. This promo certainly isn’t going to change that. If you are a few credits shy of achieving the next Mlife tier, though, I hope it helps you.