Aria Slot Tournament myVEGAS Reward

myVEGAS has added a Reward for the Aria Daily Riches slot tournament. Aria_Slot_Tournament
The tournament is Monday-Thursday at 3pm at Aria with a top prize of $500 in FREEPLAY. You can get an entry through myVEGAS for 100,000 LPs or you can get an entry through Mlife by earning 500 Mlife Points in the 24 hours leading up to the tournament.
To earn 500 Mlife points you would need to play $5000 through a video poker machine or $1500 through a slot machine, so the myVEGAS offer is a pretty good deal.
According to the fine print, this Reward will not count towards the myVEGAS/Mlife 3 in 30 days limitation.

You can find more specifics about the tournament in my Aria Daily Riches Slot Tournament Details post.

4 thoughts on “Aria Slot Tournament myVEGAS Reward”

  1. the “3 rewards per 30 days” disclaimer still show under the Terms & Limitations of this reward… so I think it still counts as one of the three.

    1. I’m not seeing that. On the first page of the description (which is all that I can see right now since it is sold out for the moment) it still says “Reward redemption will not be considered when calculating player trip restrictions”.

  2. Do you know how many people play in the aria slot tournament? And what the payouts are? thanks

    1. I don’t. I know the top prize is $500 in FREEPLAY, but those are all the details I have right now.
      I will be following up on this within the next few weeks.

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