A Few myVEGAS Updates

There are a few recent updates to myVEGAS that you may have missed. The most important one is that the Monte Carlo is no longer a partner. The Monte Carlo became Park MGM on  April 1, 2018 and the Rewards are beginning to catch up. Room Rewards aren’t available yet, but the usual assortment of dining, entertainment and FreePlay are now available under the Park MGM  heading. Note that there are still some Rewards under The Park (not Park MGM, but The Park), for some of the restaurants at The Park.

Wedding packages are starting to appear as myVEGAS Rewards.
wedding Rewards
I noticed the Luxor’s  “Just Between Us” Reward a while ago, but now there is a $200 off weddings at MGM Grand as well. I haven’t pursued the details, but the price for the Rewards seem very reasonable.

5 thoughts on “A Few myVEGAS Updates”

  1. I like to play myvegas slots. I’m up to 200,000 gold coins and was hoping to get a comped room. I am on level 60. In my rewards there are no comped rooms at any price. In my husband’s myvegas app there are. Why do they show for him with less chips? If it makes a difference we are both connected to Facebook but he has an iPhone and I have a Samsung.

    1. Hi.
      200,000 LPs is enough to get any Comp Room Reward and most 2-Night Comp Room Rewards.
      I do not know why they are not showing up for you. Your gold coin (LP) balance shouldn’t matter. Your Level might. Do you see any Rewards that are grayed out and say “Unlocked at xx Level”? The Comp Rooms might be like that.
      You may want to contact myVEGAS directly at http://www.playstudios.com/support/

    1. Thanks for the heads up. I hope to have the site updated with all the calendars with 24 hours.

  2. When do you think the new promotional calendar will be released for the free rooms?

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