24 Hour Deuce Bus Pass is now $8

On Sept. 30th, the RTC raised the prices on its Strip and All Access passes.
A 2-hour bus pass for the Deuce or Strip & Downtown Express (SDX) is now $6.  The 24-hour pass is now $8. Both of these give you access to the entire system for the duration of the pass. The residential routes (non-Strip) are still $5 for a 24-hour pass.

If you are planning to use the bus a lot for your trip, you can get a 3-Day pass for $20. It covers all routes, including the Deuce and SDX.  The 3-day pass can be ordered online or purchased at a ticket vending machine (TVM).  TVM’s can be found at the larger bus stops. Passes ordered online are activated upon first use. Passes purchased at a TVM are activated upon purchase.

They have also created a mobile site to make it easier to track your bus via your cell phone. To access it, enter rtcsnv.com into your phone’s browser.  Note that if you have an iPad, this will take you to their full site instead of the mobile site.  For more info visit the RTC’s Ride Tracker Mobile info page.