Total Rewards Winterfest Tournaments

Winterfest and Summerfest Tournaments used to be a perk of having Total Rewards Platinum status or above.  Platinum tier members were guaranteed entry to  a tournament and 2 comped nights. Diamond and SevenStar members were guaranteed entry and 3 comped nights.  The tournaments went away for a year or two.  They are back, but now they are invitation only and based upon your play. If you are interested in the tournaments, but haven’t received an offer code, I suggest contacting your Total Rewards rep.

 Here is the list of Winterfest Tournaments for 2015: Continue reading Total Rewards Winterfest Tournaments

Downtown Parking Trick

I enjoy going to Fremont Street, but I hate having to pay for parking and don’t want to be limited to just a few hours.  I used to park at the Golden Nugget. Now I park at Main Street Station.   You do have to pay when you park ($3 Sunday – Thursday;  $5 Friday – Saturday), but you can park all day and get the fee refunded. Continue reading Downtown Parking Trick

How to pick a Slot Machine

In the long run, slots are a losing game for the player. In the short run, though, anything is possible. Some of my biggest wins have been on slot machines. That is just the nature of the beast.

Quick Disclaimer:
I’m not trying to tell you which slot machine is going to pay out for you. If I could do that, well … I can’t.  What I will try to share is how to choose the slot machine for the experience you want. Continue reading How to pick a Slot Machine