myVEGAS adds FREEPLAY Rewards

The myVEGAS game has added a few new Rewards. They now have FREEPLAY Rewards in $10, $25 and $50 denominations. The $10 Rewards are 10,000 LPs. The $25 Rewards are 25,000 LPs. The $50 Rewards are 75,000 LPs.  The Rewards are for specific casinos and seem to change daily. Today I am seeing FREEPLAY Rewards for MGM Grand and New York – New York and each is offering the $10, $25 and $50 options. Yesterday I saw FREEPLAY Rewards for the Mirage and Monte Carlo as well, but only the $10 and $25 options were available. The FREEPLAY Rewards also have a very limited window for use.  The ones that are available today need to be used by February 15, 2014.

They have also added $25 Gift Certificates for the Coca-Cola Store at Showcase Mall, near the MGM Grand. Note that while the Coca-Cola store gift certificate is available from multiple resorts, they must be used at the Coca-Cola Store at Showcase Mall.

North Strip Hotel Options

In a follow-up to my South Strip Hotel Options post, some friends are in a similar situation with an annual convention that has higher room rates than it has in the past since it will be at the Mirage this year.  I like the Mirage and suggest staying there if possible, but I have a few suggestions if you are looking for more affordable alternatives. Continue reading North Strip Hotel Options

How to Cancel a myVEGAS Reward

You can still cancel a Reward using the steps below, but it is also possible to cancel the Reward in the myVEGAS Facebook game now.

Sometimes after buying your myVEGAS Reward your plans change and you can no longer use it. Or maybe you were so busy doing other things that you never had time to actually go to Nine Fine Irishmen for your dinner Reward or Shark Reef for your 2 free passes Reward.  These things happen.

Canceling your Rewards and getting your Loyalty Points refunded is fairly easy and straightforward. You need to submit a myVEGAS support request. You do that online at On that page, click the Contact Us button.     That will open a window that looks like this:  Continue reading How to Cancel a myVEGAS Reward

Mandarin Bar: Not that special


MandarinBar_CoasterIt sounds like a great idea. An upscale lounge on the 23rd floor of a 5-star hotel in the middle of the Strip with floor to ceiling windows on 3 sides. The reality isn’t as attractive. Mandarin Bar at Mandarin Oriental is a nice, quiet lounge, but the view isn’t that different from a “Strip View” hotel room and unless you are able to get a table by the window, you are looking through other patrons to get that view.   Continue reading Mandarin Bar: Not that special