Mlife partners with Royal Caribbean

Starting January 1, 2013 Mlife members will be able to use points for Royal Caribbean cruises. Members of Royal Caribbean’s Crown and Anchor Society will also be able to use rewards for MGM Resorts’ trips.  Current Mlife members will be receiving specialized offers from Royal Caribbean based upon their tier.

Here is The Street’s article about the partnership.

Update: Mlife and Royal Caribbean have release more information about benefits Mlife members will receive when cruising on Royal Caribbean. For more in formation see my updated Mlife and Royal Caribbean post.

Sometimes a deal is not a good deal

I have a few trips coming up and even though I am happy with my arrangements, I always keep an eye out for new offers. This is especially true when I am meeting up with a group of people in Las Vegas and I’m looking for offers that the general public can use.
While checking rates I came across an offer for the Rio. The code is IRFNF. The offer has been around for a while but they keep extending it. This offer and a number of similar offers can be found on the Las Vegas Advisor’s website. When I plugged in the dates for my trip, the rates through the offer were $20 per night higher than the rate with no offer code. I tried this with a few other codes found on the Las Vegas Advisor site and had the same result. The one oddity was the IRBOT offer code which gives you a free bottle of alcohol and was the same price per night as it would have been without a code. I have had similar experiences with most casinos. I recently had an offer for the Hard Rock Hotel where the ‘offer’ price was almost twice as much as the regular rate for the nights I wanted.

This isn’t that unusual, but it is something a lot of people don’t seem to consider.
Just remember when you are shopping around for room rates to check the regular rates on the casino website as well. They might be better than those of the ‘special deal’. This is especially true if you have a players club card for that casino. If you log in to your account and make a reservation, the price you get will usually be at least a little lower than what you will find elsewhere.

Scratch Off Blackjack training book

I was at a bookstore recently and came across Test Your Blackjack IQ.  It is a blackjack training book that gives you some basic information as well as a strategy charts for single deck and shoe games and then lets you test your knowledge with hundreds of scratch and play scenarios.  It is a neat idea and a good option for someone who does not want to buy a blackjack training program for their computer or other electronic device or for someone who simply prefers to have a book.  It is also light enough to fit comfortably in a purse or shoulder bag.  This makes it a great option when traveling.

To play or test your skill, just use a coin to scratch off what you believe is the correct decision for each scenario.  If you made the correct decision a ‘+’ will appear.  If you make an incorrect choice a “x” will appear.  Each scenario shows you the dealer’s up card.  Most scenarios show you the 2 cards you were dealt, but some join the hand in progress so you see 3 cards for your hand.  You are given all of the options that would usually be available for the situation.  If splitting cards is a legitimate option, you are given that option. If you would only be able to hit or stand, you are only given those options.  Check out the photo of a typical page from the book.

A page from the Test Your Blackjack IQ book

Test Your Blackjack IQ is available from Amazon as well as most book retailers.

Casinos may be taxed for comping meals to gamblers

This discussion has been going on for while and a recent ruling by a Nevada judge has stated that casinos are responsible for the tax on comped meals that are provided to gamblers.  The main logic behind the ruling is that if you are paying with comp points, you are paying with a different form of currency but you are still paying for the meal.  The main discussion focuses on points. It implies that casinos will not have to pay tax on promotions where you are offered 2 free buffets when booking a room of for earning a certain number of points as long as points are not the method of payment. Continue reading Casinos may be taxed for comping meals to gamblers